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Realize Innovations Co., Ltd. Collaboration in the mental health tech field with Sahha, which provides healthcare solutions using AI

Realize Innovations Co., Ltd.
Collaboration in the mental health tech field with Sahha, which provides healthcare solutions using AI
~Developing and providing mental health care-related solutions for the domestic market~
Realize Innovations, Inc. (Representative Director and President: Masato Sakatani, hereinafter referred to as “Realize Innovations”), a group company of SoftBank Corp., is a start-up company in the Commonwealth of Australia that provides healthcare solutions that utilize AI (artificial intelligence). We have entered into a business partnership with Sahha Pty Ltd (CEO: Aleks Dahlberg, hereinafter “Sahha”) in the mental health tech field in Japan. As a result, Realize Innovations will not only sell Sahha’s solutions to domestic companies, but also develop and provide mental health care-related solutions with Sahha’s technical support.
Regarding domestic trends regarding mental health care, the revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act in 2014 made it mandatory for companies to conduct stress checks on their employees *1. Furthermore, worldwide, there are concerns about decreased productivity due to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and stress.*2 Against this background, the mental health care market is expanding year by year.
Sahha is aimed at companies such as the insurance industry, and uses digital biomarkers, indicators that visualize the presence or absence of a disease and changes due to treatment, based on data obtained from smartphones and wearable devices, to assess the level of physical and mental health. We are developing AI solutions for By incorporating the AI ​​solutions developed by Sahha, companies that provide mental health care services can monitor both the mental health of users, such as their depression and anxiety, and their physical health, such as exercise and sleep. In addition to being able to perform measurements, it is also possible to provide services tailored to the user’s mental and physical condition*3. In addition, Sahha provides an SDK*4 for smartphone apps and a web API that allows you to obtain analysis results of users’ mental and physical conditions, so companies considering providing mental health care-related services should It will be possible to devise and provide related apps and services in a short period of time.
Realize Innovations has been working on business alliances with AI companies that provide behavioral and sleep analysis solutions that can be used in the healthcare field. In the future, in addition to Realize Innovations’ behavioral data such as transportation methods and working hours, and sleep data such as sleep depth and sleep debt, we will also combine mental health data collected through Sahha’s SDK and web API. We plan to provide mental health care services to companies and individuals using AI analysis*3.
Aleks Dahlberg, CEO of Sahha, said of the collaboration:
“We are very proud to announce our strategic partnership with Realize Innovations. We plan to jointly develop and provide mental health care solutions for the Japanese market, and will continue to expand our AI solutions to even more companies.” We hope that Japanese companies will utilize this technology.Through this partnership, we will not only be able to provide solutions that are specialized in the medical and insurance fields, but will also provide solutions that are tailored to the health dynamics and mental conditions of various users. We hope that this will further enrich the lives of our users.” *1 Companies with fewer than 50 employees are required to make efforts. *2 Summary of the results of a survey on mental health related to the new coronavirus infection (Mental health matters – The Lancet Global Health).
*3 Only data for which consent has been obtained from the user is applicable. Furthermore, we do not use data that could identify individuals.
*4 Abbreviation for Software Development Kit, which is a package containing programs, APIs, documents, samples, etc. necessary for developing software.
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[Image:×847.jpg] ■About Sahha
Sahha has a unique technology that uses AI analysis of data obtained using digital biomarkers to evaluate not only depression, anxiety, and stress levels, but also physical and mental health such as activity level and sleep. I own it. Sahha’s technology is used by more than 250,000 people globally, primarily in the insurance industry and corporate support services for employees.
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