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Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd. Ask people in their teens to 60s living in the metropolitan area! “Right now, Toky o is the hottest city” ranking

[Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd.] Ask people in their teens to 60s living in the metropolitan area! “Right now, Tokyo is the hottest city” ranking

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Ask people in their teens to 60s living in the Tokyo metropolitan area! “Right now, Tokyo is the hottest city” ranking
*~ What are the charms and characteristics of Tokyo as seen by gender and age? ~*
* Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and President Kawada
(Hiroyuki) conducted a survey of 900 people living in the Tokyo metropolitan area regarding the attractiveness of the city of Tokyo. A city that people are passionate about now (an exciting city, an exciting city)
When we asked which Tokyo city is “currently hot” and why we feel that city is hot, we found out.
It has become clear that there are different trends in how people perceive the attractiveness of the city of Tokyo depending on their gender and age. *

* Introduction *
Tokyo is a city where people actively come and go.
Although it is one city, one of Tokyo’s characteristics is that it is a collection of towns with various individualities, from business districts to areas where subcultures gather.

Which city in Tokyo do you often go to? What is the reason?
Also, which city is your favorite? Is it the same town you often go to? “My favorite town” has a favorite store, or something I feel excited about when I go there.
The city that comes to mind must have your own special attachments, or emotional value.

In this survey, we will explore the appeal of Tokyo by focusing on intangible emotional values ​​such as “excitement” and “liking.”

Which Tokyo cities do consumers currently find attractive? What elements of the city do you find attractive?
“A city that you are passionate about right now (a city that excites and inspires you when you visit)” * = * “An exciting city” * Based on this definition, we investigated the “current hot Tokyo city” for people in their teens to 60s living in the Tokyo
metropolitan area.

* Research method *
The survey targets were people between the ages of 15 and 69 who lived in Tokyo and three prefectures and who had used the metropolitan area electric railway within the past month *1.
Through internet research, we focused on the following three points.

1. Tokyo’s hottest cities right now (free answer *2): Up to 3 cities that come to mind
2. Reasons why you find the city in 1. hot (free description) 3. Frequently visited cities (free answer *2): Up to 3 cities that come to mind

1. The hot city of Tokyo now and
3. For cities that are frequently visited, scores are given and ranked based on up to three answers: 1st place = 3pt, 2nd place = 2pt, 3rd place = 1pt.

*1 People who have used the Tokyo metropolitan area within the past month = people who have a habit of going out to the streets of Tokyo. *2By using a free-answer format instead of a multiple-choice format, we collect information about the city that each person imagines as it is.

From here, we will introduce the actual survey results.

We also have a ranking of the “hot Tokyo cities right now” by gender and age group, a ranking of the most frequently visited cities, and real opinions from consumers about why they find each city so hot. Please read until the end, as it is packed with information that will help you understand the current state of Tokyo for residents in the metropolitan area.

*Hereinafter, it will be abbreviated as “Tokyo’s current hot city” ⇒ “Hot city.”

* “Shibuya”, “Shinjuku”, and “Ikebukuro” are the top 3 hot and frequently visited cities *
In the overall ranking for people in their 10s to 60s, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro dominate the top three spots for both hot and frequently visited cities.
All three cities have terminal stations, so you can imagine that they are visited frequently, but it was a little surprising that people strongly recognized them as hot cities.

Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro are all representative downtown areas of Tokyo, and are lined with a variety of shops, including commercial facilities, so it is assumed that many people found them hot.

Below, we will take a closer look at the results for the three cities. *Shibuya=A hot town especially for teenagers*
…No. 1 hot city, No. 3 most frequently visited city

Shibuya is a city that teenagers find especially “hot” compared to other generations. Shibuya has the impression of being a town for young people, but it seems to be loved by young people, especially high school and university students (teens).

Another feature is that many people find it hot compared to the frequency of visits. Looking at the reason why Shibuya is so popular, there are many words such as “redevelopment” and “the latest trends”, which means that Shibuya is “a city that continues to evolve as a trend-setting destination and is exciting even if you visit after a long time.”

◆Why I feel Shibuya is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “Because it feels like Tokyo” (female teenager)
“I think it’s a city that’s at the cutting edge of trends.” (Female in her 20s) “I feel that redevelopment is exciting” (Male in his 40s)
“It’s fun to see so many young people” (woman in her 60s)

*Shinjuku=A convenient and popular city*
…2nd place for hot city, 1st place for most frequently visited city

Shinjuku is a city that feels exciting to all generations. Even though it is a hot city, it has the highest score for frequency of visits. Looking at the reasons why Shinjuku feels hot, there are many mentions of the level of facilities such as “new shops and facilities” and “everything is available,” which suggests that Shinjuku has the impression of being a convenient town.

▷Why Shinjuku is a hot city right now *Excerpts
“It’s an easy town to shop in” (man in his 50s)
“Even if I go without a purpose, I often find something.” (Female in her 50s) “It feels like a slightly dangerous adult town.” (Teen male)

* Ikebukuro = A city where anime and culture are hot*
…3rd place for hot city, 2nd place for most frequently visited city

Ikebukuro is a city that feels passionate to all generations, even though there are differences between generations. For this reason, many people mentioned the word “anime”. With Animate’s main store and mini theaters scattered throughout, Ikebukuro can be described as a city with a hot culture.

