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Home » Free Realize pre-symptomatic disease and prevention at pharmacies, companies, and governments! “SHCA Symposi um 2024” (held on Saturday, March 2nd)

Free Realize pre-symptomatic disease and prevention at pharmacies, companies, and governments! “SHCA Symposi um 2024” (held on Saturday, March 2nd)

Smart Healthcare Association
[Free] Realize pre-symptomatic disease and prevention at pharmacies, companies, and governments! “SHCA Symposium 2024” (held on Saturday, March 2nd)
This is the 7th symposium to learn about cases of “prevention of disease” at pharmacies.
The Smart Healthcare Association (hereinafter referred to as SHCA) is a general incorporated association that supports not only pharmacies, companies, local governments, insurers, pharmacists, but also all medical and nursing care workers, medical and public health
professionals who are interested in pre-symptomatic and preventive efforts. “SHCA Symposium 2024″ (participation is free) will be held for faculty, staff, students, and those who are concerned about their health.
This symposium is held every March, and this year marks the seventh time in total.
In the lecture, Ms. Emi Arakawa, General Manager of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, will talk about the aspects that are expected of pharmacies among the preventive measures needed both within and outside of insurance medical treatment.
We are also preparing a lecture on pharmacy collaboration with companies and insurers surrounding pharmacies.
To provide an opportunity to learn about various efforts to contribute to the health of local residents by leveraging the surrounding environment of pharmacies, a place where local residents gather, and collaborating with various professions, governments, and companies. We will hold this event again this year with this aim.
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Currently, based on the Japan Revitalization Strategy, efforts are being made to create a “society in which the healthy lifespan of the people is extended.”
SHCA offers services that utilize a sample measurement room that allows you to assess your health status using self-collected blood, testing equipment such as a blood pressure monitor with an
electrocardiogram that allows you to perform routine electrocardiogram measurements, and mail-in test kits. We have continued to build a health management support model that will lead to improved health awareness among consumers.
Currently, we are working to further expand the range of diseases we handle, and to build a business model related to food and exercise that is close to consumers.
SHCA’s approach to pharmacies is to contribute to the health and longevity of the nation through the “Kenspo Certification System” (see below), so that pharmacies function not only as places to fill prescriptions, but also as “places to detect diseases.” I intend to continue.
We are looking for companies and local governments to create business models for disease prevention and prevention using pharmacies, as well as pharmacy partners to implement them, so if you are even slightly interested, please feel free to contact us.
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Announcement flyer:
What is a supporting member?
SHCA is also looking for “supporting members” (partner companies and organizations) who aim to build a business model together.
Event overview
[Date and time] 2024/3/2 (Sat) 14:00-17:30
[Venue] Online (Zoom)
[Target] The following people who are interested in pre-symptomatic diseases and prevention are targeted.
a. Those who work at pharmacies and drug stores (not limited to pharmacists) b. Pharmacist Association Officials
c. Academia (teachers, students; medicine/public health)
d. Administration (ministries, local governments, etc.)
     e. A company that we would like to recommend in the future that is developing Mibyou/prevention at pharmacies.
    f. Any other people who are interested
[Cost] Free
■How to apply
Please apply from the URL below or the two-dimensional code
(Application deadline: 2024/2/28 (Wednesday) 18:00)
[Image 3:×437.png ]
■Lecture program
●Opening remarks● 14:00~14:10
●Part 1 Keynote Speech●
“Recent Status of Healthcare Industrial Policy” 14:10-15:15
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Ms. Emi Arakawa (General Manager, Healthcare Industry Division, Commerce and Service Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
[Image 4:×2928.jpg] ●Part 2 Case Sharing: Mibyo/prevention efforts surrounding pharmacies● -Company-
“Health and preventive support based on test data and early referral to medical institutions” 15:20-15:45
H.U.POCkeT Kentaro Suzuki (H.U.POCkeT Product Sales Headquarters Sales Marketing Department Manager)
[Image 5:×1076.png ]
“What insurers expect from pharmacies” 15:45-16:10
Mr. Takehisa Nakano, Iwate Prefecture Elderly Elderly Association (Deputy Director, Iwate Prefecture Elderly Elderly Association)
[Image 6:×1189.png ]
“Believing in the possibilities and taking on new challenges: A new future for insurance pharmacies created by industrial pharmacists” 16:10-16:35
Mr. Yusuke Chinbi (Yoshige Pharmaceutical Group Jin Momiji Pharmacy Co., Ltd.)
[Image 7:×1308.png ]
“Kenspo” service introduction and future development” 16:35-16:45 Naoko Kumagai (SHCA Secretariat)
● Part 3 Panel Discussion ●
“What is essential marketing in pharmacies?” 16:50-17:20
Chair: Takayuki Takenaka, Hideyoshi Akabane (SHCA Director)
●Opening remarks● 17:20-17:30
About the Smart Healthcare Association (SHCA)
SHCA provides interdisciplinary and This organization aims to carry out comprehensive research and educational activities, disseminate the results to society, improve the health and quality of life of consumers, and actively contribute to society.
Currently, we are promoting the “Kenspo (health support spot)”*, which fosters and certifies pharmacies that can provide “preventive services” to support the health of local residents.
*What is “Kenspo”?
Contact information regarding this matter
Smart Healthcare Association General Incorporated Association 2nd floor, SD Building, 3-7-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005 Person in charge: Nishimura, Kumagai, Fukui
(“Kenspo” site)
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