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Creative and extreme experiential event “Snow sports day x sauna making” video released

YourColor Co., Ltd.
Creative and extreme experiential event “Snow sports day x sauna making” video released
Collaborating with sauna operators around Hakuba to make Hakuba a sacred place for outdoor saunas
This project is planned by TABISAUNA, which produces extreme sauna experiences with spectacular views.
From March 2nd to March 3rd, 2023, we held a two-day, one-night event to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the glamping facility FromP in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture.
[Snow sports day x sauna] Outerwear video released!
[Video 3:] Through interesting events, we will convey the goodness of the area, get people to fall in love with Hakuba, and have them come again in different seasons.
[Image 1:×720.png ]
There are three purposes for this event:
The first is to increase awareness that the glamping facility FromP is holding interesting and topical events.
→The event became a viral event with many participants posting on SNS. After seeing this event, I received an application to work at FromP. The second is to design it in advance so that the participants can get along better.
The purpose of this event is for participants to become friends with each other, learn about the greatness of Hakuba, and want to come back to Hakuba again.
→ We became good friends by playing various sports together as a team, I also started thinking that I would like to go to Hakuba in a different season with this group and these members.
The third goal is to expand awareness to make Hakuba a sacred place for outdoor saunas.
→Throughout the two days, participants learned about the benefits of Hakuba’s outdoor saunas and felt the potential of Hakuba’s outdoor saunas.
And the content I posted on SNS made other people want to go to Hakuba’s outdoor sauna.
Competition 1: Jumping rope on snow
Compete for the total number of jumps you can do in 3 minutes
[Image 2:×540.png ]
This is a competition that requires teamwork by shouting in unison, timing the flight, and communicating.
What was interesting about it was that it was difficult to fly well because it was flying in the snow, and it was a first for the participants, so they had a lot of fun.
*As a special rule, we have decided to add points per person when you take off your clothes.
Many people took off their clothes to participate in the competition in the snow, and the event venue became lively.
2nd competition ~ snow ball toss
Compete to see how many balls can fit in 3 minutes
[Image 3:×540.png ]
Team members work together to devise strategies to efficiently place balls. Each team had a different position, such as holding a basket of balls, and the competition was heated and created unity.
Competition 3 – Obstacle relay on snow
The entire team competes in an obstacle relay race to see how long it takes for everyone to reach the goal.
▶️Obstacle net
[Image 4:×540.png ]
▶️ Balance beam
[Image 5:×540.png ]
▶️Hurdle running
[Image 6:×540.png ]
▶️Big ball rolling
[Image 7:×540.png ]
▶️Borrowing competition
[Image 8:×540.png ]
By participating in various competitions, the team was able to develop a sense of unity through teamwork and sharing fun things together. It gave us a sense of accomplishment as we all reached the goal. Competition 4: Centipede competition on snow
[Image 9:×540.png ]
Competition 5 – Making a sauna
Each of the six teams decided on a concept for the six saunas at FromP. Have them create an original sauna that will be an interesting experience. The time limit was 1 hour.
Before the event, we discuss as a group and decide what kind of sauna we will create.
Purchase the concept sauna decorations and other items you want to create in advance, and team members work together to create the sauna. When we did this, all 6 teams were able to create saunas with different concepts and experiences.
Case 1) Floral herb sauna where you can experience Holi in India This was possible because we are a team that travels to various countries. Decorate the sauna room with dried flowers,
The aroma is herbal, and the snow outside the sauna room is used to decorate with colorful paint and flowers to recreate Holi in India! (sauna room)
[Image 10:×540.png ]
[Image 11:×540.png ]
Case 2) Chilling sauna where you can feel Nagano
Since the team had the most Nagano residents, there were apples from Nagano in the water bath, and you could actually eat apples. You can make soba-yu (soba-yu),
(sauna room)
[Image 12:×540.png ]
The sauna room is a planetarium reproduction of Achi Village in Nagano where you can see the stars beautifully!
[Image 13:×540.png ]
Awards ceremony
[Image 14:×540.png ]
1st place: Okinawa or Hokkaido hotel accommodation voucher gift ➕ SAUNA STAND KOKAGE T-shirt & AINOA SAUNA tote bag gift
2nd place SAUNA STAND KOKAGE T-shirt & AINOA SAUNA tote bag present 3rd place SAUNA STAND KOKAGE T-shirt & AINOA SAUNA discount ticket Sauna exchange meeting
While eating the luxurious food prepared by FromP,
Then interact with the participants while taking a sauna
[Image 15:×540.png ]
~On the second day, visit two outdoor sauna facilities in Hakuba~After video
[Video 4:] Balloon experience
[Image 16:×540.png ]
AINOA SAUNA ~ Dive into the snow
[Image 17:×540.png ]
SAUNA STAND KOKAGE ~ Dive into the lake
[Image 18:×540.png ]
The two days were spent conveying the great qualities of Hakuba. 1 night 2 days snow sauna sports day and sauna tour in Hakuba ~Event overview~ ◆Time schedule
・Day 1: Afternoon Snow sports day
Evening party at a luxury glamping facility
(Communicate while eating or taking a sauna)
      Stay at the facility of the selected plan
・Day 2: Visit two extremely popular outdoor sauna facilities in Hakuba [AINOA SAUNA & Sauna Stand Kokage] Private tour
(Individual transportation/carpooling)
Sponsored by FromP
Planning: Traveling sauna couple TABISAUNA
Cooperation Ainoa Sauna &Sauna Stand Kokage
site FromP ~ Glamping x sauna facility
An event was held to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of From P, a glamping and sauna facility that opened in Huma Village, Nagano Prefecture on March 1, 2022.
[Image 19:×936.png ]
Store name: From P Phone: 0261-72-3780 Address: 3020-45 Hokujo, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture HP:
Operating company: P-Bo Co., Ltd.
▼Business details
・Operation of glamping facility with dome-shaped tent with private sauna ・Day trip sauna operation
・Pension management
・Development, import, sales and construction of dome tents/sauna products/wood decks
[Image 20:×474.png ]
We have been appointed as Finnish Sauna Ambassadors as a couple officially recognized by the Finnish Tourism Board, which is promoting outdoor saunas in spectacular views across Japan under the theme of “Travel x Sauna”! Up until now, I have been doing outdoor saunas combining various locations and nature, such as desert island saunas, waterfall saunas, cliff saunas, and snow saunas. Recently, he has been planning tent sauna events and sauna tours and working as an outdoor sauna producer.
■Sauna facility production
■Sauna event hosting ■Sauna event planning and management ■Sauna event PR production, event public relations, and attracting customers on SNS ■Sauna event management and execution
■Sauna PR video production, etc.
Sauna production article
[Floating sauna]
[Sauna Set-The Body Shop]
[Sauna event article]
Operating company: YourColor Co., Ltd.
Representative: Rio Matsumoto

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