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Dr. Martens supports “Senkou Riot”, a “Music Koshien” limited to teenage artists!

Dr. Martens Airwear Japan Co., Ltd.
Dr. Martens supports “Senkou Riot”, a “Music Koshien” limited to teenage artists!
Dr. Martens, which has been loved by many musicians and has lived together with music culture around the world, supports “Senkou Riot”, a music festival where young teenage artists participate. The music-loving footwear brand will do its best to support teenage artists, including producing special movies and supporting them at Dr. Martens stores nationwide.
[Image 1:×628.jpg] “Senkou Riot” is a music festival exclusively for teenage artists that was held seven times from 2008 to 2014 in collaboration with “SCHOOL OF LOCK!”, a program for teenagers broadcast on TOKYO FM/JFN, and Sony Music. Last year, it was restarted for the first time in nine years and received applications from 3,674 teenage artists across the country. (Only last year, we accepted applications from artists up to the age of 22 who were unable to work as expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.)
“Senkou Riot” differs from traditional auditions where the goal is to make a debut, but instead is a “music Koshien” where the right to participate in summer festivals is at stake. It has been a music event for a total of 11 years with over 3000 applications every year, starting with the first grand prix winner Galileo Galilei, Negoto, BURNOUT SYNDROMES, GLIM SPANKY, Rina Katahira, SHE’S, Midori-Koh Society, Boku no Lyric no Bouyomi (present Tanaka). ) has produced many artists.
Continuing from last year, it has been decided that the event will be held again this year, and the recruitment of entry songs has started from February 12, 2024 (Monday). Participating artists are not limited to original songs, but can also enter cover songs and karaoke singing. Genre and style are 100% free. As long as you can perform live on stage, it doesn’t matter if you show your face or not. We will also announce at a later date the gorgeous judges who will evaluate the performances of the teenage artists and the guest artists who will liven up the festival on stage at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO).
Dr. Martens decided to support this event because we want to support teenage artists who are taking on the challenge of pursuing their dreams. In support of the concept of “Senkou Riot”, we will produce a special movie that conveys the passion of young artists, support them at Dr. Martens shops nationwide, and give all the “Senkou Riot” finalists the Dr. Martens icon 1460 8. We will provide support throughout the year, such as by donating hall boots.
The key visual that colors “Music Koshien” is a new illustration drawn by manga artist Inio Asano!
A new key visual drawn by Inio Asano, a manga artist who has created numerous hit works such as “Solanin”, which depicts young people who are obsessed with band music, has been completed.
Under the bright summer sky, a smiling student plays an electric guitar wearing Dr. Martens’ iconic 1460 8-hole boots!
We will create posters based on this illustration and display them at music studios and live music venues across the country, as well as at Dr. Martens shops across the country.
[Image 2:×1350.jpg] Life is a series of two choices: do it or not.
If you find something you’re passionate about, enjoy it to the fullest. We support teenagers who are trying something new.
-Inio Asano-
Senkou Riot x Dr. Martens special movie released!
[Image 3:×2160.jpg] “Senkou Riot” is a music festival exclusively for teenage artists, a “Koshien of music” where participants compete for the right to compete on the big stage of summer festivals. Let the “now” of your teens explode in the form of music, and let them go wild to their heart’s content. The stage for this is “Senkou Riot”. We created a special movie that embodies the spirit of Senkou Riot.
In addition to artists who have participated in past Senko Riots, the video also features active teenage artists who are currently expressing themselves through music in their respective places. This special movie can also be enjoyed at Dr. Martens’ special website ( and at Dr. Martens shops nationwide.
[Image 4:×1350.jpg] [Event overview]
“Mynavi Senkou Riot 2024 produced by SCHOOL OF LOCK!”
Final stage date: Wednesday, August 7, 2024
Venue: Zepp Diver City (TOKYO)
Special Sponsor: Mynavi
Sponsored by: Dr. Martens
Grand Prix: Winner’s prize: 1 million yen All finalists will receive Dr. Martens’s iconic 1460 8-hole boots
Audition overview Application period: February 12, 2024 (Monday) to March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
National Studio Judging April 27th (Sat) – May 19th (Sun)
3rd Live Judging June 16th (Sun) Osaka June 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun) Tokyo Final Live Judging “Mynavi Senkou Riot 2024 produced by SCHOOL OF LOCK!” August 7th (Wednesday)
Click here for Dr. Martens’ special page.
For entry and event details, please visit -Senkou Riot Official Site- Please see
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