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Home » dot button company Co., Ltd. “Sesese Marche”, a collaborative project between Setagaya Ward and “Creativ e Magazine for Welfare”, will be held on March 10th (Sunday) at “Sangenjaya Fureai Hiroba” in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo .

dot button company Co., Ltd. “Sesese Marche”, a collaborative project between Setagaya Ward and “Creativ e Magazine for Welfare”, will be held on March 10th (Sunday) at “Sangenjaya Fureai Hiroba” in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo .

dot button company Co., Ltd.
“Sesese Marche”, a collaborative project between Setagaya Ward and “Creative Magazine for Welfare”, will be held on March 10th (Sunday) at “Sangenjaya Fureai Hiroba” in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.
A joint project between Setagaya Ward and Magazine House -Kokoko- ~ “SETAGAYA PORT” project also participates ~
Sponsored by Setagaya Ward (Mayor: Nobuto Hosaka), Magazine House Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shuichi Tetsuo) – here – with the cooperation of the editorial department, the event “Sesese Marche” was held at Sangenjaya Fureai Plaza ( It will be held on Sunday, March 10, 2024 at Taishido 2-17-1, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. dot button company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yusuke Nakaya) and Setagaya-ku’s “SETAGAYA PORT (” project will also have a booth at this event. , manage the event.
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-Event Overview-
Implementation date and time: March 10, 2024 (Sunday) 11:00-15:30 Location: Sangenjaya Fureai Plaza (2-17-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) free entrance
*During light rain, canceled due to stormy weather
What is “Sesese Marche”?
This event is part of the -Sesese- project, which was launched in the fall of 2022 in collaboration with Setagaya City and the “Creative Magazine Asking Welfare” run by Magazine House.
[Image 2:×417.jpg] “Sesese Marche” held in 2023
Each and every product produced in the field of welfare has a unique story. In the -Sesese- Project, in order to deliver a variety of things that go beyond the image that is often associated with “welfare,” we are working with facilities for people with disabilities in Setagaya Ward to think and come up with ideas to communicate their appeal.
This time, 13 facilities in Setagaya Ward participating in the -Sesese- Project will open stores. In addition, the editorial department of Magazine House Cococo will introduce the interaction space “Sesese Chaya” and the “Sesese Project” website.
Why not take this opportunity to meet unique items born in Setagaya and Welfare?
[Image 3:×2605.jpg] Setagaya Ward x POPEYE special edition “Why don’t you try working in welfare too?” (Part 2) (This booklet will also be distributed on the day.)
-Sese Se Marche Event Page-
Projects undertaken by SETAGAYA PORT also participate
We will introduce songs created by “Setao Label”, a project launched with the aim of giving form to new challenges and possibilities and disseminating them to society through music created by welfare and creators, as the venue BGM.
We will also have a booth where you can purchase products created by the ART WALL PROJECT, a project that aims to realize an inclusive society by respecting each person’s identity and fostering new relationships.
[Image 4:×417.jpg] -Click here for details on each project-
“ART WALL PROJECT”: “Sesese Chaya” by Magazine House-Kokoko- Editorial Department is now open for a limited time!
[Image 5:×2605.jpg] “Creative magazine that asks about welfare” – Kokoko – editorial department opens a “chaya” for one day only. In addition to selling drinks such as the welfare-made drip coffee and herbal tea introduced here for takeout, there is also a “Sese Se Karuta” corner where you can play and learn about Se Se Se. Cococo editorial staff will be at the store, communicating with visitors and gently introducing them to the appeal of welfare.
Marche asking about welfare in Setagaya Ward
-Sesese-13 facilities in Setagaya Ward participating in the project will open stores. You can enjoy shopping by actually holding products with unique stories in your hands.
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] -List of store opening businesses (in no particular order)-
*Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. The sales contents may differ from those on the day.
You may hear strange voices, have certain convictions that you cannot give up, or feel depressed. It is a gathering place for people who are suffering from various mental disorders and are struggling with daily life. We create karuta based on the experiences and hardships of our users and sell them as “Phantom Delusion Karuta”.
