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Home » Senba Co., Ltd. Held a business matching event “ETHICAL DESIGN FORUM KYUSHU 2024” aimed at social implemen tation of ethical design

Senba Co., Ltd. Held a business matching event “ETHICAL DESIGN FORUM KYUSHU 2024” aimed at social implemen tation of ethical design

[Senba Co., Ltd.] Business matching event “ETHICAL DESIGN FORUM KYUSHU” aimed at social implementation of ethical design
2024” will be held.

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Business matching event “ETHICAL DESIGN FORUM KYUSHU 2024” aimed at social implementation of ethical design will be held
Senba Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Representative Director and President: Daisuke Yashima (hereinafter referred to as Senba) will hold a meeting at the Senba Kyushu Branch on Thursday, April 18th and Friday, April 19th, 2024 to promote the creation of future-friendly spaces through the social implementation of ethical design. Business matching event “ETHICAL
2024” will be held. In addition to talk sessions with a variety of guests involved in ethical manufacturing and urban development, and business exchanges with co-creation partners based in space creation, we will also be holding an office tour of the Kyushu branch, which has been renovated into a showroom-style co-creation space. .

* 1. Event overview *
Following “ETHICAL DESIGN WEEK TOKYO 2023” held in November last year, “ETHICAL DESIGN FORUM KYUSHU
2024” will be held at the Senba Kyushu branch, which was renovated at the end of last year into an office that embodies ethics and digitalism.
“ETHICAL DESIGN FORUM” aims to create partners who sympathize with ethical design.
This is a business matching event for “WEEK” with the aim of creating new business opportunities through dialogue between co-creation partners and promoting their implementation in society.

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024 – Friday, April 19, 2024
Location Senba Kyushu Branch 2-6-12 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Nishinippon Shimbun Hakata Ekimae Building 7F
Participation fee free
Apply * Apply here*
*Registration is required for this event.
*Due to the number of participants being limited, we may contact you to arrange a time.
-Click here for “ETHICAL DESIGN WEEK TOKYO 2023”

* 2. Event content *
*1) Talk session*
We will hold a talk session inviting distinguished guests who are leaders in ethical activities, transcending industry boundaries. All events will be held in real time, and a business networking event with speakers will be planned after the event.

* Theme 1: Future of manufacturing *
* 4/18 (Thu) 17:00-18:00*
We invited co-creation partners from local industries and
manufacturers who cooperated with the renewal of our Kyushu branch to discuss current initiatives, the current status and future of traditional and new technologies, and discuss issues and potential for future developments. We will have a talk session about.
* Theme 2: Connecting children and society *
* 4/19 (Friday) 13:00-14:00*
What can adults and businesses do to help children, who will be responsible for the future? This time, we will hold a talk session inviting food and beverage companies that are active in food education activities and facility operators who support children’s creative activities.
* Theme 3: Creating a thriving town *
* 4/19 (Friday) 14:30-15:30*
Nowadays, both small towns and large cities have their own urban development issues. We will invite people who are at the forefront of local shopping district revitalization and the front lines of the events department of Hakata’s town development organizations to hold talk sessions about efforts to attract people to the town and establish a lively atmosphere.
* Theme 4 Sustainable Tourism *
* 4/19 (Friday) 17:00-18:00*
Tourism is becoming increasingly important in the Kyushu economy. In addition to attracting tourists to traditional tourist destinations, the discovery and revitalization of hidden tourism resources is also attracting attention as a new movement. In the future, we will hold a talk session that will expand the possibilities of new Kyushu tourism, from the highly anticipated situation of overseas inbound tourism to the latest tourism trends such as the restoration of inns and old folk houses.
* 2) Office tour 4/18 (Thursday) – 4/19 (Friday) 13:00-17:00* “SEMBA Good Ethical Office -Fukuoka-” was renovated as a
showroom-style office at the end of last year.
We will be holding a tour of. In addition to introducing office building using ethical design, you can also view various exhibits such as ethical materials, reproducts, and zero waste.
-For more information on the Senba Kyushu branch office renewal, click here

*Ethical materials exhibition*
We will exhibit future-friendly ethical materials collected using Senba’s unique selection criteria and perspective. We will introduce a variety of ethical materials, including materials made from waste and unused materials, as well as materials made using traditional manufacturing methods, including raw materials, manufacturing methods, and how to utilize them in spaces.
-Click here for more information about ethical materials

(C) Nacasa & Partners Inc. FUTA Moriishi
*Reproduct exhibition*
We will exhibit original furniture with ethical design. Introducing the “Tsunagaru Tsukue connec(R)” working desk that utilizes factory scraps and unused resources.
-Click here for details on “Connect Connect(R)”
(C) Nacasa & Partners Inc. FUTA Moriishi
*Zero waste exhibition*
We will introduce the on-site separation method, the mechanism for achieving a primary recycling rate of 90%, and the resource
circulation flow regarding our company’s zero-waste construction that does not waste resources.
-Click here for more information about Zero Waste

* 3) Business Exchange Meeting 4/18 (Thu) – 4/19 (Fri) 18:15~* After the talk session, networking will be held for the speakers, co-creation partner companies, and attendees. This is a casual social gathering, so please feel free to join us.

* [About Senba] *
We provide total support for the creation of a variety of spaces, including commercial facilities, offices, education, healthcare, leisure facilities, etc., from research, planning, design, design, construction, and maintenance. From 2021, we have added “Good” to our vision.
Company”, whose mission is “Creating a space that is friendly to the future.” We promote ethical design with the aim of co-creating a better society throughout the supply chain, with a perspective of caring for people, local communities, and the natural environment. Company name: Senba Kabushiki Gaisha Senba Co., Ltd.
Location: 9th floor, Seavans S Building, 1-2-3 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market (Code number: 6540) Main achievements: GREEN SPRINGS (planning)
ISUMI Glamping Resort & Spa SOLAS (master plan, design, construction) CARTA HOLDINGS new office (design and construction)
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