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Home » Shima Kanko Hotel ~Enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and islands of Ago Bay~The Classic “Premium Suite” and “Premium Twin” reopen after renovation | Reservations start on Thursday, March 28, 2024

Shima Kanko Hotel ~Enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and islands of Ago Bay~The Classic “Premium Suite” and “Premium Twin” reopen after renovation | Reservations start on Thursday, March 28, 2024

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[Shima Kanko Hotel] ~Enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and islands of Ago Bay~The Classic “Premium Suite” and “Premium Twin” reopen after renovation | Reservations start on Thursday, March 28, 2024
Some guest rooms on the 5th floor of Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic have been renovated into “Premium Suites” and “Premium Twins.” Please fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Rias coast, including the majestic sunset view that has been described in novels.
The newly renovated guest rooms at “The Classic” value the previous guest room concept of “harmony with the nature of Ise-Shima,” while enhancing the views of Ago Bay and the comfort of the rooms. In addition, since many customers choose our hotel as a special travel destination in their lives, we have added a sense of dignity to the interior decoration to create an unforgettable moment.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] premium suite
Renewal overview
・Renewal completion date: Friday, April 26, 2024
・Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic 5th floor
Premium suite 2 rooms
Premium twin 4 rooms
Key points of renewal
1. Incorporating the philosophy of “Tokowaka”* in Ise-Shima, our guests can enjoy a new experience of staying while retaining the charm of a hotel that has been loved for many years.
*“Tsokowaka” Always youthful. Ise Grand Shrine expresses the spirit of everlasting youth and beauty by holding a “sengu” ceremony once every 20 years.
2. Located on the 5th floor of the upper floors, the west side guest rooms enjoy the view facing the inlet of Ago Bay, and the east side guest rooms receive the morning sun and feel the preciousness and strength of life. Both offer impressive views.
3. Motifs reminiscent of Ise-Shima have been placed throughout the room. A homage to Ise’s land, flowers, and pearls, which are reminiscent of the hotel’s origins. Nostalgia and newness. We provide a space that combines comfort with functionality.
■Room introduction
“Premium Suite”
The morning sun that illuminates Kashiwajima and the majestic sunset that colors Ago Bay. Corner suites each have their own charm.
[Image 2:×2000.jpg] Room 502 Bedroom
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] Room 502 living room
・Premium Suite Sunrise View (Room 501)
A view bath with a view of the Kashiwajima Bridge that connects Kashijima and Honshu, and a corner suite on the east side where the soft morning sun shines. Enjoy a special stay where you can gather and talk with your loved ones in the living room to deepen your bond. ・Premium Suite Sunset View (Room 502)
A corner suite on the west side with a view counter where you can fully enjoy the dynamic scenery of Ago Bay. We will provide you with a resort-like time that will free your mind and body.
・The sky and sea seen from the bathroom. View bath specification with a sense of openness.
・We have installed a view counter (Room 502) where you can enjoy the same view as you like in the Guest Lounge, a facility exclusively for hotel guests.We will provide you with a luxurious time that can only be found in this area.
– A dining table is installed in the living room to create a relaxing moment that feels like home. This will enhance your comfort and allow you to spend time in a warm conversation.
・Up to 4 people (up to 3 people in room 501) can stay comfortably in the same room. We offer special trips for you and your family. [Floor area] 79 square meters
[Location floor] 5th floor
[Number of rooms] 2 rooms
[Capacity] Room 501: 2-3 people, Room 502: 2-4 people
[Equipment] Refa beauty dryer, 55-inch smart TV (living room), 50-inch smart TV (bedroom), Bluetooth speaker, bath pillow
1. Free minibar (please enjoy drinks produced in Mie Prefecture) *Contents change depending on the season
2. Mikimoto Cosmetics Skin Care Set
3. Mikimoto Cosmetics Bath Powder (Bath Salt)
“Premium Twin”
Carpets inspired by the youthful carefree nature of nature, art with motifs of pearls and the islands of Ago Bay, etc., express the nature of Ise-Shima and the slow flow of time. The design harmonizes with the view from the bench seat placed in the window.
[Image 4:× g ]
Premium twin bedroom
[Floor area] 36 square meters
[Location floor] 5th floor
[Number of rooms] 4 rooms
[Number of people] 1 to 3 people
[Equipment] Refa beauty dryer, 55-inch smart TV
Reservations for the “Renewal Commemorative Accommodation Plan” will be accepted on the official website from 13:00 on Thursday, March 28, 2024.
Enjoy a peaceful moment while looking out at the view from the window and feeling the breath of nature created by the sea and islands of Ago Bay.
・Accommodation plan introduction page
Shima Kanko Hotel
Located in the southern part of the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture, with a beautiful ria coastline and islands of various sizes, this luxury resort is located in the nature-rich Kashikojima Island of Ise-Shima National Park, surrounded by the calm sea and forests of Ago Bay. We offer a spacious site of approximately 90,000 square meters and a variety of activities to enrich your stay. The hotel also features a “guest lounge” that all guests can use, an exhibition area for the “G7 Ise-Shima Summit” held in 2016, and a corner introducing the history of the hotel. It also has four restaurants and a cafe, where you can enjoy the bountiful bounty of the sea and Mie’s gourmet cuisine represented by “Seafood French Cuisine” in a variety of styles including French, Japanese, Teppanyaki, and a cafe. . The sunset over Ago Bay, with its mysterious silhouettes of islands floating on the ria coastline and the rafts used to cultivate pearls, a specialty of the area, is also known as “Japan’s original scenery.” Please enjoy the gentle flow of time – Shima time – that is unique to this area, with warm hospitality.
[Image 5: &s3=23303-1509FBD71CF487245FCA74134C880 6c0-2762X2492.jpg]
[Shima Kanko Hotel]
Address: 731 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 517-0502
Access: Approximately 5 minutes walk from Kashijima Station on the Kintetsu Shima Line, or approximately 2 minutes by shuttle bus (scheduled service).
Number of guest rooms: 112 (as of April 26, 2024)
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– Information about the mail magazine “Shimabiyori”
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