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Leading Solutions Co., Ltd. Interviewed 500 marketers BtoB digital marketing survey

[Leading Solutions Co., Ltd.] Interviewed 500 marketers [BtoB digital marketing survey]

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Press release: March 28, 2024
We asked 500 marketers [BtoB digital marketing survey]
*The latest status of digital marketing for BtoB companies and trends of successful companies*
Leading Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nakata) provides digital marketing support services specializing in BtoB companies.
(Yoshimasa) conducted a “BtoB digital marketing fact-finding survey” targeting 538 managers, executives, and company employees working at BtoB companies who are involved in digital marketing.
Download the survey results

*Survey overview*
Research purpose: Clarify the actual status of digital marketing activities in BtoB business
Survey target: Managers, executives, or company employees working for BtoB companies who are involved in their company’s digital marketing. Survey period: February 26, 2024 (Monday) to February 28, 2024 (Wednesday) Survey method: Internet questionnaire survey
Number of respondents: 538 people

*Summary of survey results*
・Over 80% of companies are engaged in *digital marketing* by 2022* ・About 70% of the annual digital marketing budget* is less than 50 million yen.  * 12.6%* of users answered 100 million yen or more, which was a relatively high result.
・Approximately 80% of users who are engaged in digital marketing* are seeing results*
・“Lack of human resources” ranked first* as a digital marketing issue*

*Over 80% of companies will be engaged in digital marketing by 2022* Regarding the implementation status of digital marketing, *about 40% of users answered that they had been working on it since before the coronavirus outbreak*, but since the coronavirus outbreak*
Approximately 80%* of users are engaged in digital marketing from 2020 to 2022, and in 2023*, companies that newly started digital marketing* It was only 6.6%*.
Based on these results, it can be said that digital marketing has become a standard approach for many companies.

* Approximately 70% of respondents said their annual digital marketing budget was less than 50 million yen, but the percentage of users who answered that their annual digital marketing budget was 100 million yen or more was relatively high at 12.6%.*
The annual digital marketing budget* is “1 million yen to less than 10 million yen” at 40.7%*, but*
23.6%* for “10 million yen to less than 50 million yen”, 6.9% for “50 million yen to less than 100 million yen”, *12.6% for “more than 100 million yen”*
As a result, many companies spend large amounts of money on digital marketing. It can be said that the expectations of digital marketing are reflected in the budget amount.

* Approximately 80% of users who engage in digital marketing see results* Approximately 80%* of respondents answered that their digital marketing efforts were “results are being achieved” or “results have been significant.”*
Therefore, it can be said that companies that have taken this initiative are seeing some results from digital marketing.

* “Lack of human resources” is the number one digital marketing issue* When we looked at the current challenges faced by companies,* “Insufficient human resources” and “No human resources with specialized knowledge within the company” were ranked 1st and 3rd.* The results show that many companies are having issues with securing human resources.
Additionally, 22.1% of respondents said that the cost-effectiveness is not appropriate/I don’t know if it is appropriate, indicating that the return on investment of digital marketing is an issue.
You can also see many companies.

In addition to the above survey results, this research material includes * “Changes in annual digital marketing budget” *, * “Focused measures of companies that feel that they are producing results” *, * You can check “Measures we would like to focus on in 2024” * etc.

Please feel free to download it below and use it as a reference for your company’s digital marketing activities.
Download the survey results

-Inquiries regarding the survey-
Leading Solution Co., Ltd.
Public Relations TEL: 03-5860-3601 MAIL: *About Leading Solution Co., Ltd.*
Leading Solutions is a digital marketing company that specializes in supporting BtoB companies.
We provide one-stop support for our clients’ digital marketing, from formulating digital marketing strategies to promoting promotion plans, implementing measures, and measuring effectiveness, in order to maximize results.

* 【Company Profile】*
Trade name: Leading Solution Co., Ltd.
Tanabe Consulting Group (listed on TSE Prime) Group companies Head office location: 4th floor, Shin Kokusai Building, 3-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Representative Director: Yoshimasa Nakata
Business content: Digital marketing consulting services for BtoB companies Digital marketing support services for BtoB companies
Established: September 1, 2004
Capital: 120 million yen
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