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Aman Tokyo “Coffee Mameya -Kakeru-” x “Alva” collaboration dinner

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[Aman Tokyo] “Coffee Mameya -Kakeru-” x “Alva” collaboration dinner Available for 3 days only, from February 24th (Sat) to 26th (Mon) ……
Aman Tokyo (Otemachi, Tokyo, general manager Tomoko Yagi) will host Italian restaurant “Alva” and “Coffee Mameya -Kakeru-” for three days from Saturday, February 24th to Monday, February 26th, 2024. We will be holding a collaboration dinner with.
Masakazu Hiraki, Western Cuisine Director in charge of Aman’s Japan region, offers a course of simple, traditional Italian cuisine that makes use of the best ingredients, and roasters with excellent roasting techniques are selected from around the world to serve high-quality coffee. We will present you with a special menu that you can enjoy by pairing with coffee from Coffee Mameya -Kakeru-, which is attracting attention by doing so.
Alva’s first collaboration dinner between “Italian food” and “coffee” is a total of eight full-course dishes of Alva’s Italian cuisine carefully calculated and created by Coffee Mameya Kakeru’s baristas. A unique dinner event where you can enjoy pairings with different coffees and mocktails.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] For this dinner event, Coffee Mameya – Kakeru – carefully selected and procured unique coffee beans from roasters around the world, including those from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Panama. Using their sophisticated skills, baristas perfect their approach to cooking by creating a balance between various sour and astringent tastes, as well as the flavors of the soil and variety. Pairing coffee is served by changing the extraction concentration according to the dish and lowering the temperature to around 20 to 30 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the coffee’s terroir just like wine.
[Image 2:×580.png ]
Start with the rosemary and squid ink grissini starter, followed by a milk brew made with Ethiopian ‘Lollipop’ coffee steeped in milk for 13 hours. Ethiopian berry and floral flavors go well with milk, making this a milk coffee with a taste similar to royal milk tea.
For the cold appetizer, shorthorn beef tartare, we used Geisha ‘El Burro’ from Panama, which has a tannin and fermentation like Burgundy wine that combines with the sweetness and acidity of the meat. For the warm appetizer, milt munyaia, by combining ‘Lollipop’, a complex and deep Ethiopian coffee that brings to mind strawberries and cacao nibs, with drip coffee at a temperature lowered to 20 degrees, it creates a relaxing and rich milt flavor. It highlights the sweetness.
Next, Alva’s signature dish, spaghetti with sea urchin and Chinese ink, is a unique mocktail made with Ethiopian ‘Lollipop’, which has the gorgeous aroma of jasmine, sharp acidity, and milky texture. The grilled sweet sea bream scales are served with white grapes, green apples, and Colombian ‘Las Flores Java’, which has a refreshing acidity reminiscent of Darjeeling tea and a hearty sweetness. And, for the meat dish Kasumi Duck Alloy Roast, we will prepare a blended coffee blended with the image of spicy red wine. The tannin and spiciness of coffee created by blending three types of coffee from Panama, Costa Rica, and Colombia, as well as the aroma of aged oak barrels, will make you enjoy the marriage of it with duck meat. For dessert, we chose an elegant milk brew mocktail from Colombian geisha ‘Linarco Rodriguez’, flavored with yuzu peel, and finished with ‘ONE’ from Honduras, which has a pleasant balance of dark
chocolate-like sweetness and bitterness. , served as hot milk coffee. Please look forward to the pairing of Italian cuisine created by Hiraki’s honed sensibilities and the unique terroir flavors of all eight carefully selected types of coffee.
[Image 3:×598.png ]
“Coffee Mameya -Kakeru- x Alva Collaboration Dinner”
Price: Course of 8 dishes + 8 cups of pairing coffee 33,000 yen (tax and service charge included)
*All non-alcoholic drink pairings.
