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teket Co., Ltd. Purchase concert tickets in one stop! NTT Docomo subsidiary’s electronic ticket sales service teket collaborates with classical music information media “Burabo ONLINE”

[teket Co., Ltd.]
Purchase concert tickets in one place! NTT Docomo subsidiary’s electronic ticket sales service teket collaborates with classical music information media “Burabo ONLINE”

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Press release: February 13, 2024
Purchase concert tickets in one place! NTT Docomo subsidiary’s electronic ticket sales service teket collaborates with classical music information media “Burabo ONLINE”
teket Co., Ltd. is the representative director of Burabo Holdings Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Ryuichi Sasaki) has started collaborating with classical music information media “Burabo ONLINE” (
) We have started a service by implementing a ticket purchase route that allows you to obtain tickets in one stop from articles and concert information.

Teket and Burabo will combine the characteristics of digital media and the functions of SNS to develop concert promotions that are more fulfilling than ever. Furthermore, through this business alliance between the two companies, we have succeeded in simplifying the process from information recognition to ticket purchase as much as possible, and connecting “information” to the concert venue in the shortest possible distance. We aim to further develop the classical music world through the synergy of online media and digital

If Burabo readers become interested after reading an article or find a concert they want to attend using concert search, we have implemented a “one-click link that will take them to the ticket purchase site.” By making it easier to buy tickets, we hope to bring the excitement of live classical music to even more people.
Ticket purchase route from “Burabo ONLINE” to “teket”
Users can go to the teket ticket purchase page with one click from Burabo ONLINE information.
Comments from classical music organizations regarding this initiative Bach Collegium Japan (BCJ) Chief Conductor Yuto Suzuki

When using teket, the speed at which sellers’ requests are reflected is fast, and the flexibility of the service itself is clearly visible through the screen. Since BCJ started selling tickets through teket, I feel that the number of visitors from the younger generation has increased. However, I think that this kind of electronic ticket is also suitable for the generation that feels stressed about not forgetting their ticket.
We hope that this collaboration will be a step towards the spread of electronic tickets to a wider range of people in the future!

Keinoko Funaki, Tokyo Nikikai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation (Nikaikai Ticket Center)
Opera has a wide variety of highlights, including the singers, orchestra, dance, and production.
Customers have different points of interest, so being able to book tickets based on the timing and enthusiasm they see about the performance is an attractive route.
While increasing anticipation for the day, be smart about your tickets. “Blaabo ONLINE ×
We hope that the amount of information and comfort that only “teket” can provide will connect opera to everyday life without sacrificing the special feeling of opera, and that it will encourage new opera fans!

Pro Arte Musice Co., Ltd.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, digitization is rapidly progressing in the classical music industry. One of our strengths is that performances by world-renowned brass artists have many relatively young fans, and the proportion of electronic tickets has sometimes exceeded that of paper tickets.

In order to make classical music concerts “easier and more
convenient,” being able to catch up on information on Burabo ONLINE and purchase it directly from teket is a huge breakthrough for organizers, artists, and customers alike. I think that’s true. About teket
“Teket *1” was founded by the representative (Shimamura) who grew up listening to classical music since childhood, and is a company that specializes in classical music / live music / stage and theater / sports /
This is an electronic ticket sales and management service that can be used in all kinds of situations, including local government and administrative events. “docomo” is a new business creation program undertaken by three NTT Docomo Group companies*2.
This will be a spin-off (establishment of a new company) using STARTUP(TM)*3. In addition, Sho Shimamura, president and
representative director of teket Co., Ltd., is currently the youngest president of the Docomo Group. All functions, from event page creation to ticket sales and sales management, can be used with no initial cost and no additional charges. We provide a wealth of functions that can be used regardless of event scale or genre, supporting artist activities and event operations.
Features of teket
・There is no initial cost, and you can easily use it on the spot from 0 yen. -Intuitive and easy-to-use UI design. A simple management screen that allows you to set seat reservation tickets, which can be complicated, with just a click.
・Zero contact QR code (R)*4 electronic ticket.
– Thorough customer support with a 95% satisfaction rate.
-Sales data analysis including inflow route analysis is possible. About Burabo

“Burabo ONLINE” is the online version of the monthly free magazine “Burabo” (first published in 1994, circulation 35,000 copies), and contains the latest news about classical music and interviews with artists, as well as photos and text, as well as video and audio. We are transmitting.

In addition, the “Concert Search” database, which allows users to narrow down their searches based on their preferences from
approximately 16,000 concert information per year, is popular not only with classical music fans, but also with musicians and industry personnel.
Comment from Sho Shimamura, President and CEO of teket Co., Ltd.

Since the beginning of its service, teket has supported people who create entertainment with the mission of “Creating fascination around the world.” Among them, the classical music industry is especially used by many artists and organizations. Since last year, we have seen an increase in the number of professional orchestra groups using our services, and we would like to continue to focus on this service even more in the future.
In this context, I am very happy to be able to collaborate with Burabo. With this collaboration, the process from searching for an event to purchasing tickets will be smoother. In the future, we aim to expand and grow our services beyond the framework of ticket services so that we can create points of contact with fans, which until now has been difficult for organizers to approach alone.
Comment from Manabu Suzuki, President and CEO of Burabo Holdings Co., Ltd.

Classical music, performed by artists who have spent their lives honing their skills since they were young, who have created
masterpieces that have withstood the test of time over hundreds of years, has a special flavor and deep emotion. I want to convey that joy to as many people as possible. Burabo continues to disseminate information with this same dedication. Thanks to this collaboration with teket, if you read Burabo and find a concert you want to go to, you can now purchase tickets immediately. teket is simple, easy to understand, and very easy to use. What’s more, there is no user fee and there is no need to issue tickets, which is a great thing for buyers. Please try using Burabo & teket, which is packed with elements that will make going to concerts easier in every sense of the word. Photo from left: Manabu Suzuki, president of Burabo Holdings Co., Ltd., Sho Shimamura, president of teket Co., Ltd.
-Company Profile-
Company name: teket Co., Ltd.
Service site
Representative Director and President Sho Shimamura
Address: 3-12-10 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013 Established: October 2023

-Company Profile-
Company name: Burabo Holdings Co., Ltd.
Service site
Representative Director Ryuichi Sasaki
Address: 3F Tanaka Building, 2-2-6 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Tel:03-3511-0813/Fax:03-3511-0814
Established: February 1994

Company and organization names mentioned in this text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each organization.

*1 “teket” is a registered trademark of teket Co., Ltd.
*2 The three “NTT Docomo Group companies” are NTT Docomo, Inc., NTT Communications, Inc., and NTT Comware, Inc.
*3 “docomo STARTUP” is a trademark of NTT Docomo, Inc. ( *4 “QR code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Co., Ltd. *About details about this release*

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