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Yokosuka City “Yokohama F. Marinos Opening Support Stamp Rally 2024” will be held

Yokosuka City
“Yokohama F. Marinos Opening Support Stamp Rally 2024” held
Travel along the line from the practice field to the stadium! ……
This time, Yokohama Marinos Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Akihiro Nakayama), F. Marinos Sports Club General Incorporated Association (Representative Director: Isao Miyamoto), East Japan Railway Company Yokohama Branch (Executive Officer and President of Yokohama Branch: Hisatsugu Miyata), Keihin Kyuko Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (President: Yukihiro Kawamata) and Yokosuka City (Mayor: Katsuaki Uechi) will tour the line from the practice field to the stadium ahead of the opening of the 2024 J League! “Yokohama F. Marinos Opening Support Stamp Rally 2024” will be held. In this stamp rally, the JR East Kurihama stamp rally was installed between Yokohama F. Marinos’ practice facility “F. Marinos Sports Park-Tricolore Base Kurihama-” (hereinafter referred to as “F. Marinos Sports Park”) and their home stadium “Nissan Stadium.” The first 3,000 people to collect original stamps by visiting rally points along the Express Line will receive an original acrylic umbrella marker as a participation prize. Furthermore, by mailing the application form inside the leaflet at the GOAL point, you will have a chance to win a T-shirt autographed by Yokohama F. Marinos, as well as original goods from JR East and Keikyu Corporation. We hope that while enjoying the scenery from the train window and the towns along the line, you will strengthen your feelings for Yokohama F. Marinos as they prepare for the start of the new season, and fully experience the charm of Yokosuka City. . *This initiative will be implemented based on the “Five-Party Cooperation Basic Agreement on Sports-Centered Town Development in the Kurihama District” concluded by the five parties above on December 26, 2022.
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Event period
From February 9th (Friday) to March 17th (Sunday), 2020
How to participate in the stamp rally and apply for the lottery If you obtain a leaflet and visit rally points along the JR
East/Keikyu Line divided into four areas and collect at least one stamp in each area, the first 3,000 people at the GOAL point will receive a participation prize. Furthermore, if you fill out the application form inside the leaflet and drop it into the application box at the GOAL point, you will be entered into a lottery to win a wonderful original prize. *Leaflets will be installed after February 9, 2024. *If at least one stamp is not stamped in each area, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
Leaflet distribution location
Near the stamp stand at the rally point, Yokosuka City Hall, some JR East and Keikyu Corporation stations in Kanagawa Prefecture, etc. Rally points and goal points
[Rally points] JR East area: Yokosuka Station, Higashitotsuka Station, Kozuke Station Keikyu Corporation area: Yokosuka Chuo Station (Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center), Oppama Station (Keikyu Store Oppama Store), Kamiooka Station (Keikyu Department Store) JR East, Keikyu Corporation common area: Yokohama Station Kurihama area: JR Kurihama Station, Keikyu Kurihama Station (Wing Kurihama), F. Marinos Sports Park, Kurihama Shopping District [GOAL point] Corsair working space (in Verny Park) Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center Kurihama Shopping District *Stamp installation times and reception at the finish line are as stated in the leaflet. *For details on stamp installation locations, etc., please refer to the [Reference] website or leaflet.
[Lottery items]
1.Special Prize: Yokohama F. Marinos autographed T-shirt (5 lucky winners) 2. JR Prize 1: JR East Original Tumbler (10 people drawn by lottery) 3. JR Prize 2: JR East original eco bag (50 people drawn by lottery) 4. Keikyu Prize 1: Keikyu Electric Railway original stainless steel mug (10 lucky winners)
5. Keikyu Prize 2: Keikyu Electric Railway Original Pouch (50 people selected by lottery)
[Participation award]
6. Original acrylic umbrella marker (first 3,000 people)
[Image 2:×739.png ]
[Note]・Contents are subject to change.・As the number of participation prizes is limited, distribution will end as soon as they are gone.・Prizes can only be exchanged and applied for once per
person.・Winning the application sweepstakes will be replaced by shipping the prize. You cannot choose your prize.・Transfer or resale of prizes, including leaflets, is strictly prohibited.・Participation fee is free. Participants will be responsible for transportation costs to the rally point and GOAL point.・This stamp rally may be canceled or changed without notice. [Reference] Travel along the railway line from the practice field to the stadium! F. Marinos Opening Support Slump Rally 2024 [Contact] Yokosuka City Hall Culture, Sports and Tourism Department Sports Promotion Division TEL: 046-822-8216 E-MAIL: pe-bes

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