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Home » Reprint decided before release! A new book “Zero Gravity Leadership” that reveals the type of “leadersh ip” required in the AI ​​era will be released on March 29, 2024!

Reprint decided before release! A new book “Zero Gravity Leadership” that reveals the type of “leadersh ip” required in the AI ​​era will be released on March 29, 2024!

Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.
[Reprint decided before release! ] A new book “Zero Gravity
Leadership” that reveals the type of “leadership” required in the AI ​​era will be released on March 29, 2024!
Theory of leadership in the AI ​​era by a former captain who led Ritsumeikan University’s American football team to the number one title in Japan for the first time in university history.
Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichiro Kobayakawa), which publishes mainly business books and practical books, will release the book “Zero Gravity Leadership” on March 29, 2024. In this book, he led the Ritsumeikan University American Football Club to Japan’s No. 1 title for the first time in university history when he was a student, and after graduation, he joined IBM Japan, where he leads the team as captain of IBM BigBlue, a member of the Adult American Football X League Division 1. Koji Isotani, the representative of Lead Innovation Co., Ltd., explains the leadership required in the AI ​​era. In addition, orders for this book flooded in from the pre-order stage, and it has been decided that it will be reprinted before its release.
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[Table 3:] Leadership is more free and fun
To be a leader, you must have charisma. If you are a leader, you must be decisive. If you want to be a leader, you have to be innovative. When discussing what it means to be a leader, it is often talked about in terms of what a leader should be. This kind of fixed idea is like the “gravity” that acts on the earth, and it is difficult to accept this idea in modern times. Leadership is something that is very familiar to everyone, whether it be being the class president of a class, being the leader of a school trip, or being a leader of something.
If the OS is the common sense and values ​​that you have acquired over the course of your life, it is difficult to update it. However, if you think of it as simply downloading a new app, embodying a new leadership style can be easier and more fun. This book points out that leadership is more free and good. The idea of ​​“weightless leadership” should provide a powerful hint for thinking about what leadership is in the age of AI.
[Image 2:×1086.jpg] Deepen your thinking about leadership through the power of “questions” This book contains questions throughout the book that will give you a variety of insights. You can look back on your own past and deepen your thoughts on “leadership” as you read on. This book also explains two key elements of “weightless leadership”: “blast” and “momentum.”
[Image 3:×1088.jpg] Structure of this book
Introduction Welcome to the “universe” of leadership Chapter 1 What is “weightless leadership”?・What words can you imagine from the word “leadership”?・Why has the “image of a leader” remained the same for 2000 years?・What kind of person is a “person with leadership”?・Why are there no qualifications for “leadership”?・If there is a “National Leadership Qualification,” what kind of questions will be asked in the certification exam? Other Chapter 2 Implementing “Zero Gravity Leadership” – What will change if Blast and Momentum Leader are changed?・What was the major event that shaped you as the only person in the world you are today?・Who shaped your personality?・For you, what was the blast that created a “good flow”? Other Chapter 3: “Weightless leadership” changes society – Why do you work?・What kind of company is “a company where I can grow”?・What is “winning” in business?・What are the KGI and KPI in your life? -Does the leader tell the members to “put the team first” or “put yourself first”? others
Author introduction
[Image 4:×1300.jpg] Yukiharu Isoya Representative Director of Lead Innovation Co., Ltd. Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1981. Graduated from Edogawa Gakuen Toride High School and entered Ritsumeikan University’s College of Business Administration. During his university days, he was a member of the American football club, and as captain he led the team to the No. 1 title in Japan for the first time in university history. After graduating, he joined IBM Japan Co., Ltd., and while working in sales, he became the captain of IBM BigBlue, which belongs to the first division of the American American football X League, and helped it grow into a winning team. From my experience as a sales manager and building an American football team, I became interested in growing people and organizations, and later worked as a human resources manager at an entertainment company and a TSE 1st section restaurant chain company as GM of the human resources development department. We have succeeded in recruiting one after another in an industry where recruitment is highly difficult, increasing the number of entries by more than five times in a year. In 2015, he established Lead Innovation Co., Ltd. and became the representative director. Based on our track record of working with executives from over 150 client companies, we also research how to create the best team in our company’s history while working with clients. At the same time, as a venture capitalist, he supports growing venture companies. He is the author of “77 Ways to Hire the Top 5% of People Who Don’t Quit, Based on Interviews with 10,000 People” (President Publishing).
Book information
“Zero Gravity Leadership”
[Image 5:×466.jpg] Author: Koichi Isotani List price: 1,580 yen (1,738 yen + tax) Format: 46 format / 192 pages ISBN: 978-4-29-540941-0 Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.) ) Release date: March 29, 2024
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