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On-site photography service “OurPhoto” has exceeded 100,000 total shots!

Ururu Co., Ltd.
On-site photography service “OurPhoto” has exceeded 100,000 total shots! ~ Due to an increase in opportunities to go out and a recovery in demand from tourists visiting Japan, the need for on-site photography at travel destinations is expanding ~
OurPhoto Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ishitsugu Tanaka) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ururu Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomoya Hoshi), which operates multiple SaaS services as a leading company in solving labor shortage issues. , hereinafter referred to as “OurPhoto”), is pleased to announce that the cumulative number of photos taken has exceeded 100,000 in March 2024. To commemorate this occasion, we will be introducing carefully selected wonderful photos taken in a variety of scenes on our special website “Our Photo.”
[Image 1:×577.jpg] (Special site: “OurPhoto” is a matching service that connects individuals who want their photos taken with photographers who want to take their photos. The shooting location is not limited to the studio, but we use a style called “on-site shooting” where the photographer comes to a designated location, and depending on the user’s needs, we can take photos of anniversaries and other days that we want to remember. can.
After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for on-site photo shoots at travel destinations is increasing due to an increase in opportunities to go out and a recovery in demand from tourists visiting Japan.
At OurPhoto, we not only handle events such as “Omiya Shrine”, “Shichi-Go-San”, and “Coming of Age Ceremony”, but in recent years, “Newborn Photos”, which allow you to keep precious memories of your newborn as a memento, have become popular. The number of requests has increased approximately 5.6 times*1 compared to 2019. In May 2023, the classification of the new coronavirus was moved to “Type 5″ under the Infectious Diseases Act, and various regulations were relaxed, opportunities to go out increased, and demand from tourists visiting Japan recovered. , “OurPhoto” is also seeing an increase in the number of people who travel to take photos at their travel destinations. In fact, the number of photo shoots in the “travel” genre in 2023 will significantly increase by 161%*2 compared to the previous year. For on-site photography at your travel destination, we can arrange for a photographer who lives in the area. It’s a bit different from regular business trip photography, as you can have your photos taken while being guided by a local guide, and you can take photos at “recommended photo spots” that you only know because you live locally. You can experience it.
The cumulative number of photos taken with “Our Photo” has now exceeded 100,000. As awareness of on-site photo shoots increases and shooting scenes become more diverse, on-site photo shoots are becoming more accessible and enjoyable all over the country.
*1: Comparison of the number of shots taken in November 2019 and November 2023 in OurPhoto’s “Newborn Photo” genre.
*2: Comparing the annual number of photos taken in 2022 and 2023 in the “travel” category on OurPhoto.
To commemorate the cumulative total of over 100,000 shots, we are introducing photos taken with “OurPhoto”!
In order to convey that “OurPhoto” is used in a variety of situations, including life-changing events and casual daily scenes with families, couples, friends, etc., we have announced the cumulative number of shots taken using “OurPhoto”. We will introduce a number of photos taken with “OurPhoto” on a special site commemorating the 100,000th anniversary.
We would like you to take this opportunity to learn about
“OurPhoto,” which is not only a simple photography service, but also allows you to keep memories of the shooting process and take unique and wonderful photos that you won’t find anywhere else. am thinking. Special site:
[Example of photo]
[Image 2:×667.jpg] Photo by Hiroki Shirai
[Image 3:×667.jpg] Photo by Go Mizutani
[Image 4:×666.jpg] Photo by Tomofusa Takagi
[Image 5:×667.jpg] Photo by Tomofusa Takagi
[Image 6:×668.jpg] Photo by Ikuma Namiki
[Image 7:×667.jpg] Photo by Yu Kataoka
In the future, “OurPhoto” will continue to make the special experience of having a photographer take a photo more familiar, so that everyone can more easily create wonderful memories of their ordinary daily life, and by being close to every scene of life, we will create new We aim to create a photographic culture.
What is “OurPhoto” (
●Authentic photos available at low prices starting from 11,000 yen OurPhoto is a matching site where you can directly request
photographers without having a store.
At reasonable prices, we offer photography for a wide range of occasions, from anniversaries to everyday life.
●Since it is a business trip shoot, it also helps prevent coronavirus infections.
Unlike studio photography, we achieve a less crowded shooting style because we travel to shoot.
Our photographers also take precautions against the spread of infection, so you can trust us with your requests.
●Reserve in 1 minute with your smartphone
Procedures and payments can be completed in about 1 minute online only. It’s quick and easy to take pictures in close quarters.
[Uruuru Group Overview] Ururu Co., Ltd. ( Established: August 31, 2001
Address: KDX Harumi Building 9F, 3-12-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative name: Tomoya Hoshi
Business details:
◆CGS (Crowd Generated Service) business *CGS is Ururu’s unique business model that utilizes crowd workers.
・Telephone agency service “Fondesk”
・Bid information breaking service “NJSS” “nSearch*1”
・Photo sales system for kindergartens and nursery schools “En Photo”
・On-site photography service “OurPhoto” *2 ◆Crowdsourcing business
・Operation of the platform “Shufti”
◆BPO business *3
・Comprehensive outsourcing “Ururu BPO” ・High-precision AI-OCR service “eas” ・Total support service for employment of people with disabilities “eas next”
*1 Operated by Brainfeed Co., Ltd.
*2 Operated by OurPhoto Co., Ltd.
*3 Operated by Ururu BPO Co., Ltd.
■Contact information regarding services
OurPhoto Co., Ltd. Business Development Department
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