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Home » Exude quality with amenities made from bamboo! Bamboo fiber blended drawstring purses and cups now on sale

Exude quality with amenities made from bamboo! Bamboo fiber blended drawstring purses and cups now on sale

Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
Exude quality with amenities made from bamboo! Bamboo fiber blended drawstring purses and cups now on sale
~SUS amenity is expanding its bamboo series lineup~
Eye Goods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which manufactures and sells original amenities, has released “SUS Bamboo Fiber Bag” and “SUS Bamboo Fiber Cup” which use bamboo fiber. will go on sale sequentially from February 2024.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] ▼Product details page
・SUS Bamboo Fiber Bag: ・SUS Bamboo Fiber Cup: Made of bamboo material, which is rare in the industry! 『SUS Bamboo Fiber Bag』
[Image 2:×887.jpg] This product is an environmentally friendly drawstring bag made of fabric containing bamboo fiber. It is rare in the industry for bamboo materials to be used in textile products, allowing us to differentiate ourselves. This product has a wide size of W220 x H275mm, so we recommend using it as a drawstring bag to hold a set of amenities. In addition, it is possible to engrave an original name on the main body for a minimum lot of 200 pieces. We can deliver the product in about 3 weeks after proofreading, so we can respond even if you need the product urgently.
Although it has a luxurious texture, it is lightweight and hard to break! 『SUS Bamboo Fiber Cup』
[Image 3:×1220.png ]
This product is a cup that uses 25% bamboo fiber for the main body, reducing the amount of plastic used. The texture is different from plastic, giving it a luxurious feel. Furthermore, it is molded with a mixture of melamine material, which has excellent heat resistance and impact resistance, making it a durable product that is difficult to break even though it is lightweight. The heat resistant temperature is 90℃, so you can safely store warm items in it.
The color and size match our product “SUS cycle coaster” (product site:, which is made from eggshell material. They fit together, so you can use them as a set. We also recommend using it as a set with a coaster, such as when placing a cup with its mouth facing down in the bathroom.
[Image 4:×1532.png ]
This product can also have an original name engraved on the main body for a minimum lot of 200 pieces.
[Image 5:×912.png ]
SUS amenity sells a wide variety of bamboo amenities.
 Efforts are becoming widespread in various industries to reduce plastic resources, which has become an important issue these days. Accommodations such as hotels and inns are no exception, and many amenities are required to switch from plastic to alternative materials.
As companies become more aware of participating in the SDGs, we are developing amenities that use over 15 types of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, rice husks, and cornstarch. Among these, we have expanded our lineup of “SUS organic” amenity series that uses bamboo.
[Image 6:×467.png ]
Bamboo-derived SUS organic series
With a wide range of variations, it is possible to create the ideal atmosphere for a hotel or inn by purchasing a complete set. Hotels and inns that have introduced the SUS organic series have commented, “Purchasing the complete set has created a sense of unity in the guest rooms,” and “Materials… We have received feedback from customers who like the design and want to take it home.” You can promote sustainability by promoting initiatives that encourage people to continue using items rather than treating them as disposable. ▼SUS amenity HP
We will continue to support all hotels and inns that are working on SDGs by creating eco-friendly amenities.
【Product Summary】
・”SUS Bamboo Fiber Bag”
[Table 5: ]
[Table 6:] ・“SUS Bamboo Fiber Cup”
[Table 7: ]
[Table 8:] 【Company Profile】
・Company name: Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Representative Director Shohei Miki
・Established: January 20, 2016
・Capital: 30 million yen
・Head office location: 6F Ebisu Square, 1-23-23 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・TEL: 03-6447-7742
・Business content: Design, manufacture, sale, and import/export of fully custom-made original goods and novelty items
[What are eye goods]
Our core business is the planning and production of fully custom original goods. We manufacture miscellaneous goods, novelties, and materials for products for sale at department stores, apparel, cosmetics, and the concert industry. Furthermore, in response to the increasing demand for SDGs, we want to support companies’ sustainable initiatives, and we have implemented sustainable OEM/original goods production business and dissemination of information regarding SDGs. We mainly provide services that allow us to create eco-friendly and original novelty items and amenities for hotels and inns, as well as our “SUS CYCLE” service, which collects corporate waste and upcycles it into valuable goods. In addition, in response to the social issue of labor shortage, which is becoming more serious year by year, we have developed a brand called “ROBOTI” that handles service robots such as cleaning and serving meals. In this way, by sensitively sensing social demands and speedily developing business, we have achieved stable growth even in a manufacturing industry that is undergoing significant decline. In 2022, it ranked 39th overall out of 1 million companies in the Asia-Pacific region’s Fastest Growing Companies Ranking, ranked 1st in Japan in the domestic manufacturing industry, and ranked for the third consecutive year in 2023. It has received high praise.
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