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Home » “Habanero” from Hirata Village, the spiciest village in Japan! A special collaboration between Kitakata Rame n’s “Kawakyo Ramen” and Tohoku! Product development and music production have also been decided!

“Habanero” from Hirata Village, the spiciest village in Japan! A special collaboration between Kitakata Rame n’s “Kawakyo Ramen” and Tohoku! Product development and music production have also been decided!

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“Habanero” from Hirata Village, the spiciest village in Japan! A special collaboration between Kitakata Ramen’s “Kawakyo Ramen” and Tohoku! Product development and music production have also been decided!
Collaboration ramen “Habanero Ramen” will be released at “Roadside Station Hirata” on Saturday, March 2nd! In addition, a new song will be unveiled for the first time!
The idol group Keppatte Tohoku, which operates from two bases in Tohoku and Kanto, is collaborating with “Hirata Village”, which is attracting attention as the spiciest village in Japan, and “Kawakyo Ramen”, a classic soul food Kitakata ramen from Fukushima prefecture. has been decided.
Hirata Village is located in the eastern part of Nakadori, Fukushima Prefecture, and is a village rich in nature where you can enjoy the greenery and flowers of each season. While agriculture is the company’s main industry, it became a hot topic when they focused their efforts on habanero production after vegetables and other agricultural products became unsaleable due to rumors caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Popular products such as habanero soft serve and processed foods were introduced one after another.
Kakyo Ramen, the pride of Fukushima Prefecture, has teamed up with Japan’s spiciest village habanero. What kind of chemical reaction can you enjoy when habanero is combined with a cup loved by the citizens of Kitakata, which is synonymous with Kitakata ramen?!?︎The four members of Tohoku’s up-and-coming group “Keppatte Tohoku” are responsible for the taste this time. . The members themselves produce the amount of habanero in the Kitakata ramen and even the packaging. The official YouTube channel that closely follows product development starts with receiving a video letter from the station master of Hirata Village Roadside Station, and shows a variety of videos such as members cooking Kitakata Ramen and taking on the Hirata Village Quiz. You can watch it, so check it out.
Yuka Fukushima, who is from Fukushima Prefecture, said, “I was so excited about the collaboration between Kitakata Ramen, which is representative of Fukushima Prefecture, and habanero! We bring you the most delicious ramen in the world! ” he exclaimed. Aoi Kohinata, who loves extremely spicy gourmet food, said, “It’s so deliciously spicy that I can eat as much as I want!” ” he said with a smile.
The long-awaited collaboration product will be released on March 2nd. In addition, as special news, it has been decided that a song will be produced to promote Hirata Village’s habanero, and it will be performed for the first time at Hirata Roadside Station on the same day.
Bringing Fukushima prefecture’s new “spicy gourmet” to the whole country. Look forward to a hot cup of Tohoku!
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[Keppatte Tohoku Official YouTube Channel]
◆Hirata Village, Fukushima Prefecture
◆Roadside Station Hirata
◆Kawakyo Ramen
[Image 2:×783.jpg] [Keep Tohoku Schedule]
◆February 10th (Sat) Sendai MACANA
・Regular performance Valentine SP
・Preliminary battle
◆February 11th (Sun) Aomori
・Regular Performance Narita Hiiragi Birth Special
・Preliminary battle two-man
◆February 12th (Monday) Aomori
[Keep Tohoku]
Formed on August 6, 2022. Our base of activities is Kanto. Members from Tohoku, Yuka Fukushima (Fukushima), Aoi Kohinata (Miyagi), Hiiragi Narita (Aomori), and Sakurako Sato (Yamagata) are aiming for the top of the Ou Mountains and spreading the charm of Tohoku through live activities and SNS. .
[Image 3:×2448.jpg] [From Fukushima! In charge of Akabeko Red “Yuka Fukushima”]
The catchphrase is “I’ll bring you happiness! Akabeko Red”
He also works as the editor-in-chief of an idol magazine, and sings Fukushima-themed songs as a solo artist.
Team Fukushima Pride until the end of March. Also works as an official ambassador.
Also active as a solo artist. Yuka Fukushima “Inawashiro Encore”
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] [I’m from Sendai! In charge of Zunda Green “Aoi Kohinata”]
The catchphrase is “Sweet Moments Zunda Green”
Aoi Kohinata, a Tohoku dialect girl, has about 30,000 followers on TikTok in 5 months!
Aoi Kohinata TikTok
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] [From Aomori! “Hiragi Narita” in charge of Dakekimi Yellow appears on TV one after another in Aomori]
The catchphrase is “Your own heart’s hometown”
Live singing performed on Aomori Asahi Broadcasting’s morning information program “Happy”!
Aomori TV’s “Wacchi” corner “Turning Point” featured Narita Hiiragi
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] [I’m from Yamagata Prefecture! In charge of Cherry Pink “Sakurako Sato”] Catchphrase: “Sakura dances in your heart”
Alcohol, idols, baseball, classical ballet, my cheeks grow, and I’m pretty cheerful.
[Image 7:×3900.jpg] ■Mini album “Furusato” CD released nationwide on 7/16 (Sun)
Achieved 3rd place in the Oricon Album Daily Ranking as of July 15th! ◆Hometown song
*June ending of Fukushima Central Television “Nijohan Record” ◆I love Fukushima. So (lyrics by Yuka Fukushima)
◆Miyagi Weather (lyrics by Aoi Kohinata)
Scheduled to be broadcast on 8/2 (Wednesday) 19:00-19:54 TV Asahi series Tohoku block 6 stations Internet summer special program “If you know this, you can enjoy it 100 times more! Tohoku Summer Festival” ending theme
◆Aomori Ichizu (Lyrics by Shusato Narita *Co-written with Sashi Watanabe)
・I like Fukushima. So (Fukushima Yuka solo version)
・Miyagi Biyori (Aoi Kohinata solo version)
・Aomori Ichizu (Narita Hiiragi solo ver.)
Contains 7 songs
■I’m from Yamagata Prefecture! Lyrics by Sakurako Sato “Koi in Yamagata”
January 2024 YTS Yamagata TV “Do~nna Weather” tie-up
■Latest song “Snow Promise”
February 2024 Fukushima Central Television “Nijohan Record” ending ■Debut single “Tohoku Aikon”
The three members who are full of love for Tohoku are from Fukushima Prefecture (Yuka Fukushima), Miyagi Prefecture (Aoi Kohinata), In Aomori Prefecture (Narita Hiragiri), each person plays the role of a local heroine and comically introduces the famous products and sights. Fukushima Central Television “Nijohan Records” January ending theme
“Keppatte Tohoku” Official X (old Twitter)
“Keppatte Tohoku” official TikTok
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