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Ad Kintetsu Co., Ltd. Yoro Railway “substation name advertisement” now on sale!

[Ad Kintetsu Co., Ltd.] Yoro Railway “substation name advertisement” now on sale!

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Yoro Railway “substation name advertisement” now on sale!
Ad Kintetsu Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) is collaborating with Yoro Railway Co., Ltd. (Ogaki City, Gifu
Prefecture) to operate the “Yoro Railway Company” from March 2024. We have started selling “substation name advertisement”.

Yoro Railway, a railway that is close to the local community, connects Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture, and is often used by local residents for commuting to work and school.
Secondary station name advertising is a new method of approaching residents along the railway line. By naming each Yoro Railway station with a secondary station name, such as a company name or product name, and displaying it on the station name sign installed at the station, we will create a sense of familiarity and recognition. You can. As the first step, an advertisement for the substation name of Tado Taisha (Tado District, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture) will be carried out at Tado Station.
Tado Taisha Shrine is also known as “Kitaise Grand Shrine” and is visited by worshipers for various prayers.
The sub-station name of the nearest station, Tado Station, has been decided as “Happiness Prayer Tado Taisha”, and it will be displayed on the station name sign from Wednesday, March 26, 2024.
Yoro Railway Tado Station
Secondary station name: “Happy Prayer Tado Taisha”
About Yoro Railway secondary station name advertisement
For details on the Yoro Railway sub-station name advertisement, you can download media materials from the link below.
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