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Home » Amana Images, now a member of the Visual Bank group, begins providing illustrations from the popular manga Space Brothers for web and digital advertising purposes.

Amana Images, now a member of the Visual Bank group, begins providing illustrations from the popular manga Space Brothers for web and digital advertising purposes.

Amana Images, now a member of the Visual Bank group, begins providing illustrations from the popular manga Space Brothers for web and digital advertising purposes.

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Press release: February 13, 2024
Amana Images, now a member of the Visual Bank group, begins providing illustrations from the popular manga Space Brothers for web and digital advertising purposes.
*[Special project] Would you like to use the illustrations from “Space Brothers (written by Chuya Koyama/published by Kodansha)” in your advertisement? *
Visual Bank Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yuta Numazawa, hereinafter referred to as “Visual
amana Images Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director and CEO: Yuta Numazawa; hereinafter referred to as “amana Images”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the popular manga “Space Bank” and is a “comprehensive visual rights company.” We will start providing the original illustrations for “Kyodai (published by Kodansha)” from February 13, 2024.

* ■Amana Images will start providing original illustrations for “Space Brothers” *
Amana Images, which has been providing visual content such as photos, videos, and illustrations for advertising and other uses, will launch a special project that will allow companies to use the original illustrations of “Space Brothers” for advertising purposes for companies. .
Illustrations can be used to promote corporate services on homepages, web media, and digital advertisements. For details, please check the terms and conditions on the website. We provide rights processing support so that you can use materials safely and securely, as well as supervision support in accordance with creative guidelines. We can also consult with you about projects that require special measures.

[Special Project] “Space Brothers” special site

*This special service program*
*Service usage flow for this special project:*
* ■About the popular manga “Space Brothers” which has exceeded its 15th anniversary*
* “It’s a promise. We’ll both be astronauts.”*
Mutta challenges his grand dream of becoming an astronaut after he turns 30. Mutta’s younger brother Hibito realizes his dream and lands on the moon. A rich human drama centered around these two, their friends who aim for space, and the people who support them.
This is a popular work that is translated and loved all over the world, as it depicts the grand dream of space, and at the same time depicts the strength and rich human relationships of people who take on challenges to make their dreams come true.

“Space Brothers”, which began serialization in 2007, has continued to fascinate many people, and is currently attracting a lot of attention and attention as the series nears its conclusion. At this timing, we realized a project that allows customers to utilize the character content of this work in their business situations.

* ■Would you like to use “Space Brothers” in your advertisement? * Amana Images (, which operates one of the largest image libraries in Japan, “,” provides original illustrations of “Space Brothers” that are ideal for a wide range of uses, such as advertising and sales promotion support and information dissemination support. Masu.
Ads featuring popular manga characters are more likely to catch the eye of users than other types of ads, and are more likely to attract users’ interest. The big advantage is that you can grab the user’s interest with visual impact and story. By using manga characters, it is possible to smoothly project the positive images that the characters themselves already have, such as their background, personality, friendliness, and bravery, onto products and services. Not only can you use character illustrations in advertisements, but you can also change the speech bubbles to create delicate
psychological expressions.
This time, we have prepared highly versatile illustrations depending on the purpose and usage scene.

Amana Images, a comprehensive visual rights company, will carefully support everything from rights processing to the supervision process so that you can effectively utilize the worldview of Space Brothers, which has been loved by many people.
The cost is a clear price design that allows you to use it as much as you like for a fixed monthly fee. For more information, please contact amana Images customer support.

* Type of illustrations handled: *
1, Original illustrations (10 points)
This is a single character illustration where you can freely change the background etc. Ideal for creating banners, etc.
2, Panel drawing (10 points)
It is possible to use famous quotes from the manga as they are or by changing some of the lines.
* Usage image: *
●Banner ads:
■Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
1. Q: What kind of advertising can I use it for?
A: It can be used for web and digital advertisements (excluding printed matter and TV commercials) of companies, organizations, and governments.
2. Q: Are there any restrictions on where or how many times an illustration can be posted?
A: There is no particular limit on the number of times you can use it during the contract period. Once the supervision has been completed, you can use the product freely within the scope of the terms of use. 3. Q: Is it possible to process, modify, or add to the illustrations? A: Processing, modifying, or adding to the illustration itself is not permitted. 4. Q: Are there any design restrictions?

A: Yes. On the premise that the work is created in accordance with pre-determined guidelines, it is possible to perform some processing in accordance with the guidelines, such as color correction, cropping, and changing the lines in speech balloons, as long as the value of the original work is not compromised. We will supervise and check your design at the final design stage.
5. Q: Can I purchase and use one illustration individually instead of making a monthly purchase?
A: Not possible.
6. Q: Is it possible to use it exclusively? Please tell us about the company you are currently using (or have been).
A: Our company eliminates and manages competition by industry. Please contact us individually for details.
7. Q: How do I confirm with the author/publisher?
A: There is no need for the customer to confirm. Our company will perform the confirmation on your behalf.
8. Q: How long can I use it?
A: According to the contract details at the time of purchase. 9. Q: Is it necessary to write credits?
A: All productions must be labeled as “(C) Chuya Koyama/Kodansha”. 10. Q: What type of contract will be in place?
A: It will be an individual contract.

■Company overview
Visual Bank Co., Ltd.
– Representative: Yuta Numazawa (Representative Director)
– Head office location: 609 Miyamasuzaka Building, 2-19-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
– Main phone number: 03-3740-2055
– Company profile:
Amana Images Co., Ltd.
– Representative: Yuta Numazawa (Representative Director and CEO) – Head office location: 5-3-23 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo WeWork Nippon TV Building Yotsuya
– Company profile:
■Contact information regarding this matter
[Inquiries regarding specific usage]
– Amana Images Co., Ltd. Customer Support
– Phone: 0120-410-225 Business hours: 9:30-18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
– Email
– Inquiry form: –

[Inquiries from media regarding this press release]
– Amana Images Co., Ltd. Public Relations
– Email:

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