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Home » MA Meguro Aoneko The R&B festival “TO BLACK RAMBLER ’69” VOL.5 will be held at Shibuya B.Y.G on Saturday, March 30th, with black music evangelist Myrah kay serving as the music producer!

MA Meguro Aoneko The R&B festival “TO BLACK RAMBLER ’69” VOL.5 will be held at Shibuya B.Y.G on Saturday, March 30th, with black music evangelist Myrah kay serving as the music producer!

MA Meguro Blue Cat
The R&B festival “TO BLACK RAMBLER ’69” VOL.5, in which black music evangelist Myrah kay serves as music producer, will be held on March 30th (Saturday) at Shibuya B.Y.G!
Produced by music producer Myrah Kay and creative director KALAN, set at Shibuya B.Y.G, Japan’s oldest rock cafe (live house), a historical legacy of the music world that has left many legends behind. “TO BLACK RAMBLER ’69” VOL.5, a music festival that introduces the “roots” of black music (R&B) to the modern day with a luxurious one-night session, will be held again this year.
The members include vocalist Myrah Kay, drummer Chicco Soma, organizer of the Fussa Blues Festival and a leader in Japan’s black music scene, Isao Miyoshi “Miyoshi” Hiroshi, Hiroshi Eguchi, Tomoharu Hani, and percussionist Winterhawk Spencer. In addition to veteran musicians, Japan’s leading blues singer and harpist Nyudo Nishimura, who will be participating in T.B.R. for the first time, will be a guest, and the “authentic” music of the time will be performed by carefully selected musicians who are active both domestically and internationally. The content allows you to enjoy the black music of the world.
[Image 1:×798.jpg] The setlist will include not only classic black music classics from the 1950s, but also improvisational blues sessions by veteran musicians who transcend genres, making for a rare live performance that can only be experienced live. Also, the live venue is Japan’s oldest long-established live house, founded in 1969, and is a wonderful venue that has carved out the history of Japanese rock, including its retro appearance, so be sure to check it out as well.
[Image 2:×287.jpg] A tasteful retro exterior that is considered a historical heritage in the music world
[Image 3:×258.jpg] The interior is inspired by the live music venues of New Orleans at the time.
[Image 4:×288.jpg] Step inside and you’ll find yourself in the world of a 70’s rock cafe.
[Image 5:×260.jpg] Inside the store, there are many signatures of famous musicians. Performing artists
[Image 6:×339.png ]
Myrah Kay Vo Vocal /
Born in Okinawa, raised in America. An original half-Japanese singer with an Okinawan mother and a Filipino father. Professional debut in 1984. After that, through Marta & Myra’s “DJ That’s Enter jazz ment”, in 1986, he formed “Nasty Girls” with Shuichi Murakami Ponta. In 1996, he was invited as the general manager of Yokohama’s live house “Blues Cafe”, and subsequently released Yokohama’s image song “Sea Breeze City”.
In 2000, he released “Kokoro de Mitsumete” and started charity activities. In 2009, he received the Higashikuninomiya Cultural Award. In 2010, ACEFA awarded him the position of ACEFA Special Advisor Charity Music Festival Producer. He has been widely active around the world through music, with the theme of education and independence support for children from disadvantaged environments around the world. His singing ability has been praised by many celebrities both domestically and internationally, such as Chaka Khan, Cyndi Lauper, and Eikichi Yazawa. Even now, even though he is over 70 years old, he continues to appreciate the value of live live performances, including the black music of the time. He is actively performing live activities to convey the message.
[Image 7:×424.jpg] Chicco Soma Dr Drummer /
Born in Hakodate City. Made his professional debut at the age of 18. Participated in a national tour as Eikichi Yazawa’s first drummer. After that, after collaborating with many artists such as Takeshi Kitano, Naoko Ken, Kiyohiko Ozaki, Teresa Teng, Alfie, and Saori Yuki, he moved to the United States in 1988 and studied under the soul drummer god Bernard Purdie in New York. The following year, he studied under jazz drummer Charlie Persip in Harlem. After that, he was a regular drummer at a gospel church in the Bronx for two years. After returning to Japan, he engaged in a wide range of activities including “Super inky” and “Chickosouma Trio”. Since 2006, he has hosted charity concerts such as “Sending Children’s Chairs Overseas” and “Fussa Blues Festival.” In 2020, established the music office “Dorapara”. A funky drummer representing Japan who is active in a wide range of fields!!
[Image 8:×408.jpg ]
Miyoshi “Miyoshi” Isao (Miyoshi Sankichi Isao) Gt Guitar /
Guitarist and composer Born in Oita. After moving to Tokyo, he was active in regular groups with various musicians such as Takehiro Honda, Paul Jackson, and Kazutoki Umezu. In 1995, he formed “Sankichi Ponta UNIT” with Shuichi Murakami, and released “Sankichiism,” 1997’s “Pineapple Island,” and 1998’s “Your Smile.” (He co-starred with Toots Thielemans on this album.) After that, he was active in tours and recordings with Midori Karashima, Seishiro Kusunose, JUJU, Hiroko Kokufu, Masato Honda, etc. Participated as guitarist and bandmaster in Eikichi Yazawa’s national tours since 2002 and Ryoko Moriyama’s national tours since 2005. Released “Surprise!” in 2003, “First Touch” with Akira Onozuka in 2006, “UNIT ASIA DEBUT!” in 2009, and later “My Holiday” and “Smile For You.” He has also performed many times overseas, and is highly anticipated as one of the central musicians in the Japanese jazz scene.
