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GoQSystem Co., Ltd. Experience the powered-up GoQSystem! Goku is good after all Campaign

GoQSystem Co., Ltd.
Experience the powered-up GoQSystem! [Goku is good after all] Campaign A must-see for those who have used Goku before or those who have tried Goku for free! Restored the account at that time. Data migration and construction is free even if you leave it to our staff!
GoQSystem, a mail-order unified management system developed and provided by GoQSystem Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takuji Fujimoto), has a comeback campaign “Yappari Goku ga Ine Campaign” for those who have experience using the system. We are implementing it.
[Image 1:×288.png ]
Campaign overview
The e-commerce industry is rapidly expanding. GoQSystem adds new features every day, including cooperation with various fulfillment services.
Of course, we have also expanded our support system, which has been very well-received as a “support desk that you can always connect to and find solutions to.”
This time, we are holding a campaign for those who have used Goku once (cancelled their subscription) or those who have tried the free trial. While adding functionality, the user experience has also been improved through UI changes.
We hope you will try the upgraded GoQSystem again.
More powerful than when I was using it! We have added many requested features. (One case)
■Invoice output completed with one click
You can output invoices directly from the Goku system without having to go through eHiden or Yupuri R.
■Central management of inquiries received individually to each mall You can centrally manage inquiries received individually from Rakuten, Yahoo!, etc. using the Goku system.
There is no need to log into each mall’s management screen.
■Completely automate mail order operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Collaboration with Yamato Transport’s fulfillment service By having logistics operations handled by Yamato Transport and order processing automatically handled by GoQSystem, high-quality services can be achieved with fewer personnel and costs.
■Complete response to various system amendments
Fully compatible with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act and the invoice system. From October 1, 2023, the consumption tax eligible invoice storage system (invoice system) will be implemented, and the Goku system will also be compatible with this system.
You can continue to use the service as usual.
In addition to this, we have added many functions, added collaboration destinations, and improved the UI.
Please contact us for details.
Campaign details
■Campaign name
After all, Goku is a good campaign.
■Campaign target audience
・Those who have used GoQSystem in the past
・Those who have previously tried GoQSystem for free
■Campaign benefits
[1] Restore the account once registered!
You can restart immediately with no initial settings required. [2] You can try the free trial once again!
If you are able to sign a contract, early contract discounts may be applied. [3] Free support for data migration and construction!
Our experienced dedicated staff provides thorough support for environment construction and switching.
■Campaign details page/participation application
What is Goku system?
[Image 2:×500.jpg] GoQSystem is a system that allows you to centrally manage your mail order operations. Since orders, sales, inventory, and product information for all online shops can be managed within one system, business efficiency can be significantly improved.
[Main functions]
■Order management
You can import orders from each mall/cart and process them
automatically and in batches on one screen.
■Sales management
It is possible to centralize and visualize sales data.
You can automatically calculate royalties and easily manage your income and expenses.
■Inventory collaboration
It is possible to automatically update the inventory quantity for each mall/cart. Inventory coordination is possible at minimum intervals of one minute, which prevents oversales.
■Product management
You can list, update, and duplicate products in each mall/cart all at once. ■Logistics management
By collaborating with each distribution warehouse, you can automate and streamline shipping operations.
We have also improved the management of our own warehouses by using smartphones as handheld terminals.
– Learn more about GoQSystem – – Contact us – – Download service materials – – Apply for a 20-day free trial – [Company Profile] GoQSystem Co., Ltd. Address: NS Kyobashi Building 5F, 1-6-12 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: February 25, 2009 Business content: System development, design business, Video business, online shopping business
Representative: Representative Director Takuji Fujimoto Official website URL:
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