Official website:
Store contents: Super hallucination delusion karuta sales, gacha gacha installation, karuta making workshop
[Image 7:×639.jpg] Kamimachi Kobo
It is natural for us to have our strengths and weaknesses, but our 25 unique individuals are working to their fullest potential and engaging in lively and fun work and various activities. Our jams, dried vegetables, and fruits also take advantage of the flavors of seasonal ingredients, and are proud of their delicate handiwork and
additive-free flavor that cannot be achieved through mass production. Our locally produced jams made with vegetables and fruits from farms in Setagaya Ward and Tokyo Metropolitan Gardening High School are also popular. Please enjoy the unique taste of handmade products. Official website: %E7%94%BA%E5%B7%A5%E6%88%BF/
Store contents: Seasonal jams, dried daikon radish, dried fruits, dried vegetables, tote bags, etc.
[Image 8:×796.jpg] Tamagawa Welfare Work Office
– Setagaya Ward Tamagawa Welfare Works Office: irodori – The philosophy is “Choose for yourself, decide for yourself, create a life that suits you Smile is best!!” The members create works that reflect their sensibilities.
Official website:
Store contents: Sale of miscellaneous goods, beaded brooches, coasters, etc.
[Image 9:×633.jpg] Setagaya Welfare Work Center
“Shiawa no Moriawase” is a relaxing cafe and sweets shop located near Setagaya Park, just off the R420 Shopping Street. Cookies, cakes, and handmade paper products that are simple but make you feel happy are made with care every day at our attached Setagaya Welfare Workshop, using only the finest ingredients. At the cafe, you can not only eat in sweets, but also have light meals such as curry, coffee, homemade lemonade, chai, and craft cola, making it a place where people from all walks of life can come together to experience happiness. I hope so.
Official Instagram: Store contents: Baked sweets, drinks (coffee, chai, lemonade, etc.), etc.
[Image 10:×792.jpg] factory indigo
Made in Setagaya Wakabayashi! Using domestically produced indigo, the pieces are dyed at Wakabayashi’s workshop, washed and dyed again. We aim to create sophisticated products such as traditional Japanese crafts such as indigo dyeing, weaving, and sashiko, also known as Japan blue, and disseminate them to society as a “new form of welfare.”
Official website:
Store contents: Indigo-dyed clothing, indigo-dyed/sashiko/woven goods
[Image 11:×638.jpg] Social work center pie oven
Under the guidance of our pastry chef, our customers and staff maintain a high level of professionalism, and we value the same “handmade taste” that has remained unchanged since our founding. Over 30 years of business, we have produced over 60 types of sweets! Although we place an emphasis on “work,” we remain committed to providing support that respects the needs of our users, and are equipped to support “live your own way” from various aspects. Official website:
Store contents: Baked sweets, accessories
[Image 12:×791.jpg] Izumi no Ie
Based on the concept of “a place where each individual can find happiness and fun”, Izumi-no-ie carries out multi-functional welfare services for people with disabilities and works to support independent living in the community. At the event, 30 types of curry, zarame, and salted lemon izumi rice crackers, each made by hand, are available in 30 varieties that can be used for a variety of purposes. Pochibags with more designs, message cards with stickers and envelopes, rainbow pads (oil absorbing pads) popular among housewives, two types of misangas made from wool and embroidery thread, liver, cheese, pumpkin, etc. We are selling sweet potato dog cookies.
Official website:
Store contents: Fried rice crackers, dog cookies, rainbow pads, message cards, potty bags, misanga
[Image 13:×637.jpg] Kyuden Welfare Garden
I made it with my heart and soul. This is a heartwarming work. Official website: Store contents: Soap, paper products, embroidery works, etc.
[Image 14:×789.jpg] Okusawa Welfare Garden
5 minutes walk from Jiyugaoka Station on the Tokyu Line. Okusawa Welfare Garden is located in a residential area facing the bus route. We offer daytime activities such as work, creation, exercise, and leisure for people with intellectual disabilities over the age of 18, as well as overnight activities, pool outings, seasonal events, facility festivals, and more. This is a facility that supports users to lead enriching lives in the community through a variety of experiences. Among the independently produced products, we would like to recommend “Orizou”, which has a distinctive colorful design made by knitting stockings, is easy to use, and is a popular product for cleaning. We hope that you will take this opportunity to purchase this product and find it helpful in your daily life.
