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Home » Co., Ltd. Kasuya Town, Fukuoka Prefecture begins using “CloudSign(R)︎” with the introduction o f electronic contract service Co., Ltd. Kasuya Town, Fukuoka Prefecture begins using “CloudSign(R)︎” with the introduction o f electronic contract service Co., Ltd.
Kasuya Town in Fukuoka Prefecture begins using “CloudSign(R)︎” with the introduction of electronic contract service
~ Promoting local electronic contracts with a local government adoption share of approximately 70%* ~
……, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Taichiro Motoei) announced that Kasuya Town, Fukuoka Prefecture (Mayor: Akira Hakoda) has introduced the contract management platform
“CloudSign(R)︎”. We would like to inform you. In addition,
CloudSign(R)︎ has an adoption share of 70%* in local governments nationwide, and continues to promote the adoption of electronic contracts nationwide as the electronic contract service with the highest number* of electronic contract services introduced by local governments. I will continue to do so. (*) We conducted an in-house survey to compare the number of local governments that have decided to introduce the system after making a paid contract based on public recruitment, bidding, and proposal information published by local governments across the country. As of March 1, 2024.
[Image 1:×2030.png ]
Kasuya Town will start operating an electronic contract service using CloudSign(R)︎ from FY2020 as part of DX promotion to improve convenience for the administration and residents.
In introducing CloudSign(R)︎, we aim to digitize all contract work that used to be done on paper or face-to-face, optimizing business operations and accelerating DX measures. By eliminating face-to-face paperwork, it is expected to not only improve convenience for residents and local government employees, but also improve the efficiency of contract work and reduce costs for business operators. ■Comments from Kasuya Town
“In Honmachi, we have recently introduced an electronic contract system from the perspective of promoting local government DX.With the introduction of this system, the process from contract creation to conclusion has been digitized, improving business efficiency and improving contract partner You can expect cost reductions such as stamp duty being eliminated.Other benefits include reducing the physical storage space required by traditional paper contracts and making it easier to search for signed contracts. We believe that we can enjoy various other benefits, and we would like to continue to utilize the electronic contract system to promote DX in Kasuya Town.” CrowdSign(R)︎ has been introduced and operated in nearby cities such as Kanda Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, and Miyazaki City, and we aim to continue to widely introduce it in administrative agencies. We will support the digitalization of contract work processes and support the promotion of DX of contract work that will contribute to improving work efficiency for employees and convenience for residents.
[Image 2:×1084.jpg] Cloudsign(R)︎Plan for local governments: ■About Cloudsign(R)︎:
CrowdSign(R)︎ is a contract management platform that allows you to complete everything digitally, from contract conclusion to management and AI review. Contracts can be concluded smoothly and safely using electronic signatures and time stamps that comply with the Electronic Signature Act, and in 2023, Japan’s first “My Number Card Signature” function will be launched in a general-purpose electronic contract service. In addition, by proactively adopting AI technologies such as AI contract management functions and the AI ​​review support service “CloudSign Review”, we are able to shorten the time required for the entire contract process. Additionally, in the electronic contract market, it is the No. 1* service that has been widely introduced by companies and local governments.
*Fuji Chimera Research Institute Co., Ltd. “Software Business New Market 2023 Edition” (electronic contract tool 2022 results) Market share
◆About Co., Ltd.: Head Office: Kurosaki Building, 4-1-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Establishment date: July 4, 2005
Capital: 463 million yen (as of the end of December 2023)
Representative: Taichiro Motoei, Representative Director, President and CEO Listing market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market
Business details: With the mission of “Creating the next common sense through professional tech,” we have created portal sites that connect people and experts: “️”, “Tax️”, and “BUSINESS LAWYERS( R)️” and contract management platform
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