[Image 9:×501.jpg] Hiroshi Eguchi (Hiroshi Eguchi) Bass /
Born in Yokohama. Moved to Chicago at the age of 18. From 1989 to 1994, he was a member of the jazz/fusion group Half & Half. Performing mainly in Chicago. In 1993 and 1994, toured Thailand and Bangkok at Gekko Studio, composing and arranging commercials, pop songs, etc. Active as a bassist and composer at World Wide Records in Chicago from 1998-00, and at Midwestern Music Group in Indianapolis from 2000-2003. Participated in Mavis Staples Group in 2003-2004. Performed at festivals in the United States. After that, he toured the United States as an opening act for Tom Pe and the Heartbreakers. 2004 Australian tour with Taj Mahal. Performed in Japan at Japan Blues Carnival in 2004. Participated in numerous other bands/sessions such as Sun Alley, Low Blow, Groove Meeting, Beyond2, Ryōjiro Furusawa, and Suzi Kim.
[Image 10:×502.jpg] Tomoharu Hani (Hani Tomoharu) Key Keyboard /
pianist. After graduating from Jiyū Gakuen Boys’ High School, he began performing professionally at live houses in Tokyo. He is also active in a wide range of commercial music fields, including music production and appearances for television, movies, and radio programs. As for his own works, he has released more than 10 CDs to date, and in 2011, the album “Cafe Standard Piano” from WARNER MUSIC INC. HANI ranked 5th on the iTunes Store Jazz Top Album Chart. In 2015, he held a solo piano concert at Shinjuku Cultural Center. In recent years, “Hani Tomoharu Trio +1” has been actively holding live performances with funky and melodious themes. He has also performed with THE
HEADHUNTERS’ Paul Jackson, RUFUS’s Tony Maiden, and Grammy
Award-winning singer Gordon Chambers on their Japan tour, which has been well received. In 2020, he released his solo album “Moon Tone”.
[Image 11:×2416.jpg] Winterhawk Spencer Per Percussion /
Born in America. He is in charge of percussion at Boys Harbor Music School in Spanish Harlem, New York.
Active as a percussionist using congas, bongos, timbales, djembe, etc. Then Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Fugees, Roberta Flack, and others, Muhammad Ali, Patti LaBelle, and Pres. He has performed with Bill Clinton, George Benson, Danny Glover, and others. He has also appeared on Sesame Street, national television, and many other media outlets. In recent years, he has been active not only in New York but also around the world.
SP guest
[Image 12:×478.jpg] Nishimura Nyudo (Nishimura Nyudo) Vo Vocal /
Born in Kochi Prefecture in 1951. In 1972, while studying at Doshisha University, he appeared in the Kansai black music scene as a singer and harmonica player in the “Blues House Blues Band”. In 1978, he made his record debut by participating in “Down Homers”.
He is widely active in live performances, studio work, and as a session leader. Started working as a voice trainer in 1987, and has taught singing to many singers, both professional and amateur. Established Meguro classroom in 1995. The training studio “Open House Vocal Staff” was opened with the theme of “Comprehensive singing and body system suitable for all genres”. 2002 Released “Open The Door” on P-Vine Recorda in a spiritual collaboration with Gospel Stars & The Cole Sisters of Austin, Texas. After that, he published two books, “Nyudo Nishimura’s Vocal Dojo” from Shinko Music and “Voice and Learning” with a CD from Oizumi Shoten, which received favorable reviews. As one of Japan’s leading blues singers and harpists, he continues to sing his favorite melodies and words, regardless of genre.
Live details
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Location: Shibuya B.Y.G 2-19-14 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-3461-8574 Opening place: 18:30  Start: 19:30 (2 stages, no replacement, end around 21:15) Advance ticket: ¥4,000 (1 drink not included)
*Please make a reservation at Shibuya B.Y.G official live announcement page
On the day: ¥4,500 (1 drink not included) Registration will close as soon as the limit is reached.
Cast: Myrah Kay Vo
Chicco Soma Dr
Miyoshi “Miyoshi” Isuro Gt
Hiroshi Eguchi Ba
Tomoharu Hani Key
Winterhawk Spencer Per
Guest: Nyudo Nishimura Vo
Special thanks : Shibuya B.Y.G
Photographer: Saori Yamamoto
Executive producer:KALAN
Hosted by : M A Meguro Aoneko
Host Profile
[Image 13:×1280.jpg] KALAN /
creative producer. While studying under Masashi Yamagishi and working at a textile art studio, he also works as a writer’s assistant for the Asahi Shimbun, films, and architecture, and writes music lyrics. After that, after working as Takashi Murakami’s GEISAI staff, etc., he established the multi-purpose art studio “M.A Meguro Aoneko” in Meguro. In 2019, he participated in cultural activities in Meguro Ward and worked as an art producer. Since 2020, she has been hosting the art event “LADYBIRD” sponsored by Meguro City. In the same year, he presided over the art and fashion complex channel “STYLES”.
Additionally, at Japan’s oldest rock cafe, Shibuya B.Y.G., he presided over three music programs based on black music: “TO BLACK RAMBLER ’69,” “BLIND BLUES CINEMAS,” and “NEO SOUL LUSH.” In 2021, we will open “L-1 GALLERY” in Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, with the theme of “Showcase gallery set in the city.” 2022 Archiproject “VOID²” established. January 2024: Established artist support business “Opportune” in collaboration with a consulting and marketing company. “PLOW THE ART Assoc.” is scheduled to be established in March 2024 with the motif of “Art @ REFLECTION.” His activities span a wide range of genres.
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