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Kadoma City “Life Shining Origami Crane Train” appears on Osaka Monorail

Kadoma City
“Life Shining Origami Crane Train” appears on Osaka Monorail Osaka/Kansai Expo event one year before opening
From April 1st (Monday) to April 13th (Saturday), people with dementia, the elderly, and other passengers using the Osaka Monorail will be folded onto Osaka Monorail trains as part of an event held one year prior to the Osaka/Kansai Expo. The “Life Shining Origami Crane Train” will be operated, with the inside of the train decorated with origami cranes.
[Image 1:×1240.jpg] Yumeban (Tomo) Project in Kadoma Executive Committee’s “TEAM EXPO 2025” program/co-creation challenge “Towards a city that can shine even with dementia ~ With 1 million origami cranes ~” will be widely disseminated to society This event was planned to allow the diverse range of people who ride the Osaka Monorail to experience the theme of the Osaka-Kansai Expo, “Designing a Future Society that Brightens Life,” and to deepen their understanding and empathy for it. . From March 1st (Friday), we have set up origami and origami crane mailboxes at four Osaka Monorail stations, and many customers are participating in the origami crane project.
In addition, Osaka Monorail Co., Ltd. will run a sake train decorated with origami cranes from the “One Million Origami Cranes Project to Shine Life” on Saturday, April 13th, one year before the Osaka-Kansai Expo. Onboard the train, we offer local sake from the Kansai region and ekiben packed with local gourmet food. Decorated with origami cranes and live music, the ride gives passengers a sense of unity and connection.
Furthermore, on the stage of Expo’70 Kinen Koen Station concourse, we will introduce the Origami Crane Project and make large paper cranes together with the Osaka/Kansai Expo official character “Myakumyaku”, the Kadoma City image character “Garasuke”, the new Osaka Monorail character “Monozou”, etc. etc., to liven up the year before the Expo.
[Image 2:×1024.jpg] Overview of “Origami Crane Train that Shines Life”
Operation period
April 1st (Monday) – April 13th (Saturday), 2024
Operating vehicle
Kadoma City 60th Anniversary Issue
*Please refer to the Osaka Monorail website for details such as operation schedules.
-Installation of origami crane posts and origami crane trees- Installation period
March 1st (Friday) – April 13th (Saturday), 2024
Installation location
Kadomashi Station, Minamiibaraki Station, Expo Kinen Koen Station, Osaka Airport Station
Origami, origami crane posts, and origami crane trees were set up so that everyone could participate in the project by making origami cranes.
Sponsored by
Yumeban Project in Kadoma Executive Committee, TEAM EXPO 2025 Orizuru JAPAN Executive Committee
Osaka Monorail Co., Ltd., Kadoma City, 60th Anniversary Monorail Wrapping Executive Committee
Origami crane post and origami crane tree installation location
[Image 3:×854.jpg] Kadoma City Station
[Image 4:×480.jpg] Minamiibaraki Station
[Image 5:×768.jpg] Expo Memorial Park Station
[Image 6:×480.jpg] Osaka Airport Station
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