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Home » A popular Chinese Instagrammer is coming to Japan! Workshop to enjoy learning Taiwanese Mandarin @Yokohama held

A popular Chinese Instagrammer is coming to Japan! Workshop to enjoy learning Taiwanese Mandarin @Yokohama held

A popular Chinese Instagrammer is coming to Japan! Workshop to enjoy learning Taiwanese Mandarin @Yokohama held

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Press release: March 28, 2024
A popular Chinese Instagrammer is coming to Japan! Workshop to enjoy learning Taiwanese Mandarin @Yokohama held
*Enjoy Taiwanese culture with all five senses! Held in Yokohama on April 21, 2024*
Taiwanese Chinese Seminar 2024
Cafetalk is Japan’s largest online learning site that connects instructors from 90 countries around the world with students from 130 countries looking for lessons.
), which operates Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kotaro Hashizume), is targeting people who are interested in Taiwanese culture and learning Chinese by introducing Hotaru, a popular Mandarin Instagrammer living in Taiwan. We would like to invite you to Japan and hold the “Taiwanese Chinese Seminar 2024” in Yokohama on April 21, 2024.
Instructor Hotaru’s Taiwanese Mandarin seminar will be held in Yokohama!
Very popular as an Instagrammer! Hotaru lecturer
‘s Taiwanese Chinese language seminar will be held in Japan! During the 2-hour seminar, students ate Taiwanese sweets introduced by the instructor, learned how to write Taiwanese-style postcards, and made lanterns and chunlian while learning native expressions in Taiwanese Mandarin that are not included in textbooks. It is a fulfilling content.

In addition, after the seminar, there will be a free talk time where you can talk 1:1 with the instructor, so you can discuss your concerns about learning Taiwanese Mandarin or receive advice about traveling to Taiwan.

We hope to have a fun time where you can experience Taiwanese culture. view the details

* -Event summary-*
Date and time: 1. Sunday, April 21, 2024 11:00-13:00 2. Sunday, April 21, 2024 16:00-18:00
Venue: Yokohama venue (3 minutes walk from Kannai Station) *Only available to participants.
Participation fee: 5,500 yen (tax included)
*Includes materials for making lanterns and Chunlian.
*Free Cafetalk registration is required to apply.
Capacity: Up to 30 people each time

* -I recommend this hotel-*
Target: Beginner to intermediate level Chinese learners
Those who are studying Taiwanese Chinese
Those who are interested in Taiwanese culture and want to know more about it Those who feel lonely learning a language alone and would like to find someone to learn with.

* -Event curriculum-*
From the announcement video
1. Icebreaker
Exciting chat time with fireflies and everyone
→ We offer authentic Taiwanese sweets.
How to introduce yourself in a way that leaves a lasting impression Write a Taiwanese postcard
2. This is Taiwan!
It’s not in the textbook! Learn native Taiwanese expressions and master the basics.
Learn Taiwanese Mandarin while experiencing Taiwanese culture Learn words to celebrate and wish for
→ Make a lantern with your wishes
→ Draw Chunlian
3. Giveaways and quiz competition!
Quiz time starts!
→ Compete and win wonderful gifts!
4. Please let us know your impressions of the 1v1 talk time seminar with Fireflies!
・Counseling for learning Taiwanese Mandarin
・Please let us help you with any problems you may have during the language learning process.
・Any questions about Taiwanese culture or travel are welcome. view the details
* -About Hotaru instructor-*
Cafetalk instructor profile: Hotaru Instagram: Hotaru_mandarin We have decided to hold a Taiwanese Mandarin seminar in Japan! ! In this seminar, you can learn a lot about Taiwanese culture and learn authentic Taiwanese Mandarin without having to go abroad!
Let’s overcome the language barrier and fully experience the charm of Taiwan! This is a great opportunity to experience Taiwan, so don’t miss it! To express our gratitude to everyone who participates, we will prepare a special gift from Taiwan!
Let’s compete in a quiz tournament!
We are doing everything we can to make this seminar definitely the most fun event in the world!
Even if you come alone, you’ll definitely have fun, so if you have free time, please come and join us 🙂
At the end of the seminar, we will make time for a private
conversation with everyone!
I would be happy if you could come!
I’m really looking forward to talking with everyone in Japan! See you in Japan!
Small Bridge Co., Ltd.
“Cafetalk” is one of Japan’s largest online sites where you can take one-on-one online lessons from instructors from over 90 countries around the world using Skype or Zoom, with the concept of “bringing spices from around the world to your everyday life.” This is a lesson site.
We offer online lessons in a wide variety of categories, including not only language, but also music, fitness, dance, self-improvement, and private tutor lessons.
-We are also strengthening support for online training and online lessons for corporations as a welfare benefit-
We have prepared a page for administrators where they can see the progress of their students in real time, and we collaborate with instructors to provide online lessons that allow you to experience the effects.
We can also accommodate training styles in which you can freely use a fixed number of points, or training styles in which you take a set number of training sessions over a set period.
cafetalk vision
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