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Home » World Co., Ltd. First overseas pop-up store of designer brand used select shop “RAGTAG” – 3 months in Bangkok, Thailand, where secondary distribution needs are expanding –

World Co., Ltd. First overseas pop-up store of designer brand used select shop “RAGTAG” – 3 months in Bangkok, Thailand, where secondary distribution needs are expanding –

World Co., Ltd.
First overseas pop-up store of designer brand used select shop “RAGTAG” – 3 months in Bangkok, Thailand, where secondary distribution needs are expanding –
From Thursday, March 28, 2024 to Saturday, June 15, 2024, World Co., Ltd. will open a designer brand used select shop “Central World”, a shopping mall located in the center of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. We will be opening a pop-up store for “Ragtag”. This will be the first time for Ragtag to open an overseas store in Thailand, where secondary distribution needs are rapidly expanding, and the store will spend approximately three months communicating the appeal of Ragtag to local customers.
“Ragtag”, which will be opened this time, is a select shop developed by Tin Pan Alley Co., Ltd. of the World Group, and consists of secondary distribution products such as designer brands, casual to high-end brands, bags, shoes, and accessories. The value of secondary distribution has increased further as the recent SDGs perspective has been added to the product lineup that is required for “coveted brands at reasonable prices,” and demand is growing not only from domestic customers but also from inbound tourists. .
World Group’s overseas expansion is currently centered on Asia, selecting brands that suit the regional characteristics and tastes of each country and opening stores there. In Thailand, we opened Takeo Kikuchi stores in 2017, and consumption has become even more active, especially among the wealthy local population. This store opening will be carried out in collaboration with World Saha Fashion Co., Ltd., which is responsible for international business in Thailand, and will look to open future overseas stores while understanding the needs of the market and customers.
[Image 1:×849.jpg] “Ragtag” pop-up store (41 tsubo) will be open at Central World from March 28th (Thursday) to June 15th (Saturday)
Key points of this “Ragtag” pop-up store
A one-of-a-kind used select shop, we carry apparel and miscellaneous goods from luxury brands as well as Japanese designer brands that are becoming increasingly popular in Thailand. With valuable one-of-a-kind items that can only be found at used select shops, you can create your own unique style that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Men’s: Women’s: Miscellaneous goods = 4:4:2
Enjoy the joy of choosing with a reliable selection of products. We guarantee reliable quality and prices through the buying power unique to Ragtag and the authenticity of brands checked by experienced buyers. Even overseas customers can experience the joy of choosing used items with peace of mind.
Creating a stylish and open space You can enjoy shopping in a stylish, clean, and open space that changes the image of used goods. It was designed by Asplund Co., Ltd., a group company that also handles interior design for commercial facilities and luxury hotels.
[Image 2:×584.jpg] [About Central World, where “Ragtag” will open this time]
A convenient shopping mall directly connected by skywalk from Siam Station on the BST (Sky Train) elevated railway system in the capital city of Bangkok. It is a popular shopping spot for wealthy locals, influencers, and many tourists, as it has a wide selection of carefully selected, high-quality products, and also carries many popular fashion brands from overseas.
[About “Ragtag”]
[Image 3:×327.jpg] Since opening our first store in Harajuku in June 1985, we have opened stores in fashion buildings and station buildings, and currently have 22 stores. We boast a track record of purchasing 700,000 items annually, and manage them all at our product center rather than at individual stores. After undergoing authenticity checks and repairs, we have achieved OMO from an early stage by selling all products online in parallel with in-store sales.
*Thailand, where we will be opening a store this time, will only have physical stores at the start.
Tin Pan Alley Co., Ltd. Company Profile Company name: Tin Pan Alley Co., Ltd.
Head office address: 8th floor, Daiwa Shinagawa North Building, 1-8-11 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001
Established September 18, 1985
Representative Daisuke Hirano
Capital: 99 million yen (100% owned by World Co., Ltd.)
Business content: Domestic and foreign designer brand clothing (ladies, men, children)
Purchase and sale of bags, watches, and jewelry.
Number of stores: 22 stores, including “Ragtag”, 1 “R.T.” store, and 1 “Use Bowl” store
Local company overview *World Group
Name: World Saha Fashion Co., Ltd. (World Saha Fashion)
Address: 129/1 Chongnonthri Road, Chongnonthri, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand Business details: Business development of our men’s brand “Takeo Kikuchi” in Thailand
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