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Home » Vega Corporation Co., Ltd. Finally opening tomorrow! Announcing “highlights” only available at “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store” such as “trend area” where “buzzed items” and noteworthy items gather on SNS!

Vega Corporation Co., Ltd. Finally opening tomorrow! Announcing “highlights” only available at “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store” such as “trend area” where “buzzed items” and noteworthy items gather on SNS!

Vega Corporation Co., Ltd.
[Finally opening tomorrow! ] Announcing “highlights” only available at “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store” such as “trend area” where “buzzed items” and noteworthy items gather on SNS!
To commemorate the opening on Saturday, February 10th, there will be limited events and collaboration coordination where you can win luxurious products.
This time, Vega Corporation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Tomokazu Ukishiro, Stock Code: 3542, URL: will be providing furniture and interior goods. The brand “LOWYA” (nickname: LOWYA, URL: will open “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store” on Saturday, February 10, 2024.
In this third release, we will announce the store’s services, which are designed to help customers create interiors that better suit their lifestyles.
[Image 1:×615.jpg]
“Trend Area” where products that have become a hot topic on SNS and popular LOWYA items are gathered together.
There is a “storage/living area” with a focus on functionality and usability, and corners where you can see how various items can be used.
Announcing a brand experience limited to “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store”! “The styling of my room doesn’t seem right for some reason, but I don’t know why.”
“I don’t know where to start in my room, or even what style I like…” There are endless worries and worries about interior design. This time, “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store”, which has over 400 items and two types of room coordination, will help customers create an interior that suits their lifestyle.
Two new “original areas” will be established.
The first is the “Trend Area” where all the popular LOWYA items that have become a hot topic on SNS are gathered together.
Items such as “Oshitel”, a storage shelf for “Oshikatsu” that was viewed 8.75 million times in just two weeks after being posted on the official SNS and sold out of the first stock, and a marble-style mantel that is not only cute but also has storage space. In order to convey how to use and its functionality, we will broadcast videos posted on SNS that are produced daily in-house on a large screen. In this way, at LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store, we are able to meet customers face-to-face, so we not only provide customer service that takes time to address their concerns, but we also pay attention to the recent Taipa (time performance) trend, and create a customer service style that can be conveyed in just a few seconds. We will be introducing a new one.
Next, the “Special Storage/Living Area”, which pursues functionality and usability to the fullest, is available only at the “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store.” In particular, “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store” has multiple corners where you can imagine various lifestyles and living scenes, such as living alone or with a family.
Following “LOWYA Kyudai Ito store” and “LOWYA Namba Parks store”, we also have a popular floor sofa area where you can thoroughly compare the seating comfort, and an extendable dresser rotor that received many comments on Instagram live, “I wanted to see this!” We offer a wide variety of items, including a children’s play area and a “kids area” with storage items that will make playing and cleaning fun.
For more information, please check out the shop list on the EC site (, and for any questions regarding the store, we are available on SNS.
Store overview
[Image 2:×336.png ]
Store name: LOWYA Nagoya Minato store
Floor: 2F
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Store area: 261.1 square meters
Address: 2-3-2 Minatoaki, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 455-8501
LaLaport Nagoya Minato AQULS Nagoya Minato Tsutaya Bookstore 2nd floor SHOP GUIDE
[Image 3:×594.jpg] In the 260.1 square meter store, you can freely incorporate not only large furniture but also just one piece of furniture.
Including small items, there are over 400 items.
Lots of items available.
Among them, only “LOWYA Nagoya Minato store”
The original “Trend Area” has become a hot topic on SNS
Products that have become popular and popular items that can be considered the face of LOWYA are lined up.
In addition, “Light Color Adult Natural Coordination” is available as a room coordination that can only be proposed by “LOWYA”, which has its own stylists. The light colors and natural furniture create a calming atmosphere, and the use of gold accents here and there creates elegance throughout, creating a slightly more mature space.
Not only that, but following “LOWYA Kyudai Ito store” and “LOWYA Namba Parks store”, we have a floor sofa where you can thoroughly compare the comfort, a popular extendable dresser rotable, and a kids store with storage items that make play and cleaning fun. We offer a wide variety of kitchens, dining areas, and living areas that will brighten up your family gatherings.
-Topics 01-
A “new area” where products that have become popular on SNS are gathered together has been born!
Keeping in mind the recent Taipa (time performance) trend, we also utilize official SNS videos to convey our appeal in just a few seconds when serving customers.
▼New colors will be on sale in late February! “Oshiteru” storage shelf for “Oshikatsu”
[Image 4:×489.jpg] “It’s super cute and surprisingly affordable!”
“I was nervous about ordering online, but everything was better than I expected and I was very satisfied!”
“LOWYA”, which has been praised as such, is a brand that originally started from an e-commerce site, so in order to dispel the anxiety of customers who cannot see the actual product, we use “images” on the e-commerce site to convey the size and functionality. Using multiple pages, we have created a page where you can learn about the products in detail and in a fun way.
Furthermore, with the coronavirus outbreak, purchasing opportunities on e-commerce sites have increased, and we have strengthened our SNS operations. Rather than simply promoting the functionality of furniture, posts are made from a perspective that thoroughly addresses “consumer concerns,” and each person in charge reads all comments posted by users and responds to them one by one. Armed with our “dual expertise and affinity for interior design,” we have over 1.16 million followers and are continuously increasing.
[Image 5:×507.png ]
And this time, the new “Trend Area” will feature not only products that have become a hot topic on SNS and popular items that can be considered the face of LOWYA, but also products produced in-house every day to convey how to use the items and their functionality. We will also broadcast videos posted on SNS on the big screen!
