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GVA TECH Co., Ltd. Matter management system “GVA manage” releases project narrowing function and similar p roject recommendation function

[GVA TECH Co., Ltd.] Matter management system “GVA manage” releases project narrowing function and similar project recommendation function
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Press release: February 8, 2024
Matter management system “GVA manage” releases project narrowing function and similar project recommendation function
*The search and similar project recommendation functions within GVA manage have significantly evolved, contributing to reducing the man-hours required to search for projects and improving knowledge management*
GVA TECH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shun Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as “GVA TECH”) is a matter management system “GVA
We are pleased to announce that “Jiva Manage” has released a job filtering function and a similar job search function.
GVA so far
manage also had a function to search for a job, but it hit all the jobs, including the text and message content in the document, so as the number of accumulated jobs increased, it took a certain amount of man-hours to find the job. was on. However, with this new feature, it is now possible to narrow down your search by item item, allowing you to find the relevant item more quickly. Note that item items can be sorted to be displayed or hidden for each individual.

In addition, if there is a past project with the same business partner, it will be recommended as a “same business partner
project.”If the function, contract type, contract position, template attribution, and contract language match, it will be recommended as a similar project. A feature has also been added.

With these new features, in addition to the first pillar of automatic past QA database creation function and AI chatbot released in January, GVA
The functions as the second and third pillars for utilizing the knowledge automatically accumulated within manage have been expanded.

* -Project filtering function-*
When searching for the automatically accumulated projects in manage using any keyword, it is possible to narrow down the search by project items such as “Project Category”, “Status”, and “Request Date”. Furthermore, job items can be displayed or hidden for each individual, allowing for searches that are optimized for each individual.

* -Similar project recommendation function-*
This is a function that automatically recommends a project if there is a matching combination of registered details such as contract type and template attribution. Matching projects are automatically searched from the registered contents of the file, and proposals can be received from “same business partners” and “similar projects” as similar projects.

With these new features, GVA
By making it easier to access the information accumulated and organized within manage, you can not only search for past similar cases, but also automatically recall the accumulated data at the appropriate time, making it easier to utilize the knowledge of the legal department. I will contribute.

Since the product release in January 2023, we have been able to smoothly realize the flow of business departments requesting cases to the legal department and the subsequent communication by linking with forms, emails, Teams, Slack, etc. The fact that it can be accumulated automatically has also been evaluated as a sense of security.

Following the automatic creation function of past legal consultation QA database and AI chatbot announced in January 2024, with the release of this function, we have taken the first step towards providing great value in knowledge management.

Additionally, with the release of this feature, we are planning a seminar on knowledge management and new features.
*Seminar title:*
[Significantly improve work efficiency by accumulating and utilizing knowledge] Seminar introducing GVA manage’s similar case
recommendation function and legal consultation QA database
*Date and time:*
February 21st (Wednesday) 12:35-12:55
*Holding method:*
Online (Zoom)
* how to apply:*
Please apply using the form on the seminar page.

◆Please see the seminar page for details. Continue to GVA
At TECH, we will continue to develop products based on user feedback and support corporate legal personnel who wish to achieve faster and more accurate legal work.

* ■GVA manage service overview*
GVA manage
Manage) is a cloud service that centrally manages legal matters such as contract creation and review and legal consultation. The person in charge of the business department requesting a legal matter does not need a dedicated account, and can simply reply to the email or chat tool that they normally use for communication, and can send messages such as questions and answers between the legal department and the business department, as well as attachments such as contracts. , G.V.A.
It can be summarized in manage. The legal department can search the aggregated data, significantly reducing the time spent investigating past cases.

* ■GVA manage website URL*

* ■GVA TECH company profile *
Company name: GVA TECH Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shun Yamamoto
Head office location: 2nd floor, 3-37-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Establishment date: January 4, 2017
Capital: 999 million yen (including capital reserves)
Business content: Legal tech service development and provision URL:
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