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Home » Digital business card “Prairie Card”, Japan’s first “wood material” digital business card will be on sale from early March

Digital business card “Prairie Card”, Japan’s first “wood material” digital business card will be on sale from early March

Digital business card “Prairie Card”, Japan’s first “wood material” digital business card will be on sale from early March

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Press release: February 8, 2024
Digital business card “Prairie Card”, Japan’s first “wood material” digital business card will be on sale from early March
*Promoting environmental actions with SDGs in mind*
Studio Prairie Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo), which provides digital business cards “Prairie Card”
Co-representatives: Daichi Katayama, Akane Sakaki) will start selling digital business cards made of wood from early March 2024. Prior to that, we will be accepting purchase reservations from February 8, 2024.
In addition, we will also start a green donation program in which all Prairie Card users can participate. We will continue to promote actions for environmental protection.
Background of selling wood material digital business card

Japan consumes 10 billion business cards annually, and is said to be the world’s largest consumer of business cards. According to a specialized research company, it has been found that approximately 3g of CO2 is emitted every time one paper business card is consumed. Prairie Card has realized the exchange of business cards without wasting paper resources by providing digital business cards that do not get thrown away. In the 10 months since the service was released, it has been used over 200,000 times, and we have saved more than 200,000 paper business cards. Additionally, we have been working to reduce our environmental impact by using FSC-certified paper for the envelopes we use to deliver our products.

This time, in order to further promote environmentally friendly actions, we have developed Japan’s first* digital business card made from wood. In the future, we will proceed with development with a view to reusing domestic thinned wood.

At the same time, we will start a “Green Donation Program” based on the number of times the digital business card “Prairie Card” is used. Every time a user who has announced their participation uses their Prairie Card, they will receive 1 yen from More, a general
incorporated association that carries out forestation conservation activities in Japan.
We will donate to the trees.
*…In-house research: First among companies providing digital business cards in Japan
*…FSC certified paper: Paper made from wood produced from properly managed forests, with the aim of sustaining forest resources into the future.

Points for providing wood material digital business cards
1. *For companies that want to be environmentally friendly* Due to growing interest in SDGs and ESG, the number of inquiries to our company for the purpose of being environmentally friendly is increasing. We will not only avoid wasting paper business cards, but we will also provide products that are particular about the
environment in which the business cards themselves are made. 2. *For young people who are interested in ethical consumption* Many Prairie Card users are oriented towards ethical consumption and want to use environmentally friendly products. We developed this product based on the voices of users. We will create digital business cards that will be chosen as ethical consumption continues to spread, especially among Generation Z.
3. *New design lineup based on wood grain*
In addition to the regular lineup, the woodgrain design is soft to the touch and warm to the touch. You will have more options to express your individuality when you meet someone.

Regarding recruitment of companies to participate in the Green Donation Program We are looking for companies to participate in and support the Green Donation Program, which aims to reduce the use of paper business cards and promote tree-planting activities in Japan. If you are a company that is interested, please contact us using the URL below.
Contact us

Co-representative: Akane Sakaki’s comment
Prairie Card celebrated its 1st anniversary on February 7, 2024. Over the past year, we have received many compliments such as “I no longer use paper business cards” and “Thanks to Prairie Cards, exchanging business cards has become more fun.” Our mission is to change the culture of dating. Slowly but surely, we are beginning to hear the sounds of a change in culture.
This time, we will be selling wood materials and starting a green donation program as one of our environmental actions towards a more sustainable world.
We will continue to take action to change the obvious, so let’s move forward together!

“Wood Material Digital Business Card” Sales Overview
– Sales start: Early March 2024
– Price: 4,000 yen (excluding tax)
– Design: 1 official design
– Advance reservation: We have prepared a reservation form. Please enter using the button below.
Advance reservation
Studio Prairie Co., Ltd. Company Profile
With the mission of “creating a culture of new encounters and enriching communication,” we operate “Prairie Card,” a digital business card that you can simply hold your smartphone over. Prairie Card is an IC card that can be created with an original design on both sides. This is a new communication tool that allows you to quickly and deeply introduce yourself and exchange information by simply holding your smartphone over the other person’s smartphone. We are working not only to solve problems with paper business cards, but also to imagine new values ​​that enrich communication.
– Company name: Studio Prairie Co., Ltd.
– Head office location: 1-11-2 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
– Representative Director: Daichi Katayama
– Business content: Planning, development, and sales of technology products – Established: July 2020
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