“I’m not sure if I can actually assemble it…”
If you have specific concerns, such as “I’m worried about whether it will match the style of your current room…”, you can enjoy a conversation with the LOWYA staff and say, “Let’s go take a look on my way home from work!” or “Isn’t there something cute?” When you want to window shop with an emphasis on time performance, you can enjoy shopping according to your mood that day, such as checking out product information from the dozens of seconds of videos that play inside the store.
(Ositeru:, Sofa:
-Topics 02-
“I wanted something like this!!” Take it out with a “swish” and solve the problem in no time ♪ A slim and stylish laundry rack with a large storage capacity!
[Image 6:×520.png ]
This laundry rack was created by a LOWYA employee in his second year as a new graduate, and although it is compact at just 34cm wide, it boasts ample storage space. It’s sized to fit comfortably in laundry spaces that tend to be cramped, and comes with a convenient towel holder that allows you to quickly take out towels. This is a LOWYA original product that makes no use of limited space, and is also the first item to appear in a physical store. The only place in the country where you can actually see this product is “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store”!
If you want a little more storage, you can create a comfortable laundry room with plenty of storage by combining laundry chests from the same series.
Product page: Laundry rack, Laundry chest
-Topics 03-
Free yourself from the frustration of a messy room? ! The key to racks that make playing and cleaning fun is to display storage.
[Image 7:×680.png ]
We want children to play freely. However, one thing that bothers busy adults is tidying up their rooms. Frustrated by a messy room! Do you find yourself getting angry at your child all the time?
Therefore, the designers of “LOWYA” created a “storage rack” designed from a child’s perspective. Children’s line of sight is lower than you might imagine, and their visible range and attention span are much narrower than adults. That’s why by making the toys visible and easy to access, using colorful “visible storage” will attract curious children.
If you have a toy storage area that you tend to clean up while playing, by displaying it, children will be able to think about where to put their toys and develop their sense of independence.
Product page:
Three opening commemorative events will be held!
1. Shop at “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store” and win gorgeous prizes! Try the LOWYA original gacha limited to purchasers!
[Image 8:×870.jpg] 2. If you participate in the campaign at the store, you will receive a limited novelty “LOWYA Nagoya Minato Store”♪
[Image 9:×870.jpg] 3. Limited time only! A special collaboration coordination exhibition with flower shop “Edā” will be held♪
[Image 10:×690.jpg] We welcomed Edā, a flower shop without a storefront whose concept is “bouquets instead of words,” as a guest, and LOWYA produced a collaborative coordination of interior decoration and fresh flowers. With the theme of “Living with your favorite furniture and fresh flowers to brighten up your daily life,” a special collaboration coordination will be available for 3 days only with an expanded sales floor!
[Event period] February 10th (Saturday) to February 12th (Monday), 2024 [Venue] 1F event space (across from Starbucks Coffee)
*There are no conditions such as purchasing products, and everyone is free to come and go and take photos.
*The furniture and interior items on display can be purchased at LOWYA stores. *Fresh flowers cannot be purchased at the store.
|Started from an EC site and will open a store in 2023, the 19th year! About Japan’s top-class interior brand “LOWYA”
“LOWYA” is a brand that hopes that people can live their lives freely, freely, and in their own way.
was born in Kyushu in 2004.
From the start of the business until 2023, we will expand our business mainly through e-commerce sites and grow as one of the top interior brands in Japan. As lifestyles become more diverse after the coronavirus pandemic, we aim to create an environment where customers can choose their interior designs more freely and create a real place where they can see, touch, and purchase with peace of mind.
Determination. This spring, we opened the LOWYA Kyudai Ito store in Kyushu, the birthplace of the brand.
In addition, by handling everything from planning to manufacturing and sales in-house, we pursue interiors that are more suited to Japanese homes. Currently, we have over 4,000 items ranging from small items to large furniture, and over 2,000 of them are private brands, creating stylish furniture at low prices that appeal to a wide range of generations, from families to couples to those living alone in Generation Z. We have received support from.
In addition, we are committed to creating products that respond to all the “nice-to-have” requests from consumers through our customer center and SNS, and we are proud to offer outstanding items such as the “The World’s Most Strange Storage Series,” a popular piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. On Instagram, LOWYA staff and fans held a “Product Development Meeting” to create a product, and they also developed a product that was so popular that there were many requests to resell it. In addition, “LOWYA” exclusive interior stylists will propose dozens of room coordinations that follow current trends, such as “hotel-like coordination” and “adult cute
coordination” that are unparalleled by other companies. We are disseminating information not only on the EC site but also on YouTube. Company Profile
[Image 11:×405.png ]
With the vision of “unlimiting the possibilities of e-commerce,” we operate LOWYA, a furniture and interior e-commerce business, and DOKODEMO, a cross-border e-commerce platform business.
We handle everything from product development to delivery, and have developed a D2C business model that is exclusively online and direct sales.
We always express designs that are conscious of diverse tastes and trends, and provide satisfaction and excitement to our customers. Company name: Vega Corporation Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Tomokazu Ukishiro
Address: 812-0038
4th floor, Hakata Gion Center Place, 7-20 Gioncho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Number of employees: 230 (as of the end of March 2023)
Capital: 1,030,710,000 yen (as of the end of September 2023) Listed stock exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market
-Business details-
・Internet mail order business for furniture, interior decoration, etc. ・Operation of cross-border EC platform, etc.
More details about this release: