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Home » NPO TGP, represented by Riko Higashio Announces the official logo of the “Reproductive Health Award” RH Le aders

NPO TGP, represented by Riko Higashio Announces the official logo of the “Reproductive Health Award” RH Le aders

[NPO TGP, represented by Riko Higashio] Announces the official logo of the “Reproductive Health Award” RH Leaders

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Press release: February 9, 2024
Official logo of “Reproductive Health Award” RH Leaders announced *~It’s not just about winning an award; entering is about “learning, expanding, and supporting”~*
* NPO TGP (Representative: Riko Higashio) *
carries out awareness-raising activities related to health and reproduction, including comprehensive sex education support for children, community management and lectures for people trying to conceive. This time, our organization’s Reproductive Health Award Executive Committee was selected from among the entrants for this award*
We are pleased to announce that we have developed a logo exclusively for RH Leaders members.

RH Leaders is a community of companies and individuals interested in reproductive health who work to promote reproductive health and raise awareness. R.H.
Leaders members aim to provide leadership, foster innovation, and expand social impact in reproductive health. *
The newly developed RH Leaders member logo symbolizes global leadership and commitment. *
This logo emphasizes the importance of reproductive health and supports the ongoing activities and efforts of RH Leaders members. RH Leaders official logo mark
From now on, *RH
Leaders members can use this logo to promote their reproductive health activities and initiatives and raise awareness. *
We hope that this logo will contribute to the promotion of
reproductive health and have a positive impact on people around the world. Through this press release, RH
We aim to widely disseminate our activities as members of Leaders and strengthen our commitment to reproductive health.
Reproductive Health Award official entry site
Reproductive Health Award official logo
* Purpose of RH Leaders: *
The mission of Leaders is not only to celebrate rewards, but also to form a community of horizontal connections and use our collective power to promote the widespread adoption of reproductive health. This will be a place for all concerned parties to come together and work together to take on new challenges. R.H.
Leaders 2024 is aimed at activities in 2024.

*RH Leaders 2024 Benefits:*
* Right to publish on the homepage: * As RH Leaders, we will be introduced as official members of the 2024 award on the official award page.
* Right to use the RH Leaders 2024 logo: * The logo can be used not only on the website but also on various media such as products and pamphlets.
*Special sharing place:*
We will provide special presentation opportunities to share and spread our contributions to reproductive health, such as store openings at prestigious stores such as Isetan and Cynthia Garden, and
opportunities to be published in various magazines.
* Unique Networking: * To deepen connections and expand collaboration possibilities with people passionate about reproductive health, RH We will give you preferential participation rights to social gatherings where Leaders can interact and deepen cooperation.

* How to enter: *
RH Leaders
Entry to 2024 is very easy. Please access the award entry form from the URL below and tell us about your activities, services, and products. *
Entries are accepted until March 1, 2024*. After that, all those who passed the first screening and proceeded to the second entry will become RH Leaders.
Officially certified as a 2024 member*.
Please note that this membership’s activities are aimed at promoting the spread of reproductive health as a non-profit organization, so the secondary entry fee is 55,000 yen (free for non-profit organizations). There are no additional costs to be a Leaders 2024 member. However, the above RH Leaders
Please note that special sharing opportunities and unique networking, which are part of the 2024 benefits, will require additional fees such as store opening fees, publication fees, and social gathering fees. R.H.
Participating in Leaders 2024 is the beginning of new possibilities and wonderful encounters with friends who will walk together. We warmly welcome your participation.

* ■Background to the Reproductive Health Award*
Reproductive health refers to “respecting the will of each person physically, mentally, and socially in everything related to sex and reproduction, and being able to live as oneself.” *
This concept was proposed at the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994. *
In Japan, as a national policy, the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office has advocated “lifelong health support for women*” to spread awareness and promote countermeasures regarding reproductive health, but this term has not been proposed. Even now, nearly 30 years later, there is little discussion or improvement due to low awareness and interest. *
Japan is lagging behind the rest of the world, and many issues remain. Efforts by society as a whole, including companies, are required to protect the rights of all people and lead safe, secure, and healthy lives.
The Reproductive Health Award recognizes outstanding initiatives, people, students, schools, organizations, products and services, companies, etc. related to reproductive health through awards. * With the theme of “Shining light on innovation for a healthy society that respects self and others,” we hope to accelerate understanding of reproductive health throughout society by sharing initiatives that serve as excellent models. We will contribute to creating a future where everyone can live their own lives in everything related to having children.
*Cabinet Office website

* ■Overview of “Reproductive Health Award 2024”*
* [Purpose] * Popularization and enlightenment of reproductive health * [Awards] * 1 “Gold” / 1 “Silver” / 1 “Bronze” / “Joiceph Award”, “La Calpe Award”, “Special Award”
In addition, all those who advance to the second entry will be selected as “RH leaders.”
* [Award Ceremony] * Scheduled to be held in Tokyo Date and time: Friday, June 21, 2024 *Scheduled
* [Entry deadline] * March 1, 2024 (Friday) 23:59 (all times are Japan time) * [How to enter] * From the official website of Reproductive Health Award 2024 Fill in the entry form
* [Eligible entries] * Excellent initiatives and people, students, schools, organizations, products/services, companies, etc. related to reproductive health.

◼️* “Reproductive Health Award 2024” public call briefing session* *For any questions you may have, such as what is RH Leaders or what is the Reproductive Health Award?*
* The award briefing session will be held online. *
* [Date and time] February 21, 2024*
* [How to apply for the briefing session] Please apply using the briefing session QR code below. *
*Inquiries regarding this press release*
Reproductive Health Executive Committee Secretariat (within NPO TGP)
* ◼️Supervision*
* ■Award ceremony cooperation supporter*
La Calpe Co., Ltd.
* ■Sponsoring Supporter*
●* Scheduled location for exhibiting award-winning products ** Project is subject to change or cancellation
* ■ Organizer Overview *
[Sponsor] NPO TGP (Representative: Riko Higashio)
[Business content] Operation of pregnancy information site, corporate training and lectures, etc.
Fertility study group sponsored by NPO TGP
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*About details about this release*

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