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Sasakawa Sports Foundation Improving the “life performance” of citizens using data from top athletes

Sasakawa Sports Foundation Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Improving citizens’ “life performance” with data from top athletes PR video “Active town development through sports in Tomi City” released ……
The Sasakawa Sports Foundation (location: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Kazutoshi Watanabe; hereinafter referred to as SSF), which promotes Sports for Everyone, is promoting the sports policy of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture (Mayor Toshio Hanaoka), which has advanced initiatives. We would like to inform you that we have released a PR video “Active town development through sports in Tomi City”. Tomi City has established one of the best high-altitude training bases in Japan, taking advantage of its location at an altitude of 1,750m and 3 hours from the metropolitan area. The town’s “think tank” uses scientific data from high-altitude training to improve the “life performance” of its citizens.
In this series of videos, we will explain in an easy-to-understand way the unique initiatives of local governments and private organizations, and by disseminating them, everyone will be able to enjoy exercise and sports, make their lives easier, and want to continue living here. I hope that sustainable urban development initiatives will continue to spread.
[Video 2:] PR video “Active town development through sports in Tomi City” “I want to connect the right crops in the right place and the right policies for the right place to create a region where the people who live there can live healthy and fulfilling lives” (Mayor Hanaoka). Tomi City is a city with a population of approximately 29,400 located in eastern Nagano Prefecture. It was created in 2004 through the merger of Tobu Town, Ogata District, and Kitamimaki Village, Kitasaku District. Yunomaru Ski Resort in Tomi City is known as a natural powder snow resort that is easily accessible from the Tokyo
metropolitan area, and once attracted 750,000 visitors a year, but the number of visitors has been decreasing year by year. While looking for ways to take advantage of the ski resort’s green season, we decided to take advantage of the regional characteristics of “1,750m altitude”, “3 hours from the metropolitan area”, and “1,500m altitude difference in 20-30 minutes”. Started urban development that takes full advantage of the city. After creating “Japan’s only
high-altitude training pool,” we also installed one of Japan’s leading “high-altitude training facilities,” including a track and field track and a training gym.
The Institute of Physical Education and Medicine, which plays the role of Tomi City’s think tank, contributes to improving the
competitiveness of top athletes who visit high-altitude training facilities by disseminating information on training, eating, sleeping, etc., and improving the environment. Furthermore, we develop and implement programs that utilize the effects of high-altitude training to improve the health of local residents, and we also contribute to improving “life performance” by acting as a link between top athletes and local residents to energize them. We asked Mayor Hanaoka, who promotes town development while valuing right-to-place policies, to learn more about Tomi City’s active community development through sports.
Sasakawa Sports Foundation “Active town development through sports” official homepage
Official YouTube channel “Active town development through sports in Tomi City”
[Image:×315.gif] Video “Active city development through sports” concept
We need to create an environment where everyone can enjoy exercise and sports and where everyone can support each other in a town where it is easy to live and where people want to stay forever. As society continues to age, the population declines, and the issues faced by society become more diverse, there are increasing expectations for community development through sports. Sports not only revitalize interactions between local residents, but also reduce medical costs by improving the health of residents, contributing to the revitalization of the local economy by increasing the number of people interacting with each other, and even attracting excellent human resources who are active in sports-related fields. Various effects are expected, such as fostering and producing new students. In this project, we will ask leaders of local governments and private organizations that are implementing community development through sports about the latest initiatives, and ask, “What is needed now to create a community that people want to live in forever?” Let’s think about what we can do with sports.
Click here for details on “Active town development through sports in Tomi City.”
Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF) – A sports think tank that takes action – The Sasakawa Sports Foundation is a think tank specializing in the field of sports that promotes “Sports for Everyone.” We solve social issues through sports through formulating recommendations for national and local government sports policies, conducting research on sports promotion, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data, and conducting joint practical research with local governments.
Representative: Chairman Kazutoshi Watanabe
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