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Home » Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd. The top MVP winner of the technical contest “Takumi no Tsuki Contest” brings Kar ada Factory’s technology to Fukui with “Norenwake”. First store in Fukui Prefecture “Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada Store” opens on Wedn

Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd. The top MVP winner of the technical contest “Takumi no Tsuki Contest” brings Kar ada Factory’s technology to Fukui with “Norenwake”. First store in Fukui Prefecture “Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada Store” opens on Wedn

Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd.
The top MVP winner of the technical contest “Takumi no Waza Contest” brings Karada Factory’s technology to Fukui with “Norenwake”. First store in Fukui Prefecture “Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada Store” opens on Wednesday, April 3, 2024
-As the “city health room”, we want to keep everyone in the community healthy and happy-
Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman and President: Hideki Haruna, Factory Japan) will open Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada store, its first store in Fukui Prefecture, on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.
[Image 1:×1277.jpg] This store opening will be a “Norenwake” (*1) store run by a chiropractor from Factory Japan.
Mr. Naoya Motodoi, who is a chiropractor of Karada Factory and has 15 years of experience, and who has won the MVP award (*2) in the technical contest “Takumi’s Techniques Contest”, is the owner and owner. I will be the store manager.
Since starting his career as a chiropractor in 2009, he has always worked hard to improve his skills, and in 2015, he won the top title MVP at the Karada Factory’s technology festival “Takumi no Technique Contest”. It is highly rated.
After that, he was responsible for setting up and supervising stores as an area manager in the Hokkaido area, and as a manager of the education department, he was responsible for training the next generation and demonstrating leadership within Factory Japan. In addition, he has a friendly personality that is liked by everyone, and is admired by his juniors, and many expectations are placed on Mr. Mototoi, who will open the business in the new location as the owner. Apita Fukui Owada store is known as the best shopping mall in Fukui prefecture with a variety of specialty stores such as fashion, gourmet, and miscellaneous goods, and the body factory will open on the second floor. Please feel free to stop by on your way home from work or when shopping.
As Factory Japan, Karada Factory will continue to accelerate the provision of services to customers nationwide and contribute to local communities.
≪Greetings from the top partner (3*) of Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada store≫
[Image 2:×1920.jpg] My name is Naoya Moto Doi, and I have recently decided to become an independent franchise business member in Fukui Prefecture using the Factory Japan Group’s Goodwill Distribution System.
We received a lot of help from a lot of people when we opened Norenwari. Thank you.
Personally, in Fukui Prefecture, where Body Factory will be expanding for the first time, I will use my experience so far to provide treatments with love and sincerity so that I can help many people with health and prevention.
Please stop by if you are in the area.
・Profile Naoya Motodoi/Chiropractor/Representative Director of MINT Co., Ltd. Joined Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd. in April 2009 as a new graduate. In December 2014, he was promoted to manager of Karada Factory Higashitotsuka store. At the same time, she also had experience accompanying female rugby players as a sports trainer. 2015 First Half Artisan Skills Contest MVP Award
After that, in November 2015, he moved to Hokkaido, where he opened his first store, experienced the launch of several stores, and was involved in building the Body Factory base. In January 2019, he returned to Kanto and worked as an area manager, and from January 2022, he will be training new staff and serving as an examiner as the education and ES department manager.
He will retire from the company at the end of March 2024. Launched MINT Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of representative director. Opened “Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada Store” as a top partner of Karada Factory. Body Factory chiropractor’s technical rank is Executive Body Trainer.
■WEB Magazine KA・RA・DA mag Interview article here (Published 12/26/2022)
≪Store Overview≫
Store name: Karada Factory Apita Fukui Owada store
Grand opening date: Wednesday, April 3, 2024
Address: 2nd floor, Apita Fukui Owada store, 2-1230 Owada, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, 910-0836
Access: Approximately 10 minutes by car from Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line Echizen-Shinbo Station, 2nd floor of “Apita Fukui Owada Store”
Phone number: 0776-50-0576
(Telephone reservations will be accepted from the opening day) Business hours: 10:00-20:00
[Image 3:×1417.jpg] Click here for the reservation web page
*Web reservations will start from March 28th.
◆Recruitment information
[Image 4:×375.jpg] We are looking for human resources/If you want to work as a
chiropractor or therapist, or if you want to acquire advanced treatment skills,
Please see the special website below.
・Click here for mid-career recruitment ・We are also recruiting new graduates (including interns)!
(*1) “Norenwake System”: An independent support system for employees (chiropractors) who meet certain conditions to become owners of the chiropractic salon “Karada Factory”
(*2) Received the 2015 MVP Award (A.P. Balance (R) Chiropractic Comprehensive) in the technical contest “Takumi no Tsuki Contest” sponsored by the Factory Japan Group.
(*3) “Top Partner”…At Karada Brand Salon, the name of partner companies in each region is not “franchise company” but owners who sympathize with the philosophy of Karada Brand Salon and display the same signboard. To represent this, we use the term “body top partner.”
◆What is “Ka La Da Factory”?
[Image 5:×1181.jpg] “Karada Factory” is a total body care salon based on the concept of fundamental care. Using a treatment method based on the independently developed “A.P. Balance (R)” chiropractic theory, we perform treatment while checking each customer’s body condition for each concern such as neck, shoulder, lower back, and foot care.

