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Home » Colorito launches stencil art experience in collaboration with “Keipu House” in the Goto Islands, “Local G ood Project” that connects with the region

Colorito launches stencil art experience in collaboration with “Keipu House” in the Goto Islands, “Local G ood Project” that connects with the region

Colorito launches stencil art experience in collaboration with “Keipu House” in the Goto Islands, “Local Good Project” that connects with the region

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Colorito launches stencil art experience in collaboration with “Keipu House” in the Goto Islands, “Local Good Project” that connects with the region
*A photo exhibition commemorating the closing of Ohama Elementary School will be held in February. Respecting the local community and giving back to the local community. *
Kalarito Co., Ltd. (Head office: Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture / Representative: Yuya Hirasaki (hereinafter referred to as Kararit) has been connected to the local community since opening in 2022, and has been able to conduct business based on the local people, rich nature and culture, and resources inherited from our ancestors. With gratitude and respect for the
We have been conducting an activity called “Good Project”. This time, we are pleased to announce that Sayuri-kai, a social welfare corporation, is an employment support facility on the island. We sympathize with the philosophy of Keipu House (Location: Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as Keipu House) and created “Local Good.
As part of the “Project,” we will begin a stencil art experience in collaboration with Keipu House on the Kararito Goto Islands. With the theme of “Colorit”, we create T-shirts and tote bags using colors that are unique to us during our stay in the Goto Islands, allowing guests to bring back memories of their trip and the atmosphere of the island back into their daily lives. We will provide you with an experience that you will remember forever.
Stencil art in collaboration with Kip House as part of the LOCAL GOOD PROJECT * ◼︎About the “Keip House” collaboration stencil art experience * We will offer an experience in collaboration with “Keipu House,” an employment support facility on the island that handles printing and packaging. The pictures you draw with your own colors at the Kararito Goto Islands workshop will be printed on T-shirts and tote bags at Keipu House, and the pictures will be sent to your home at a later date.
*“Keipu House” collaboration stencil art experience*
Participation fee
T-shirt one side: ¥3,300/both sides: ¥3,850
Tote bag ¥2,200 (shipping fee included)

Time required
About 1 hour

Target age
2 years old and older

How to make a reservation
Contact Kararito Goto Islands *This experience is limited to guests staying at the hotel.
* ◼︎About “Local Good Project”*
『Local Good
Project” is an activity that aims to enliven Goto and give back to Goto. Kalarito, whose main business is lodging, believes that the biggest reason why we are able to continue our business in the region is because the region has unique resources such as nature, culture, and history that have been protected for a long time by our ancestors. . Kalarito respects this region and expands the scope of its activities beyond the pursuit of profit to include everything that contributes to the revitalization of the region where Kalarito is located, and returns the experience it has cultivated to the region. We carry out a variety of activities to contribute to regional revitalization and conservation, even if only a little.
* ◼︎“Local Good Project” activities so far*
* Ohama Elementary School closing commemorative photo exhibition and social gathering after the ceremony (February 18, 2024) *
Social gathering after Ohama Elementary School closing commemoration ceremony A photo exhibition commemorating the closing of the school was also held. Goto City Ohama Elementary School will end its 150-year history in 2024, and Kararito Goto Islands will hold a school closing
commemorative ceremony held on February 18, 2024, with a commemorative photo exhibition and a social gathering after the ceremony. We cooperated with the meeting. At the commemorative ceremony, there were many things that gave a sense of the future, such as a performance of the traditional performing art Chancoco by current students and a bulletin board depicting the future Ohama Elementary School, even though it was a turning point in the closing of the school.
At the school closing commemorative photo exhibition held in a rented classroom, we exhibited photos jointly taken by Goto Minami High School Photography Club students and Kararito Goto Islands, old photos left by the school, and a commemorative video. It was seen by many people who visited. Some of them came from Osaka for this ceremony, and they were excited to see their former homeroom teacher in an old photo. After the ceremony, a social gathering was held at a restaurant in the Kararito Goto Islands, where children and adults alike talked about their thoughts and memories of Ohama Elementary School. At the end of the event, Colorito presented a cake modeled after the school emblem to all the participants, and the children had the opportunity to decorate it with the fruits and other items they had prepared. 1. Holding events for local people
* ・1st anniversary event *
* ・Christmas/Halloween/New Year’s events *
Serving pork soup and amazake to show our daily gratitude to the local people There is also an event where you can play with spinning tops and kite flying at the New Year version of “asobi”
2. Collaboration with local businesses
* ・Goto “Scenery Aroma” Plan *
with Goto Tsubaki Distillery, Okuura Dream Town Development Council ▼* Goto Tsubaki Distillery Co., Ltd.*
Goto Tsubaki Distillery is a gin-only distillery that opened in December 2022 on Fukue Island in the Goto Islands. Built in 1922, last year 100
Located right next to Handomari Church, which celebrated its anniversary, there are 17 plants including camellia, which has become a symbol of Goto.
We use a variety of botanicals to create gin that is unique to this region. * ▼Okuura Dream Town Development Council*
Okuura Dream Town Development Council was established in 2013. In November 2017, the aim was to revitalize the “local bonds” in which residents support each other, as well as to encourage local residents to independently solve familiar problems and autonomously develop the town by leveraging the uniqueness of the region. Established. Currently, there are five subcommittees: Regional Development Subcommittee, Crime Prevention and Disaster Prevention Subcommittee, Health and Welfare Subcommittee, Environmental Conservation
Subcommittee, and Physical Education and Culture Subcommittee. I am active in a subcommittee. Each subcommittee looks to the next era, exchanges opinions, identifies local issues in order to continue to grow, and works on problem-solving management.
*・Farm to table plan*
with Ikiiki Farm
* ▼Ikiiki Farm*
This is a store that connects producers (farmers) and consumers, with the hope that producers “lively grow vegetables” and consumers “eat vegetables and lively”. “Tsubaki Yasai” is made with care in a rich natural environment, using the pulp of the camellia fruits that are grown all over Fukue Island, which is also called the island of camellias, as a natural fertilizer after squeezing out the oil. It’s sweet, fresh, and has the natural flavor of the island.
* 3. Regional conservation activities *
Beach clean activity
About Colorito Co., Ltd.
Colorito was established with the aim of creating a society where everyone can choose to live a happy life in their own way. “Hotel” “2ndHome” “Local”
Starting with the “Kararito Goto Islands”, we will create an integrated system of business based on the three keywords of “good”. We will expand our business field throughout Kyushu and propose new lifestyles. Company name: Colorito Co., Ltd.
Established: January 29, 2020
Representative: Yuya Hirasaki
Address: 1-7-12 Samurai House, Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture 853-0017 About Kararito Goto Islands
“Kararito Goto Islands” is “a radiant time to transform into your unpretentious self”
This is a hotel with an ocean view concept in which all rooms have an ocean view. Through lodging, restaurants, and asobi, we provide an experience where you can enjoy the rich nature and culture of the Goto Islands with all five senses.
Name: Colorit Goto Islands (Colorit GOTO ISLANDS)
Address: 546-2 Hamacho, Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture 853-0026 Rooms: 48 rooms (double, twin, loft, maisonette)
Facilities: Hotel rooms, cafe & restaurant, large communal bath with semi-open-air bath, etc.
Opening: August 14, 2022
Official website:
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