Period: February 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun), 26th (Mon), 2024
Time: Doors open 6.30pm / Dinner starts 7pm
Location: Aman Tokyo 33rd floor Italian restaurant “Alva”
Inquiries: Restaurant reservations 03-5224-3339 (10am – 7pm) WEB reservation: menu
・Hospitality from the chef
/ Pairing coffee ‘Lollipop’ (Production area: Ethiopia)
・Hokkaido Lake Mashu Wagyu beef battuta, puntarelle, anchovy, lemon / Pairing coffee ‘El Burro’ (Production area: Panama)
・Silt Munyaia, sweet shrimp, Jerusalem artichoke, and original peanut paste from Chiba Prefecture
/ Pairing coffee ‘Ethiopia’ (Production area: Ethiopia)
・Spaghetti with sea urchin and Mie prefecture tuna mullet
/ Pairing coffee ‘Lollipop’ (Production area: Ethiopia)
・Grilled sweet sea bream with Hokkaido snow crab and turnip orzotto / Pairing coffee ‘Las Flores Java’ (Production area: Colombia) ・Arroasted Kasumi duck from Ibaraki Prefecture, Port wine and Frutti di Bosco Purple Cabbage Clouti Aged Inca Awakening from Hokkaido
/ Pairing coffee ‘El Burro +Diamante+Tres’ (Production area: Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia)
・Delizia allo yuzu
/ Pairing coffee ‘Linarco Rodriguez’ (Production area: Colombia) ・Coffee cheese cannoli
/ Pairing coffee ‘ONE’ (Production area: Honduras)
What is Coffee Mameya -Kakeru-?
KOFFEE MAMEYA -Kakeru-, run by barista Eiichi Kunitomo (Representative Director of Luxury Goods Research Institute), is a coffee shop where you can experience the differences in coffee bean production areas, varieties, and extraction methods through a course. Mr. Kunitomo started his career as a barista after working at a French restaurant, and became independent in 2003. After launching a bar in Osaka, in 2009 we expanded our scope of activity to include Tokyo and the rest of the world. In 2011, “OMOTESANDO KOFFEE” was opened. After temporarily closing due to the deterioration of the building, it reopened in 2017 as “KOFEE MAMEYA”. In 2021, the second KOFFEE MAMEYA store, KOFFEE MAMEYA -Kakeru, will open in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, attracting attention both domestically and internationally. We continue to expand in Hong Kong, Singapore, and London.
[Image 4:×425.png ]
What is Aman Tokyo?
Aman Tokyo opened on December 22, 2014 as Aman’s first urban hotel. Located on the top 33rd to 38th floors of Otemachi Tower, a high-rise complex, we offer a spacious and quiet space made of wood, stone, and Japanese paper that combines traditional Japanese culture with modernity. There are 84 guest rooms, including a garden lounge with high ceilings, a restaurant, a bar lounge, a cafe in a separate building on the first floor, a patisserie, a sushi restaurant with 8 counter seats, 8 treatment suites, a 30-meter indoor pool and a fitness gym. The hotel has Aman Spa, where you can enjoy the view of Tokyo and nature from anywhere.
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What is Aman?
Aman was founded in 1988 as a collection of private resorts that offer luxurious and extraordinary experiences that are always small and beautiful, with the warm hospitality of a private home. . The concept was spread to the world from Amanpuri (a place of peace) on Phuket Island, where it was first established as a resort. Aman currently has 34 resorts in 20 destinations, 12 Aman branded residences, and 10 projects in development. In recent years, Aman Group has launched “Aman Skin Care” (2018), “Aman Fine Fragrance” (2020), ready-to-wear collection “The Essentials by Aman” (2021), and skin care line “Aman Essential Skin” (2023). More than just a tranquil retreat, we offer an attractive lifestyle. Furthermore, Aman’s brand philosophy is to constantly evolve, and in 2020, it launched a new hotel brand called “Janu”, which means “soul” in Sanskrit, and is currently operating in Tokyo (scheduled to open in March 2024). and AlUla in Saudi Arabia (under construction), seven hotels are planned. Janu offers unique hospitality with a focus on human connection, playful expression, and social wellness.
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