Official website: Store opening contents: Sales of independently produced textiles and bead products
[Image 15:×631.jpg] Chitosedai Welfare Garden
We sell T-shirts printed with illustrations drawn by users, tie-dyed products made in colors chosen by users, etc. We have many
one-of-a-kind items, so please take this opportunity to pick them up. Official website:
Store contents: Sales of creative products such as T-shirts and socks
[Image 16:×792.jpg] TODAY Kitami
TODAY Kitami is a 2-minute walk from Kitami Station. The service is used according to the symptoms and characteristics of the user’s disability, and to the extent that the service is not too difficult for the user. Mizuhiki products and resin products are produced by the users, including the staff, while compensating for their strengths and weaknesses to create a single piece, and the mizuhiki designs and colors are one-of-a-kind TODAY Kitami original accessories. I would appreciate it if you could get your hands on it.
Official website:
Store contents: Mizuhiki accessories/resin accessories
[Image 17:×630.jpg] Kitami Yume Kobo
Kitami Yume Kobo is a lively workshop where our friends make handmade cookies and pound cakes that are full of joy. The individuality of the friends shines even on the stickers on the packages. From time to time, you may encounter seasonal flavors and packaging, so stay tuned. Official website:
Store contents: Cookies and pound cakes
[Image 18:×794.jpg] Sakura Josui Welfare Garden
-Sakura Josui Fukushien- is a day-care facility for people with disabilities that was opened in April 1993. In the morning, students will be divided into three groups: “Smile Group,” “Sora Group,” and “Star☆Fresh Group,” and will engage in creative activities such as weaving and paper crafts. In the afternoon, students will work on a contracted cleaning business, practice what they need to do to live in the community, and engage in leisure activities. Based on the idea that just as each person’s lifestyle is different, the type of support that should be provided will be different depending on the
individual.We strive to provide support in a casual manner,
empathizing with and empathizing with the thoughts and lifestyles of our users. We also carry out daily activities to help our users find their own way of life in the area they are used to living in. Official website: Store contents: paper products, ceramic products, weaving products, etc.
[Image 19:×629.jpg] ■About SETAGAYA PORT
A project that creates a sustainable business culture from Setagaya based on the concept of “remixing Setagaya from here.” A variety of generations and industries interact, centering on young people in their 20s to 40s, including companies, startups, freelancers, office workers, pro bono workers, universities, financial institutions, etc. in and outside Setagaya Ward, creating a new wave. This is a community platform that will help you. Using social, regional, and business issues as a starting point, we create new projects by promoting matching between businesses and individuals in areas such as education, welfare, disaster prevention, art, and ethics.
SETAGAYA PORT official website:
■About Sesese Project
An attractive project by Setagaya City and the “Creative Magazine for Welfare” run by Magazine House. Each and every product produced in the field of welfare has a unique story. The Sesese Project is a project that works with facilities for people with disabilities in Setagaya Ward to think and come up with ideas to communicate its appeal in order to deliver a variety of goods that go beyond the image that is often associated with “welfare.” In addition to holding information dissemination courses and workshops for facility staff, and marche events, we are also working on establishing a website that also has an e-commerce function.
-Sesese-Official website:
-About Magazine House-Kokoko-
-Kokoko- is a web magazine launched in April 2021 by Magazine House Co., Ltd. with the slogan “What we can do individually.” As a “creative magazine that asks about welfare,” we deliver a wide range of information, from unique welfare-based projects, products, and cultural information to ideas, book reviews, and interviews that capture modern society. We are also developing the “Kokoko Labo” project, in which we form teams with a variety of experts and use the power of creativity to tackle issues and themes that arise in the field of welfare. The “Sesese Project” is being carried out jointly with Setagaya Ward as part of Kokoko Lab.
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