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Home » SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd. Announcement regarding additional investment by AgFunder SIJ Impact Fund, which invests in the agri-food tech field that contributes to sustainable food production

SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd. Announcement regarding additional investment by AgFunder SIJ Impact Fund, which invests in the agri-food tech field that contributes to sustainable food production

[SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd.] AgFunder SIJ Impact invests in the agri-food tech field that contributes to sustainable food production Notice regarding additional investment in the Fund

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Press release: March 19, 2024
Announcement regarding additional investment from AgFunder SIJ Impact Fund, which invests in the agri-food tech field that contributes to sustainable food production
*~Acceptance of investment from Fuyo Sogo Lease Co., Ltd.~*
SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Mari Ogiso, hereinafter referred to as “SIJ”) and Singapore venture capital AgFunder Asia Pte.
(Representative: John
AgFunder is an impact fund that invests in agritech and foodtech jointly managed by Friedman (pronunciation: Agfunder) (SIJ
participates as an impact advisor for this fund).
SIJ Impact Fund” Fuyo Sogo Lease Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroaki Oda) We have decided to accept investment from Fuyo Lease (hereinafter referred to as “Fuyo Lease”). This fund has investors from Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd., Kewpie Corporation, and Nakajima To Shoten Co., Ltd.
Sustainability in the agriculture and food sectors is a particularly important issue in realizing the SDGs. In this fund, AgFunder, which has a global leadership position in the agri-food tech industry, will preferentially invest in startups with technologies that are highly relevant to Asia, including Japan, and have high growth potential.

This fund is
In addition to economic returns, we have set a sustainable development goal of “to advance agriculture while continuing to protect the earth’s environment so that everyone can have sufficient access to nutritious food and eliminate hunger.” We invest in great startups that have the potential to enable sustainable food systems, including reducing emissions and food waste, improving soil and crop monitoring, and increasing efficiency through bio and digital technologies. –
*Comment from Hiroaki Oda, President and Representative Director of Fuyo Sogo Lease Co., Ltd.
Shared Value 2026”, CSV (Creating Shared Value 2026)
We aim to achieve sustainable growth as a corporate group by solving social issues and simultaneously realizing economic value through the practice of value (creating shared value).

Currently, the agri-food sector is facing various social issues such as food security, food loss, and CO2 emissions from agriculture. Together with our partner companies, we are promoting initiatives that contribute to the realization of a circular economy, such as participating in the demonstration operation of biofuel buses derived from waste cooking oil, and with this investment, we will further promote these initiatives. We believe that it is possible.

Realizing a prosperous society through co-creation with partners who share value in the agri-food field both domestically and internationally, based on various knowledge such as the startup’s excellent technology and know-how obtained through participation in this fund. We will continue to contribute to sustainable growth. – *Comment from Mari Ogiso, Co-Representative Director, SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd.*

The food and agriculture sector faces various social issues, and we believe that technology will play an important role as a solution. After the first close in 2022, this fund will utilize AgFunder’s database of information on more than 40,000 startups, accelerator programs, and strong network to develop various fields such as food safety and traceability technology, robotics, biotechnology, and cultured meat. We have invested in 13 startups in the field (as of the end of February 2024).

In addition to our existing LP investors, we are very happy to welcome Fuyo Sogo Lease and work together to solve social issues and further boost Japan’s agri-food tech. We would like to continue collaborating with AgFunder and create many encounters between Japanese companies and global startups through this fund, as well as support the expansion of Japanese startups into the world.
* About AgFunder and SDG Impact Japan *
AgFunder was founded in 2013 with the belief that innovation and targeted investment are the most powerful tools to drive rapid, positive change in the world’s food and agricultural systems. Its media platform, AgFunder News, has more than 2 million annual visitors and approximately 100,000 subscribers, establishing itself as the industry’s record site and source of knowledge. Today, AgFunder is one of the most active early stage investors in agri-food technology, with investments in over 70 companies and offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore.

SDG Impact Japan is a company specializing in sustainable finance, founded by finance and sustainability experts. Together with leading domestic and international partners, we formulate and operate investment strategies focused on sustainability, and incubate innovative businesses that contribute to improving sustainability. We aim to create a sustainable future for people and the planet through impactful investments in sustainable ideas and technologies.

*Fund overview*
Name    AgFunder SIJ Impact Fund
Establishment date: March 2022
Operation period: Until March 2032 (up to 2 years extension possible) Investment target: Outstanding startups with the potential to realize a sustainable food system in the agriculture and food sectors

*AgFunder Company Profile*
Company name AgFunder Asia Pte. Ltd.
Location Singapore
Representative John Friedman
Date of establishment: 2019
Business content Venture capital business, media & research business URL

*SDG Impact Japan Company Profile*
Company name SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd.
Address 7th floor, Kishimoto Building, 2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Representative Mari Ogiso
Establishment date: January 2021
Business content Composition and management promotion of sustainability funds Incubation and development of businesses that contribute to improving sustainability
Advisory on sustainable finance

This press release is published by AgFunder Asia Pte.
Ltd. and SDG Impact Japan Co., Ltd.’s activity results to the general public, and does not constitute a solicitation for the acquisition of funds or other securities in any way.
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