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Home » Preceed Japan Co., Ltd. Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Corporation Opening Commemoration Special Program “Do y ou know? Announcement of sponsorship for “Low Vision ~Between 0 and 1 Vol.4”

Preceed Japan Co., Ltd. Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Corporation Opening Commemoration Special Program “Do y ou know? Announcement of sponsorship for “Low Vision ~Between 0 and 1 Vol.4”

Preseed Japan Co., Ltd.
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Corporation Opening Commemoration Special Program “Do You Know?” Announcement of sponsorship for “Low Vision ~Between 0 and 1 Vol.4”
AVIOT will be broadcast on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Corporation on March 31st (Sunday) at 3:00 pm, a special program commemorating the opening of the station, “Do you know?” We are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring “Low Vision ~Between 0 and 1 Vol.4”. ……
This program is the fourth in a series planned and produced by Hitoshi Shiraishi, an employee of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Corporation who has low vision, based on his own experience, in order to spread understanding of low vision, which is the difference between a healthy person and a blind person. will be broadcast.
AVIOT agrees with the purpose of this program and will sponsor it, as well as introduce the bone conduction earphones “WB-E1M” in the program.
The WB-E1M, which can be worn without blocking the ears, allows you to enjoy music, radio, etc. while listening to outside sounds, making it easier for people with low vision to enjoy the lifestyle of people with low vision, who rely heavily on hearing information in their daily lives. It is a product that has the potential to enrich you. During the broadcast, our representative director Tsuchiyama will explain the appeal of this model. Please give it a listen.
■About Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Low Vision Project
“Low Vision” is a condition where daily life becomes inconvenient due to some kind of visual impairment.
People with low vision may find it difficult to understand because they may appear to be able to function without difficulty. As a result, the behavior of people with low vision that occurs due to their difficulty seeing is often viewed as strange by those around them.
A radio program planned and produced based on the thoughts of a Nippon Cultural Broadcasting station employee who also has low vision. ■About “WB-E1M”
[Image 1:×404.png ]
“Openpiece Elite” is a bone conduction earphone that combines the lightweight comfort and high sound quality that only an open type earphone can provide. This unit transmits sound through the bones as vibrations, allowing you to enjoy music while listening to surrounding sounds without sealing your ear canals.This unit features
overwhelmingly high sound quality, useful functions for both work and private use, and a smart design that matches any situation. This is the one and only premium machine that meets all of these requirements. The biggest feature is the high sound quality that envelops you. It uses a hybrid driver configuration that combines two drivers with different characteristics: a dynamic bone conduction driver and a balanced armature driver. Furthermore, AVIOT’s unique “Modern Fit Design” wraps around the entire ear, creating a fit that is not only less tiring even when used for long periods of time, but also suitable for sports.
They deliver an immersive listening experience with an excellent fit and high sound quality that overturns the image of conventional bone conduction earphones.
The directional ECM boom microphone that extends to the mouth uses unidirectional ECM to physically reduce sounds from outside, and at the same time enables clear, high-quality calls with the effect of the noise cancellation function that utilizes AI. is. The boom microphone can be attached and detached, so you can use it according to the situation.
In addition to being equipped with a sound leakage suppression mode, a long-life battery that can play up to 12 hours, and IPX5-equivalent waterproof performance, it also features a multi-point function that is useful in business situations and a highly versatile USB Type-C charging terminal.
▽Click here for details
■Product basic information
[Image 2:×483.jpg] ・Product name: Openpiece Elite directional ECM boom microphone included model (model number: WB-E1M) ・Sales price: 23,870 yen (tax included) ・Color: Metallic black/titanium silver/bronze gold ・Stores available: ・AVIOT ONLINE MALL ( ・AVIOT EC mall official stores (Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping) ・Home electronics stores and lifestyle shops nationwide (Available or not) Please contact the store)
■Basic specifications Model number: WB-E1M Driver: Hybrid type with dynamic bone conduction driver and balanced armature driver Call microphone: MEMS microphone x 1 (when directional boom microphone is not installed) Maximum talk time: Approximately 6 hours Maximum continuous Playback time: 12 hours Charging time for earphones: Approx. 1.5 hours Charging port: USB Type-C Waterproof level: IPX5 equivalent Weight: Approx. 29.5g (earphones alone) Others: Multi-point compatible (2 devices), quick charging compatible (approx. (up to 60 minutes of playback with just one minute of charging), compatible with dedicated app (AVIOT SOUND ME) Accessories: Case, USB Type-C cable for charging, USB cap, user manual, product warranty registration card, directional boom microphone + microphone windshield (Only included with WB-E1M) *Playback time may vary depending on the usage
[Bluetooth specifications] Compatible codecs: AAC, SBC Compatible profiles: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP Bluetooth version: 5.2 Multi-pairing, number of devices that can be registered: 8
[Directional boom microphone specifications] Directivity:
Unidirectional Microphone type: Electric condenser microphone x 1 ■AVIOT
[Image 3:×476.jpg] AVIOT is an original brand of Preseed Japan Co., Ltd. that was launched in 2018. With the aim of producing sound that conveys the high quality of a Japanese manufacturer, delicate and beautiful designs, and products that bring IoT closer to everyone and make it easier for anyone to use, we have created the “Audio-Visual Internet of Things.” We named them after their initials.
Starting in 2023, we will incorporate the meaning of “A Visionary Innovation On Technology” into our brand name and make a fresh start as a total electronics brand that is not bound by the framework of audiovisual products.
Based on our philosophy of being a brand that brings innovation through the power of technology and embodies our customers’ ideals, we will deliver to everyone “things that will change your life.” ■Company overview
Trade name: Preceed Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hirokazu Tsuchiyama, Representative Director Address: Kitasando DT Building 3F, 4-16-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 ■Business details:
Manufacturing and sales of consumer electronics products
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