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Home » Kiyo Bank and ByWill sign a “Collaboration Agreement on Carbon Credits” to achieve decarbonization and carbon neutrality in Wakayama Prefecture

Kiyo Bank and ByWill sign a “Collaboration Agreement on Carbon Credits” to achieve decarbonization and carbon neutrality in Wakayama Prefecture

Kiyo Bank and ByWill sign a “Collaboration Agreement on Carbon Credits” to achieve decarbonization and carbon neutrality in Wakayama Prefecture

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Kiyo Bank and ByWill sign a “Collaboration Agreement on Carbon Credits” to achieve decarbonization and carbon neutrality in Wakayama Prefecture
*Promote the creation and distribution of environmental value including carbon credits, and aim to circulate environmental and economic value within Wakayama Prefecture through “local production for local consumption”*
ByWill Co., Ltd. aims to achieve carbon neutrality in all 47 prefectures of Japan (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Shimomura)
Yuichiro (hereinafter referred to as “Bywill”) is the Kiyo Bank, Ltd. (Head Office: Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Haraguchi)
We have concluded a partnership agreement regarding carbon credits with Hiroyuki (hereinafter referred to as “Kiyo Bank”).
Based on this, we will promote the creation and distribution of environmental value such as J-Credit, and strengthen collaboration toward the creation of a decarbonized, carbon neutral, and sustainable local community in Wakayama Prefecture.

This is the 36th collaboration with a financial institution. In addition, the number of customers introduced to us by financial institutions, etc. with which we have concluded contracts has exceeded 600 nationwide.
[Conclusion date]
* Thursday, March 28, 2024 *

[Background of conclusion of collaboration agreement]
In order to achieve Japan’s carbon neutrality goal of 2050, many businesses, including prime listed companies, are promoting
decarbonization activities with the aim of making their companies carbon neutral.
One means of achieving this goal is “carbon offset”, which uses carbon credits and non-fossil certificates that make “environmental value” tradable to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be reduced by the company itself.

However, despite the high demand, there is a significant shortage in the distribution of environmental value, and creating environmental value is an urgent need to achieve carbon neutrality.
Factors contributing to this shortage include a lack of information regarding environmental value creation, the large amount of time and cost involved in the creation procedures, and concerns about sales.

Therefore, in order to eliminate this factor, ByWill is promoting initiatives such as educational activities aimed at creating environmental value, acting on behalf of the creation process, and searching for sales partners.

By concluding this partnership agreement, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality in Wakayama Prefecture by bringing together Kiyo Bank’s regional network and ByWill’s J-Credit and other environmental value-related services.

* [Agreement details] *
ByWill and Kiyo Bank will cooperate with each other on the following three points.

(1) Providing information, services, know-how, etc. regarding environmental value such as J-Credit
(2) Creation of new business models that utilize environmental value such as J-Credit
(3) Other matters related to regional decarbonization and carbon neutrality Through this partnership agreement with Kiyo Bank, we will support the creation of environmental value mainly within Wakayama Prefecture and connect it to consumers mainly within the prefecture, thereby circulating environmental value and economic value in Wakayama Prefecture. We aim to

[Comment from Yuichiro Shimomura, CEO of ByWill Co., Ltd.]
We are very happy that Kiyo Bank, a representative financial institution in Wakayama Prefecture, has chosen our company.
Over the course of about nine months, we had many discussions with Kiyo Bank about what kind of collaboration is possible. We have now concluded a collaboration agreement. Thank you very much.
Wakayama Prefecture is a land with a high proportion of forests, so much so that it is also called the “Land of Trees.” Some of these areas include areas with deep history such as Mt. Koya and the Kumano Kodo. In addition, steel and oil refineries have long been located on the seaside of the Kihoku region, and are currently undergoing GX (Green Transformation) with the aim of supplying next-generation energy.
Even in Wakayama Prefecture, we recognize the increasing need for decarbonization and carbon neutrality efforts. Kiyo Bank is expected to play a leading role in this.
Kiyo Bank has recently started working on the realization of “local production of environmental value for local consumption” in Wakayama Prefecture, which involves disseminating environmental initiatives within the prefecture, converting them into environmental value, and circulating the value to companies within the prefecture. Masu. Together with Kiyo Bank, we will contribute to achieving carbon neutrality in Wakayama Prefecture.

[BiWill’s carbon neutrality promotion support]
ByWill aims to promote carbon neutrality in Japan through the following four types of support.

1. * Environmental value creation support (credit creation) * In order to achieve carbon neutrality, companies are being asked to accelerate their decarbonization actions. Bywill undertakes the entire process of converting companies’ efforts toward decarbonization into credits, thereby eliminating the “disadvantages” of the creators and supporting further efforts toward decarbonization.

2. * Environmental value buying and selling (credit procurement/brokerage) * We provide one-stop support through a wide range of credit buying and selling, both domestically and internationally, to help achieve the high-level CO2 reduction goals demanded by the times and society.

3. * Decarbonization consulting *
To solve the problem of not knowing where to start when it comes to “decarbonization” and “carbon offsets,” we offer an “e-learning service” that helps you acquire basic knowledge and take the first step toward decarbonization. We are developing a “workshop (+ consulting) service” for

Four. * Brand consulting *
We promote “sustainability branding” to increase corporate value and establish a brand that is loved for a long time both inside and outside the company. We provide comprehensive support for brand strategy, inner branding, and outer branding, including the
formulation of purpose and PR of GX-related initiatives.

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【Company Profile】
■Company name: Bywill Co., Ltd.
■Head office: 6th floor, Gunma Building, 2-3-21 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ■Official website:
・Representative Director and CEO Yuichiro Shimomura
・Representative Director and CSO Yosuke Isa
■Established: November 11, 2013
*From April 1, 2023, the company name will be changed from Forward Co., Ltd. to ByWill Co., Ltd.
■Business details:
・Environmental value creation support project (credit creation) ・Environmental value buying and selling business (credit procurement/brokerage) ・Decarbonization consulting business
・Brand consulting business
“* A Japan that will always be loved. By force of will. *”
In a world that is constantly changing, values ​​are diversifying and the truth is uncertain.
That’s why ByWill believes in the power of will and supports all kinds of sustainable changes, thereby contributing to creating a Japan that future generations can be proud of.
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