◆What is “A.P. Balance (R)”?
What is the “A.P. Balance (R)” chiropractic theory?Karada Factory’s unique theory that takes care of the physical and mental conditions by focusing on the balance between the first cervical vertebrae (A: atlas) in the neck and the pelvis (P: pelvis). This is a treatment method based on. We will take care of your body problems such as your neck, shoulders, and lower back, and lead you to a healthy and comfortable body. This treatment based on the “A.P. Balance (R)” chiropractic theory is supported by many athletes who are active in Japan and overseas.
*”A.P. Balance (R)” is a trademark of Factory Japan Group.
◆Body 365 Project
We offer optimal personal body care that supports each individual’s condition and stays close to their health 365 days a year. In 2020, as a care method during the coronavirus pandemic, we started distributing the “Home Body Factory” self-care method and self-manipulation video tailored to your body, which changes in the morning, noon, and night, in various life scenes. Approximately 100 videos have been distributed as of February 2023.
◆Official mail order site “Karada Marche”
Creating tomorrow’s KA/RA/DA: Professional care x self-care
I want you to maintain the body you’ve conditioned at the salon for as long as possible, and I want you to create a body that doesn’t get tired by taking care of the worries that arise every day when you notice them. With this in mind, at Karada Factory we are also focusing on developing products that our customers can use in their daily lives. We sell to people all over the country.
◆What is “Factory Japan Group”?
[Image 6:×449.jpg] We will contribute to society by spreading awareness around the world about health promotion and prevention using our human resources that create excitement. That is the corporate philosophy of “Factory Japan Group”. We place the utmost importance on listening to the voices of each customer and pursuing ways to satisfy them without compromise. Based on a customer-first philosophy, we develop human resources with an emphasis on technology, service, and hospitality, and develop a wide range of businesses related to promoting awareness of health and prevention, such as salon business, education business, and franchise business.
-Company Profile-
Trade name Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd.
Head office location 101-0041 1-9 5F, Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Officer Representative Director, Chairman and President Hideki Haruna Capital 50 million yen
Business details: ・Management of chiropractic salons, ・Management of training facilities for chiropractors, therapists, sports trainers, and studio instructors, ・Sales of health-related products, ・Franchise business
Number of employees 1,677 people (as of April 1, 2023) *Excluding group companies
Group companies Visionary Rise Co., Ltd., Rin Co., Ltd., FJG International Holdings Limited, FJGI Thailand Co., Ltd., FJGI Hawaii Co., Ltd., Lai Lai (Shenzhen) Health Management Co., Ltd.
Karada Factory official website
Official mail order site Karada Marche Corporate site
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