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Home » Smart Energy, the largest solar O&M company, has entered into a business alliance with Ecostyle, a major low-voltage solar developer, to provide the in-house developed O&M integrated management system “MISORA.”

Smart Energy, the largest solar O&M company, has entered into a business alliance with Ecostyle, a major low-voltage solar developer, to provide the in-house developed O&M integrated management system “MISORA.”

Smart Energy, the largest solar O&M company, has entered into a business alliance with Ecostyle, a major low-voltage solar developer, to provide the in-house developed O&M integrated management system “MISORA.”

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Smart Energy, the largest solar O&M company, has entered into a business alliance with Ecostyle, a major low-voltage solar developer, to provide the in-house developed O&M integrated management system “MISORA.”
*Industry’s first O&M
Maintenance: A specialized platform for power plant operation and maintenance. With the introduction of MISORA, the number of man-hours required for power generation companies to manage solar power plants has been reduced by approximately 60%. *
* Smart Energy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Takuya Okushi; hereinafter referred to as Smart Energy) is Ecostyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka; Representative Director: Takuya Okushi)
We concluded a business partnership agreement with President and Executive Officer: Kimiki Kinoshita (hereinafter referred to as Ecostyle) on March 27, 2024. In the future, Smart Energy will provide Ecostyle with its proprietary O&M integrated management system “MISORA” and remote automatic monitoring services for power plants. * *
“MISORA” is a next-generation integrated business management system developed by Smart Energy, Japan’s largest solar O&M company, to improve the efficiency of low-voltage power plant management. The introduction of “MISORA” streamlines communication between power generation companies, O&M companies, and partner companies, as well as billing and payment operations, reducing solar power plant management man-hours for power generation companies by approximately 60%. Realize. *
By adopting this system, Ecostyle, which boasts one of the top domestic shares in the development of low-voltage power plants, will reduce communication costs with power generation companies and partner companies, standardize the quality of information transmission and task management, and We aim to further popularize light. *

* ・Social background related to this case*
In response to the end of the feed-in tariff (FIT) system for renewable energy and the lack of suitable land for large-scale solar power plants (mega solar), small-scale construction of facilities owned by companies and local governments, vacant land, etc. The introduction of low-voltage solar power generation is expanding. In particular, the mainstream is the “bulk scheme,” in which multiple low-voltage power plants with a power generation output of less than 50 kW are owned and together secure power generation capacity in megawatts (MW). However, it is extremely difficult to efficiently operate and manage hundreds to tens of thousands of power generation facilities that start operating at different times. For example, managing tasks in Excel for each power plant or checking reports shared by email takes a lot of time, and the quality of management may deteriorate. As a result, many power plants are left abandoned due to lack of management.
Smart Energy utilizes its nationwide network of locations and extensive network of partner companies to provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services for distributed low-voltage bulk solar power plants. In order to address the challenges we faced through this business, we independently developed MISORA, the industry’s first unified management system specializing in O&M. Although this system was initially developed for internal use, we decided to provide it externally with the aim of improving the overall quality of management operations at domestic solar power plants.

* ・Overview of this business alliance*
Ecostyle is a company with one of Japan’s top-class low-voltage power plant development and construction records. In addition to the integrated O&M management system “MISORA,” Smart Energy will provide Ecostyle with a remote automatic monitoring service to monitor the power plant. Through this business alliance, we will contribute to streamlining the O&M operations of the approximately 4,000 low-voltage power plants nationwide managed by Ecostyle, which will increase to tens of thousands in the future, and improve the overall service quality of domestic solar O&M. I’m coming.