◆Why Ikebukuro is such a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “Because there are spots related to anime” (female teenager) “A lot of minor movies are being played” (man in his 50s)
“It’s interesting how the atmosphere is different depending on the exit.” (Female in her 30s)

* Hot cities for teenagers: “Akihabara” and “Roppongi” for men, “Shin-Okubo” and “Omotesando” for women *
Looking at the rankings for teens only, for men Akihabara came in 3rd place and Roppongi came in 5th place, and for women, Shin-Okubo came in 4th place and Omotesando came in 5th place.

Shin-Okubo has an image of being popular among young women, as there are many Korean cosmetics stores, but it was surprising that Akihabara, Roppongi, and Omotesando were ranked as hot spots for teenagers.

Let’s explore the background to why it feels so hot.
*Teenage male*
Akihabara is the 3rd hottest city. When we look at the reasons for this, we find that there are more people who feel that anime and culture are hot compared to other age groups.

◆Why I feel Akihabara is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt  ▪Teenage male
“There are various anime cultures”
“There’s something I want”
“Because it’s comfortable for otakus.”
 ▪Other gender and age
“It’s lively because there are a lot of foreigners” (Female in her 40s) “It’s lively and there are new things” (man in his 40s)

Roppongi was ranked 5th as a hot city even though it had a low score for visit frequency. For teenage men, it seems like an adult town, and they feel like they’ll feel better when they visit.

◆Why I feel Roppongi is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “You can feel a little taller in this fashionable town”
“The illumination is beautiful”

*Teenage female*
In both Shin-Okubo and Omotesando, which ranked high, gourmet-related words such as “Korean food” and “cafe” were found among the hot reasons.

Shin-Okubo is also characterized by a low score for visit frequency. “There are restaurants (shops) that I’ve never been to, but I’m curious about,” seems to be a factor that makes a city appealing to teenage girls.

◆Reasons why Shin-Okubo is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “You can eat a lot of Korean gourmet food and it’s always lively.” “Korean food” “Shin-Okubo is often seen on Instagram”

◆Why I feel Omotesando is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “There are so many cafes that you will never get bored no matter how many times you go there.”
“Stylish” “Because there is a stylish cafe”

When looking at the reasons why each city is hot, we found that a characteristic of all teenagers was that they tended to “feel hot in cities that are connected to their own hobbies and tastes.”

* “Ginza” and “Nihonbashi” ranked high for both men and women as hot cities for people in their 60s *
Next up is a hot town for people in their 60s. Ginza is the only city in each generation to rank in the top 3, ahead of Ikebukuro. Nihonbashi also ranks high as a city unique to people in their 60s.

Ginza has a remarkable high score as a city that is frequently visited by women in their 60s. You can tell that it’s a hot city and a place to visit often. Yaesu was ranked 6th for men in their 60s, and Marunouchi was ranked 7th for women in their 60s. Both are near Tokyo Station, but you can see that the areas that feel hot differ depending on gender.

◆Why I feel Ginza is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt
“Calm atmosphere” (man in his 60s)
“Just walking is fun.” (Female in her 60s)
“Easy to shop” (woman in her 60s)
“I feel better in an adult town” (Female in her 60s)

◆Why I feel Nihonbashi is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “Fusion of long-established store and future” (man in his 60s) “It’s a fusion of old and new” (woman in her 60s)
“The collaboration between the downtown atmosphere and redevelopment is attractive.” (Female in her 60s)

Looking at the reasons why people are so excited, it seems that people in their 60s value the “atmosphere of the city.”

* “Asakusa” has a large score difference between hot city/frequently visited city across all generations *

Asakusa has a wide gap in scores between hot and frequently visited cities. It ranks 5th in terms of hot cities, but it ranks 10th in terms of frequently visited cities. Looking at the scores, the frequency of visits was less than half that of the hot city. Furthermore, for all generations from 10 to 60, scores for hot cities exceeded scores for cities that are visited more frequently. Although Asakusa has many tourist attractions such as Sensoji Temple, there are not many commercial facilities, so it can be considered a “city you don’t go to often, but it’s a hot place to visit.”

◆Why I feel Asakusa is a hot city right now *Partial excerpt “It’s because good old Japanese culture and modern culture are fused” (woman in her 20s)
“It retains its historical value and is attractive as a tourist spot.” (Male in his 30s)
“Edo atmosphere” (man in his 60s)
“In addition to old temples and shrines, new restaurants and other stores are also increasing.” (Female in her 50s)

Looking at the reasons, people of all genders and ages cited “coexistence of old and new” and “Japanese culture.” The tradition that appeals to young people and the new culture and facilities that appeal to older people are what make Asakusa so exciting to all generations.

* in conclusion*

In this column, we have looked at what is “hot Tokyo right now” for people in their teens to 60s living in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It has become clear that there are different trends for hot cities and frequently visited cities depending on gender and age, and that the points at which people find a city hot vary from person to person.

“A hot town” that people visit with passion goes beyond functional value such as convenience and the fullness of facilities to “like” and “excite”.
It has a unique power based on emotional value that makes you feel.

When looking at the city of Tokyo as an advertising area, we can achieve more effective communication by focusing on the thoughts of the people who visit the city, rather than just its size (number of visitors). it might be.

Metro Ad Agency handles various OOH advertising media in the cities of Tokyo, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro, which were introduced in this column. Please feel free to contact Metro Ad Agency for inquiries regarding advertising area selection and OOH planning based on targets.

* Overall results: TOP30 hot cities/frequently visited cities * * -Survey overview-*
Research entity: Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd.
Research method: Internet research
Survey target: Residents of Tokyo and 3 prefectures who have used metropolitan area electric railways in the past month
Number of valid answers: 900
Survey period: February 6, 2024 to February 7, 2024
Listening method: Free-answer questions about the city of Tokyo *About details about this release*

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