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Home » Business magazine “Ambitions Vol.4” released. Experts talk about things other than business, with art director and film director Tetsuya Chihara on the cover

Business magazine “Ambitions Vol.4” released. Experts talk about things other than business, with art director and film director Tetsuya Chihara on the cover

Business magazine “Ambitions Vol.4” released. Experts talk about things other than business, with art director and film director Tetsuya Chihara on the cover

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Business magazine “Ambitions Vol.4″ released. Experts talk about things other than business, with art director and film director Tetsuya Chihara on the cover
*Koichiro Shima talks about “books,” Miho Ohashi and Kamide talk about “moving to New York,” and Masashi Omuro and Yusuke Asakura talk about “music.”*
* NewsPicks for Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of AlphaDrive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AlphaDrive)
Today, on March 28, 2024, Business will publish the business magazine “AlphaDrive Magazine Ambitions”.
Vol.4” (hereinafter referred to as this magazine) will be published. *

Ambitions, a business magazine for innovators who aspire to change, was launched in May 2021 and has published three issues so far. This magazine, released on March 28th, will be the fourth issue.

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– * Content introduction (partial excerpt) *
*Business, business people*
*Now is the time to implement authentic culture*

*Art director/Creative director/Film director *
*Tetsuya Chihara, Representative Director and CEO of Lemon Life*

The word “culture” has been thrown around a lot in the context of corporate transformation and organizational development, and efforts to strengthen corporate culture and spread it within the company have become popular. Tetsuya Chihara, who is based in Tokyo and works on advertising and branding for various companies and brands, as well as a producer and film director, has begun working on strengthening and implementing “culture” for business people and companies.
First of all, what is culture? Why should companies and businesspeople seriously work on culture now?
We will introduce the long interview with Mr. Chihara, which is 10,000 characters long, with seven points.

* SPECIAL FEATURE (1st feature): Explore Beyond Business *
* Let’s talk about things other than business. *
We are living in an era where we don’t know the correct answer to questions about how to work, how to earn money, and how to live. If you ask generative AI, you will get an endless amount of knowledge and ideas. I believe that the hints for opening new frontiers in business can be found in the world outside of business. What exactly do the experts on the front lines get their inspiration from? A
recommendation for “crossing borders” dedicated to all business people.
[Book] Koichiro Shima, Executive Officer, Hakuhodo, Director, Hakuhodo Kettle [Moved to NY] Freelance announcer Miho Ohashi / Video director, writer Kamide and his wife
[Learning] Marketing & Business Development Advisor Mr. Hakuhiko Takahiro [Well-being] YeeY Co-founder/Representative Director Yuka Shimada [Music] Industrial physician Masashi Omuro / Animal Spirits
Representative Partner Yusuke Asakura
* SECOND FEATURE: Neo Region *
* The region plans. *
* Swells in the local economy that the metropolitan area does not know * Future-oriented and exciting businesses are popping up all over the country. Its momentum and uniqueness strongly shake up the “narrow perspective” of those of us who often talk about business in metropolitan areas. The area is interesting now.
A special feature on the front lines of the local economy that ignites the hearts of businesspeople with a sense of crisis and anticipation.

We explain the trends of Hakuhodo, a global niche company in Hiroshima known as the “Hermès of the brush industry,” large companies that are not tied to the traditional branch economy and are embarking on unique strategies, and startups in a context different from that of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

* SPECIAL ISSUE: Frontiers of Corporate Communication *
* Corporate activities turning into media *
We approached the cutting edge of corporate activities that are turning into media through statement movies, live streaming tools, and more.

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– *Comment from Aki Hayashi, Editor-in-Chief of Ambitions*

In 2023, the country will be overtaken by Germany in terms of nominal gross domestic product (GDP, dollar base), falling to fourth place in the world. In 2024, the Nikkei Stock Average has reached its highest level since 1989.
News and opinions, both sad and happy, will be heard.

How should we view our current location? After 30 years of “lost years,” has it finally come time for us to be rewarded? Or…

Passion, sensibility, creativity, taste, culture, and oneself. Concepts that have been discarded in the narrow dictionary definition of “business” are
It has come to be used right in the middle of business.
After 2023, when humanity witnessed the remarkable evolution of generative AI, the hints and driving force for us to open up new business frontiers in 2024 are:
In fact, it may exist in the world outside of business. I created this magazine based on this hypothesis.
And where exactly is this country’s growth potential that Tokyo doesn’t know about? We also featured local projects. Please enjoy this book with a slightly stronger centrifugal force.

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At AlphaDrive, we will realize various collaborations with companies and organizations through the media “Ambitions”.
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