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Home » JKK Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation) Participated in “DANCHI Caravan in Machida Yamazak i” ~Connecting Disaster Prevention Festival~ Held on 3/9 (Sat) and 3/10 (Sun)

JKK Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation) Participated in “DANCHI Caravan in Machida Yamazak i” ~Connecting Disaster Prevention Festival~ Held on 3/9 (Sat) and 3/10 (Sun)

[JKK Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation)]
Participated in “DANCHI Caravan in Machida Yamazaki” ~Connecting Disaster Prevention Festival~ Held on 3/9 (Sat) and 3/10 (Sun)
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Press release: February 9, 2024
Participating in “DANCHI Caravan in Machida Yamazaki” – Connecting Disaster Prevention Festival – Held on 3/9 (Sat) and 3/10 (Sun)

JKK Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Chairman: Keizo Nakai, hereinafter referred to as “JKK”) is a subsidiary of Urban Renaissance Agency (Independent
Administrative Institution Urban Renaissance Agency: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chairman: Masahiro Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as “JKK”). “DANCHI” hosted by “UR”)
Caravan in Machida Yamazaki” ~Connecting Disaster Prevention Festival~ (hereinafter referred to as “DANCHI
We will be participating in “Caravan”) and will hold a disaster prevention event for two days on March 9th (Saturday) and March 10th (Sunday), 2020.

*1 Background*

Since 2015, at UR’s Machida Yamazaki housing complex, which is adjacent to JKK’s Machida Kiso Housing, the event “DANCHI” has been held with the theme of “disaster prevention”, including workshops to learn knowledge that will be useful in times of disaster,
manufacturing experiences, and sales of specialty products.
Caravan” is held every year, and many local companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc. participate, and it has become firmly established as a “community participatory” disaster prevention event. The subtitle of “DANCHI Caravan”, which will be held for the 7th time this year, is “Let’s plant seeds of disaster prevention in our daily lives.”
With the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, each individual is required to be aware of their role as a leader in disaster
prevention.We aim to provide a place where people can easily gather, get to know each other, and have an opportunity to think about disaster prevention.

JKK agrees with the purpose of this event, and in order to create a community and foster disaster prevention awareness in the entire area beyond the boundaries of housing, the venue has been expanded to JKK’s Machida Kiso Residence, and the event will be held as follows. To do.

*2 Event overview*
Venue: JKK Machida Kiso Housing (2507 Honmachida, Machida City) UR Machida Yamazaki Danchi (2130 Yamazakicho, Machida City, Tokyo) Date and time: March 9th (Saturday) and March 10th (Sunday), 2020 10:00-16:00 *Some events start from 16:00
Main contents* ・Machida Kiso Housing Stage Live
(Band performance, performance by Oberlin University students, etc.) ・Nissan EV vehicle exhibition and power supply demonstration ・Nissan Exciting Eco School where you can experience environmental technology ・Disaster prevention course & disaster prevention goods sales ・Experience making sesame seeds using materials from Tama
・JKK image character “Yutojira” photo spot
*Only events at JKK Machida Kiso Housing are listed.
*Click here to download the event flyer
Sponsored by Machida Yamazaki Danchi Neighborhood
Association/Voluntary Disaster Prevention Association, Yamazaki Danchi Famous Store Association, UR Urban Renaissance Agency
/ Management: Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Muji Ryohin)
Management cooperation: FM Sagami Co., Ltd., Oberlin University, Candle Studio Lepta (Candle Studio
Repta), Green House, Green Yoga Festa Machida Office, Tokyo
Metropolitan Police Department Machida Police Station, Kogakuin University Murakami Laboratory, sakana
harbour, Sato Farm, Yokohama Kindergarten, a certified kindergarten, Room 0, SOTOLABO Co., Ltd., SoftBank Corp., Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd., Traveling Kintsugi Club, CHUMS, Tokyo Fire Department
Machida Fire Department Tadao Branch, JKK, Tokyo Metropolitan Yamazaki High School, Tokyo Mori and Ichiba Co., Ltd., Top Gear Co., Ltd., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan Tokyo Sales Co., Ltd., Japan Sogo Jyuusei Co., Ltd., Japan Universal Morook Association, Bookoff Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Ministry of Defense Self-Defense Forces
Machida Recruitment Information Center, Machida Kiso Danchi
Neighborhood Association, Machida Kiso Store Association, Machida Vege Hub Secretariat, Mondora Committee, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Neko Support Station Machida Kiso, UR Community Co., Ltd., Social Welfare Corporation Yuyukai (in alphabetical order)
*For event details, please check the “DANCHI Caravan” homepage below. View details
event flyer
* ■“JKK Machida Kiso Housing” housing overview*
Address: 4-11-I1, Kisohigashi, Machida City, etc.
Access From JR Yokohama Line/Odakyu Odawara Line “Machida” Station Approximately 16 minutes by bus and 1 minute walk from “Yamazaki Danchi Center” Year of management start: March 1962
Number of units/buildings: 4,330 units/85 units
Website Exterior of “Machida Kiso Housing”
Local guide map

* ◆JKK Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation) Overview* Address: 5-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established April 1966
Representative: Chairman: Keizo Nakai
Business details 1. Management and construction of rental housing and related facilities
2. Contract management business for public housing, etc.
See details
A short story of JKK Tokyo supporting a father and daughter’s next step. Now available on YouTube official channel!
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The whale fairy “Yutojira” (JKK Tokyo’s image character) is sending out videos of her taking a walk around JKK housing.
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