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Super compact and lightweight! Electric air pump for balls “HC01”

Gathertech Co., Ltd.
Super compact and lightweight! Electric air pump for balls “HC01” [High-speed air filling/Full-fill automatic stop function/Built-in air needle for ball]
Gathertech Co., Ltd. has started a crowdfunding project for the ball-specific electric air pump “HC01” on GREEN FUNDING from March 28, 2024.
Product page:
[Image 1:×386.png ]
There are 5 recommended points:
1. Small and compact, completely fills the ball in 30 to 50 seconds! 2.Easy to operate. Automatic filling with one touch, automatic stop when full! 3.4 air pressure settings and high-precision filling always achieve the optimal ball feel!
4. Minimizes operating noise and operates with a low noise of only 45dB. 5. The air needle for the ball is built-in and easy to store, so you don’t have to worry about losing it!
[Image 2: ]
Have you ever pushed a soccer ball or other object with your hands and felt that too much air was getting into it? There’s no problem with just one ball, but wouldn’t it be a bit troublesome to feel all the balls while practicing shooting? The electric air pump “HC01” solves this problem!
[Image 3:] “HC01” is compact and convenient to carry. It quickly fills soccer balls, etc. in 30 to 50 seconds, and automatically stops when it is full. Furthermore, it can be used continuously, allowing you to inflate 20 basketballs at once. This is a product that everyone who loves ball games should try.
[Image 4:×850.png ]
POINT 1: Compact and small
[Image 5:] “HC01” is compact and small. The size is 40 x 40 x 125 mm, smaller than a regular water cup, making it very convenient to carry. POINT 2: Easy to operate
There are many electric air pumps out there, but why should you choose this one? Unlike other electric air pumps, it memorizes the corresponding air pressure, so there is no need to set it each time. It starts automatically with the push of a button and stops when it is full. Very easy to operate.
[Image 6:] ▶Additional benefits!
[Image 7:×580.png ]
POINT 3: Low noise and can be used morning and night
Silent design effectively reduces friction and vibration of internal moving parts. The operating noise is only 45dB, making it quiet and comfortable to use.
[Image 8:×326.png ]
POINT 4: Built-in air needle for balls
Have you ever lost your ball pneumatic needle? With HC01, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. The HC01 has a storage compartment at the bottom and also comes with three standard ball air needles. Easy to take out and improve efficiency.
[Image 9:] POINT 5: Can be used continuously for a long time
To support continuous long-time use, the product is equipped with two 700mAh batteries, which can operate for 15 minutes after 1 hour of charging.
[Image 10:×580.png ]
[Image 11:×326.png ]
Product page: *The project will be open until Friday, May 31, 2024.
[Company introduction] Hello everyone. This is Gathertech Co., Ltd. With the desire to deliver great products to everyone, we used our internal resources to launch a product design, sales, and operation business with the theme of “cutting-edge technology” in 2019. We have received support totaling over 500 million yen for numerous projects we have implemented so far, and have received attention from many media outlets. Our goal is to deliver products that meet everyone’s needs while keeping an eye on changes in lifestyle over time. Thank you for your continued support. Gathertech Co., Ltd.
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