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Home » Bronze GMT Basecamp Quest is now available from UNDONE

Bronze GMT Basecamp Quest is now available from UNDONE

[Bronze GMT] Basecamp Quest is now available from UNDONE
Release date: February 15, 2024
The customized watch brand “UNDONE” (UNDONE JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will be selling a new base camp model on February 15th (Thursday).
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Enjoy the quest called travel
The case is made of bronze (CuSn8) and the movement is NH34 with GMT function, creating a new base camp that allows you to enjoy the unwavering functionality of a watch and the beauty of aging over time. The strap that comes with this model incorporates newly made Italian leather, and the playful illustrations that emerge when exposed to UV light on the sandblasted dial are another appealing feature of the Base Camp Quest.
Features of Basecamp Quest
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] CuSn8 bronze has high tin content, high strength and elasticity, and very good corrosion resistance. A characteristic of bronze cases is the patina that changes over time due to a phenomenon unique to the material, and the fact that no two pieces are the same is also a major attraction.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] The bezel with hairline processing can be rotated in both directions with smooth movement, and supports the GMT function along with the 24-hour hand without compromising the overall texture. It can show different times at two locations at the same time.
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] The playful illustrations, which cannot be seen normally, appear only in response to UV light, as if on a treasure hunt.
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] The 40mm diameter Basecamp collection is a model that has been designed down to the last detail by watch enthusiasts and features a shape that fits comfortably on the wrist. The new Italian leather is extremely flexible, and the back side is treated with rubber to prevent deterioration due to sweat.
Product Info
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] ・Product name: Basecamp Quest
・Drive method: Self-winding mechanical (21,600 vibrations/hour) ・Case (material / diameter / thickness): Bronze CuSn8 / 40mm / 15mm ・Movement: TMI NH34
・Time accuracy: Average daily difference ±20~40 seconds (at room temperature) ・Windshield glass: LEXAN(TM)️ polycarbonate
・Strap (width / arm circumference): 20mm / 14-19cm
・Waterproof performance: 100m / 10ATM (life-enhanced waterproofing) ・Body weight: 66g
・Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year
・Price: 55,000 yen (tax included)
Sales page (page will be published after launch):
About the brand
[Image 7:×300.jpg] “UNDONE”
A watch brand established in 2014. Founded by Michael Yang, who was a certified Swiss Made engineer, the company sells watches that can be customized with a vintage look, with the theme of “individuality matters.” They have fans all over the world and established a Japanese corporation (UNDONE JAPAN Co., Ltd.) in 2018. We also develop many authentic and unique collaboration watches, and sell innovatively designed watches to the world mainly online.
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