* ・About the services provided*
* ■O&M operations unified management system “MISORA” *
This system improves the efficiency of communication, billing/payment operations, and document operations among the three parties that are essential in O&M operations: power generation operators, O&M operators, and specialized contractors.
* [Specific functions] *
* ・Efficient management of documents such as contracts and reports * Traditionally, O&M documents were often exchanged via email
attachments, requiring extensive email checking. By uploading contracts and reports to the MISORA system, the flow of comments and approvals can be completed on the system, improving searchability and significantly reducing the number of man-hours required for handling documents.
* ・Visualization of important information such as schedules and work progress * If work schedules and progress are shared for each power plant, there is a risk of misunderstandings or oversights. By managing each power plant’s schedule on MISORA and visualizing work progress in an easy-to-understand manner, information can be shared easily and reliably with all parties involved.
* ・Automation of issuing invoices, payment statements, etc. * It took a huge amount of time to create invoices and payment statements for construction work costs, etc. MISORA has a function that automatically creates invoices and payment statements based on the information contained in contracts and reports, so you can eliminate the hassle of document creation.
* [Points] *
・Reduced the man-hours required to manage solar power plants by approximately 60%
・120,000 emails required for O&M information sharing can be omitted (In case of managing 10,000 low-voltage power plants/only performing work three times a year/in-house assumption)
* [Voices from users (power generation companies)] *
“The report upload function has reduced the amount of email I need. I also appreciate that I no longer have to search my email to find the report I need.”
“Previously, we would have to check with the O&M person every time to confirm the rush schedule, but since we can check it on MISORA, we no longer need to make inquiries.”

* ■Remote automatic monitoring service*
The aim is to detect abnormalities in hundreds to tens of thousands of power plants without exception, by preventing omissions in alert information issued from monitoring equipment installed at power plants, and by automatically analyzing the power generation status. This is a service that detects.
・Double check using alert information from monitoring equipment at each power plant and automatic power generation analysis.
・We plan to develop an AI that learns characteristics and estimates the cause when an alert occurs.

* ・Inquiries regarding provided services*
Smart Energy Co., Ltd. Distributed Solar Power Management Department TEL: 03-6262-1472
Details page:

*Comment from Kimiki Kinoshita, Representative Director and President Executive Officer of Ecostyle*
We have built up a track record of development by developing bulk schemes for low-pressure, distributed solar power generation that do not rely on electricity, but as the number of power plants we manage increases, improving O&M efficiency has become an issue. . By introducing Smart Energy’s “MISORA” and remote automatic monitoring services, we hope to improve operational efficiency and strengthen our system to quickly respond to abnormalities at power plants. Through this business alliance, we will promote the spread of low-voltage solar power plants and provide O&M services that will ensure long-term stable operation.

*Comment from Takuya Ogushi, CEO of Smart Energy*
The trend of constructing new high-voltage and high-voltage power plants is slowing down, and in order to increase the amount of solar power introduced in the future, it will be essential to build a large number of low-voltage power plants. To this end, stable management of the numerous power plants we have developed is essential. Currently, there is a trend toward “wild solar power” where power plants that have been built are abandoned, and this is a social problem that must be resolved. I think there are many issues that can be tackled by partnering with Ecostyle and Smart Energy, which specialize in the development of low-voltage power plants. With this business alliance, we will promote the further spread of low-voltage solar power.

* ・About Ecostyle Co., Ltd.*
Ecostyle handles everything from acquiring and developing land for power plants to EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), O&M (operation and maintenance), and power supply.
We provide a one-stop service and have built a system that covers areas nationwide. Through a total energy solution for renewable energy power procurement, including precise power generation forecasts for solar power generation, FIT
We will contribute to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050 by developing a bulk scheme for low-pressure, distributed solar power generation that does not rely on electricity.

* [Eco Style Co., Ltd. Company Profile] *
Representative Director: Kimitaka Kinoshita
Address: 1-4-6 Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Business details: Off-site power development business, on-site power development business, electricity retail business, solar power generation business
Development results: 18,077 projects, 1,128.3MW (as of the end of February 2024, solar power generation development and construction results)

* ・About Smart Energy Co., Ltd.*
Founded in 2006. We are a group of professionals who aim to realize a decarbonized society through business, with the mission of “Connecting a Beautiful Earth.” We provide solutions to solve global environmental problems through renewable energy operation and maintenance (O&M), new power business support, asset management business, renewable energy citizen fund formation business, environmental consulting business, etc.

* [Smart Energy Co., Ltd. Company Profile] *
Representative Director: Takuya Ogushi
Location: 1-18-17 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business content
: Sales of renewable energy electricity such as solar power and hydropower, planning, design, construction, management, maintenance and sales of power generation facilities, equipment and systems, solicitation of investment in environmental funds, operation and countermeasures, emissions system research/consulting and business support
Solar O&M results: 4,357MW (as of February 2024, group total) HP:
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