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Alts Co., Ltd. Alts announces new service “EMETH GPU POOL” that releases GPU computing resources to everyo ne

Orts Co., Ltd.
Alts announces new service “EMETH GPU POOL” that releases GPU computing resources to everyone
~A platform that supports the transition from Web2 to Web3, supporting the infrastructure of a new era~
Orts Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Chitaka Yonekura, hereinafter referred to as Orts) develops and commercializes personal AI created using AI cloning technology, including P.A.I.(R)️ (Personal Artificial Intelligence). , together with EMETH FOUNDATION PTE. LTD. (Headquarters: SINGAPORE, hereinafter referred to as EMETH Association), announced the “EMETH GPU POOL”, which provides AI services and basic technologies, as well as GPU computing resources that are essential as the foundation to support them. Masu.
[Image 1:×630.png ]
This is under development and may differ from the actual specifications. ~EMETH GPU POOL~
“EMETH GPU POOL” is Japan’s first service to host personal GPU resources, and it is also possible to rent GPU resources by the hour. Borrowers and lenders can utilize a variety of functions on a unified platform.
Users can start using the service immediately after registration, set up instances, and rent VMs by the hour. Similar to conventional Web2 services, we provide an easy-to-use platform and support quality that can withstand corporate use.
~Development history and development philosophy~
GPU computing resources are used not only to develop AI models but also to develop VR, AR, virtual spaces, etc., and are an important resource that supports the infrastructure of the AI ​​era, but there are concerns about shortages as demand increases. . As the number of situations in which AI is used is rapidly increasing, Orts has been searching for ways to conduct research and development while minimizing infrastructure investment and costs. As major
infrastructure providers raise their prices to meet increasing demand, they realize that they have a large number of unused GPU machines and are wondering how they can leverage these resources and put as many into use as possible. I considered whether it was a good idea. Even if the resources are weak individually, by combining them, sufficient computing power can be obtained, making it possible to meet many demands.
In order to create a completely distributed computer, which our company is aiming for with the distributed computing platform “EMETH” project, it is essential to collect and utilize these resources. Therefore, I decided to create a large aggregate (POOL) on the Web2 side and create a GPU aggregate.
The “EMETH” project, which started in 2018, aims to develop a full-scale distributed computer using Web3 technology. In order to realize a truly distributed computer, it is necessary to educate developers and increase demand at the same time, and with the DePIN boom starting at the end of 2023, we have finally found a way to get this going.
At Alts, we feel that we need a platform that supports the transition from Web2 to Web3. This demand will increase as we move from the world of Web2 to the era of Web3, and new demands that did not exist before will be created one after another.
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[About the EMETH project]
EMETH is a type of distributed computing that creates value in unused resources by matching individuals and companies in need of computing power with personal gaming PCs, data center servers, etc. This is a project that provides services and creates a new economic cycle. As one example of its use, it is attracting attention as a means of providing the computing power essential to operating AI. You can obtain the calculation results by dividing a job that requires large-scale calculations and requesting it to a complex of PCs and servers called nodes that are connected to the EMETH platform. The cost to obtain this calculation result will be distributed fairly based on EMETH’s automatic reward distribution contract and calculated based on the balance between supply and demand. Therefore, it is expected that it will be possible to provide services at a lower cost than when using existing cloud servers.
For the client side, it is possible to secure computing power at a low cost, and for the node side (computing power provider), if there is a certain level of computing power, even with free resources or old GPU machines, it is possible to join the node and receive rewards. can. The EMETH Association has started providing the environment for those who provide computing power to EMETH, and is recruiting and supporting participating nodes. We will inform you about commemorative NFT distribution, events, campaign announcements, etc. on SNS, so please follow us on Twitter and Discord below.
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■ Implementation support
Please contact us via the contact form linked below or by email.
■ Recommended machine specs
CPU: Intel Core i5-10400 4.3 GHz equivalent or higher
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (24GB RAM) equivalent or higher Memory: More than twice the RAM installed in the above GPU
Disk: 256GB or more, 1-2TB recommended with plenty of room
Power supply: one with a capacity that can cover the above configuration *Currently not compatible with AMD Radeon
■ Minimum machine specs (recommended)
CPU: Intel Core i3-10100 3.6 GHz or higher
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 1080 (8GB RAM) equivalent or higher
Memory: More than twice the RAM installed in the above GPU
Disk: 256GB or more
Power supply: one with a capacity that can cover the above configuration *Currently not compatible with AMD Radeon
■ Contact information regarding Emeth
About EMETH Association
EMETH was launched in 2018 as a new form of distributed computing, proposing the provision of computing power-only resources and providing truly fair computing resources. As full-scale development progresses, the EMETH Association will be established in 2023 as a group of experts responsible for releasing EMETH and handling the initial community. It will be operated as a consortium-type
organization that will lead the decentralized community that will be operated in the future.
In 2024, we will complete the establishment of EMETH FOUNDATION PTE. LTD., a Singaporean corporation, to encourage global expansion and participation in the association.
About Orts Co., Ltd.
Established in November 2014, Orts is a venture company that aims to free people from unproductive labor by creating P.A.I.(R)️ (Personal Artificial Intelligence), AI clones. We also develop and provide SaaS products such as “AI GIJIROKU” (, which utilizes voice recognition technology born from the development of AI dialogue engines. The cumulative amount raised by September 2023 has reached over 8 billion yen.
-Inquiries from the press-
Alts Co., Ltd. Public Relations Nishizawa
-Inquiries regarding alliances-
Orts Co., Ltd. is involved in IT, finance, construction, logistics, media, manufacturing, retail, service industries, etc.
We provide and support AI solutions regardless of genre.
Please feel free to contact us.
EMETH Association
Orts Co., Ltd. EMETH Division Kikuchi
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