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Home » “The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” Blu-ray & DVD vol.1, Jacket illustration of Rent & Lina drawn by Jaian-sensei released! / Released on May 29, 2024!

“The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” Blu-ray & DVD vol.1, Jacket illustration of Rent & Lina drawn by Jaian-sensei released! / Released on May 29, 2024!

“The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” Blu-ray & DVD vol.1, Jacket illustration of Rent & Lina drawn by Jaian-sensei released! / Released on May 29, 2024!
TV anime “The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” is currently being broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX, Sun TV, and BS Nippon Television! ……
Original jacket illustration drawn by character designer Jaian released!
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Blu-ray & DVD information
■Release date:
vol.1 Wednesday, May 29, 2024
vol.2 Wednesday, June 26, 2024
vol.3 Wednesday, July 24, 2024
■Price (each volume): Blu-ray 14,300 yen (tax excluded price 13,000 yen) / DVD 13,200 yen (tax excluded price 12,000 yen)
■Product number: Blu-ray vol.1 MJHX-02046 / DVD vol.1 MJHD-05035 Blu-ray vol.2 MJHX-02047 / DVD vol.2 MJHD-05036
Blu-ray vol.3 MJHX-02048 / DVD vol.3 MJHD-05037■Episodes included: 4 episodes per volume
■First edition bonus for each volume (Blu-ray & DVD common): ・Special three-sided back case drawn by original character designer Jaian & Digipack specification drawn by character designer Takao Sano ・Original author Yu Okano’s original short story ・Original comic ・New manga drawn by Heidi Nakasone
・Character design: Acrylic stand drawn by Takao Sano (using digipack illustrations)
■Video benefits:
・Non-credit OP&ED (vol.1 only)
・PV&CM collection (vol.2, vol.3 only)
Publisher/distributor: Marvelous Co., Ltd.
■Product page
Benefit information by store
Bonus for purchasing all volumes:
・Character design ・A5 character fine graph drawn by Jaian
[Image 2: &3=16719-1673-2a6152A0476B2054F0BA75F0ba75 96-1000×1000.jpg] ・8p booklet written by original author Yu Okano [Blu-ray & DVD] vol.1:
vol.3:・Animate (including mail order)
Bonus for purchasing all volumes: Set of 2 acrylic stands with original illustrations from the anime (Lorraine & Sheila)
[Blu-ray] vol.1: vol.2:
[DVD] vol.1: vol.2:
vol.3:・ Bonus for purchasing all volumes: Anime illustration acrylic stand (Lorraine & Lina)
Bonus for purchasing each volume: Scene photo L size bromide 7C+B0CR18SG4H%7C+B0CR18V9BR%7C+B0CR19F6SV%7C+B0CR5FFJVP%7C+B0CR5GXSNL *Customers who wish to receive the bonus for purchasing the entire volume must make a reservation using the -set purchase- cart. *Single-volume reservations are not eligible for full-volume purchase benefits. please note.
・AmiAmi Online Shop
Bonus for purchasing all volumes: Acrylic character plate (A5 size)
%81%AE%E5%86%92%E9%99%BA%E8%80%85%E3%80%80MED%20DVD2&submit_btn=&pagemax=60&_gl=1%2asjssml%2a_ga%2aMTgwMTA2NDc3Mi4xNjU3NjEzNjMz%2a_ga_DNC11S3TQ3%2a MTcwNDQ0Mjk4MS40OTAuMC4xNzA0NDQyOTgxLjAuMC4w>
Bonus for purchasing all volumes: L version bromide 5-piece set [Blu-ray bulk purchase] [DVD bulk purchase] ?id=4143 Broadcast/distribution information
[TV broadcast information]
AT-X: Starting January 8th, every Monday from 21:00~ Repeat broadcast: Every Wednesday from 9:00/Every Friday from 15:00
TOKYO MX: Every Monday from 24:30 starting January 8th
Sun TV: Every Monday from 24:30 starting January 8th
BS Nippon TV: Every Tuesday from 23:30 starting January 9th
[Distribution information]
d Anime Store/Netflix Every Friday from 22:00 starting January 5th Terrestrial advance/fastest delivery in Japan
*Other distribution services will be distributed sequentially from January 12th *Broadcast/distribution dates and times are subject to change.
Work information
“…I will definitely become Mithril.”
It’s already been ten years since I became an adventurer with that determination in mind. Rent steadily improves his sword skills, accumulates knowledge, and contributes to the adventurer’s guild, but remains at the bottom of the bronze class. Still, he continued his efforts, diving into the labyrinth every day. Meanwhile, he discovers an unexplored area in the lower labyrinth, Suigetsu’s Labyrinth, but is eaten by the dragon he encounters there.
Rent thought his fate was over, but for some reason he regained consciousness–as the weakest monster, a skeleton. Even so, Rent tries to find what he can do without falling into despair. First, I decided to use the monster’s characteristic “existence evolution” to become a higher-ranking monster, and find a way to return to being human. Rent, who has become an undead, once again aims to become a divine silver-class adventurer.
Rent Finer: Ryota Suzuki
Lorraine Vivier: Mikako Komatsu
Sheila Ibars: Ikumi Hasegawa
Lina Lepage: Sayumi Suzushiro
Original work: Yu Okano (published by Overlap Novels)
Character draft: Jaian
Original comic: Heidi Nakasone (serialized in “Comic Garde”) Director: Noriaki Akitaya
Deputy Director: Toshiki Fukushima
Series composition: Yukie Sugawara
Character design/chief animation director: Takao Sano
Sub-character design: Yuki Hara
Key animators: Takashi Watanabe, Hideki Furukawa
Prop design/World view design: Barnstorm Design Lab
Color design: Yukiko Tadano
Art director: Lee Beomseon
Director of Photography: Yuki Yamamoto
3D director: Toshiro Hamamura
Edit: Maki Sendo
Music: Shun Narita
Sound director: Toshiki Kameyama
Sound production: Bitgroove Promotion
Music production: Pony Canyon
Animation production: CONNECT
Opening theme: JUVENILE “IMMORTAL”
Ending theme: Mao Abe “Keep Your Fire Burning”
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Official website:
Official X (old Twitter): @nozomanufushiPR(C) Yu
Okano/Overlap/Unwanted Immortality Production Committee
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