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Home » Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Kaidan Live Bar Thriller Night x Asakusa Nine Theater “Asakusa Kaidan” will be held

Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Kaidan Live Bar Thriller Night x Asakusa Nine Theater “Asakusa Kaidan” will be held

[Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd.] Kaidan Live Bar Thriller Night x Asakusa Nine Theater “Asakusa Kaidan” will be held

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Press release: March 28, 2024
Ghost Story Live Bar Thriller Night x Asakusa Nine Theater “Asakusa Kaidan” will be held
*Experience a ghost story at a small theater… Asakusa Kugeki’s first ghost story live Performers announced and ticket sales now on sale! * First collaboration project between Ghost Story Live Bar Thriller Night and Asakusa Kugeki* “Asakusa Ghost Story”*
An unlikely combination of ghost storytellers and a ghost story that can be experienced in the entire space of a small black box theater… Two consecutive nights and live streaming have been decided! The performers are…
Tuesday, April 30th
Fear Specialist * Murakami Locke *
Ghost story junkie born in Yokohama * Ryokichi *
Hell’s Possession Messenger *Gandhi Yokosuka*
Wednesday, May 1st
Fear Specialist * Murakami Locke *
Mr.Creepy* Issei Kunisawa*
The only child of a cursed family * Hanitora Umeki *
Asakusa Kugeki, which has celebrated its 7th anniversary since its opening, is also focusing on independent performances, and this is the first attempt to make full use of the theater’s characteristic black box space, a rectangular black space with an integrated audience stage. We will be holding a ghost story event. One of the best in the industry and a new sensation
In collaboration with “Ghost Story Live BAR Thriller Night”, the unlikely* Asakusa Nine Theater x Ghost Stories*
We will deliver it to you. We will also be streaming live online from our theater, which is also an online theater!

Furthermore, there is a COFFEE BAR on the first floor of the theater, which is also operated by our company.
You may bring in food and drinks purchased at the box office. Listen to ghost stories while enjoying coffee, alcohol, and light snacks. For two nights, the theater, which is usually filled with plays and musicals, trembles with fear…We look forward to your visit.

-Performance official website-
-Event schedule-
Wednesday, April 30th Part 1 starts at 17:00 / Part 2 starts at 20:00 Thursday, May 1st Part 1 starts at 17:00 / Part 2 starts at 20:00 *40 minutes before the performance, line up in order of serial number, doors open 30 minutes before the performance
Sales start from 20:00 on Thursday, March 28, 2024
Handling: Paskip (electronic ticket)
●Venue tickets Admission in order of ticket number/All seats are free ・Each part: ¥3,500 (tax included)
・Both section ticket: ¥6,500 (tax included)
●Distribution ticket Live distribution & archived distribution until May 5th (Sunday) 21:00
・Each part: ¥1,500 (tax included)

murakami rock
[Nickname] Rock-san
[Ghost story history] Since childhood
~Media information~
・True Ghost Stories Club Fuji TV ONE
・Let’s hear the ghost story of Shihana Entertainment Tele
・The world you still don’t know about TV Asahi
・First time hearing ghost stories TV Osaka
・Chaos Sumikura’s Ghost Story Lucis Channel Horror
・Time of Chance AbemaTV
 Many other appearances
DVD “Mystery Collector Murakami Rock” 1-5 Rakusosha
[Nickname] Charlie
[Ghost story history] 2014~
~Media information~
Kaidan Saikyousen 2022 Winner
·Nonstop! Fuji TV series
・True Ghost Stories Club Fuji TV ONE
・Yoruno Brunch TBS series
・Nino-san Nippon Television Network
・Let’s hear the ghost story of Shihana Entertainment Tele
“Mystery Collector Ryokichi Iyama” Rakusosha
“Ghost Story Addiction Ryokichi Iyama” Rakusosha
“True Story Strange Story: Strange Monster Gate” Takeshobo
Gandhi Yokosuka
[Nickname] Gan-chan
[Ghost story history] 5 years
~Media information~
・Participated in Kaidan Saikyōsen
・Regular appearance in Kaidan for the first time
・Junji Inagawa Kaidan Grand Prix Winner
・Tell me the ghost story Shihana
・Time of Chidori’s Chance
Issei Kunisawa
[Nickname] Kuniyan
[Ghost story history] 20 years
~Media information~
・Horrifying story
·Arashi ni shiyagare
・Unbelievable Babo
・Bulging scrum
・Red carpet
・LOL on-air battle ・M-1 semifinals
・Manzai Award Final
・ABC Comedy Grand Prix Final
・Win the Wish Ranking GP
・Online game Nexon commercial
・Winner of the Mysterious Detective Team Ghost Story GP
 Many other appearances
Hanitora Umeki
[Nickname] Hanitora Umeki
[Ghost story history] 5 years
~Media information~
・Gogo Nama NHK
・My Gaya is sorry Nippon Television
・Thanks to everyone at Tunnels CX
・Housework Yarou TV Asahi
・Momoclo-chan~Clover Z Channel~ “Takajo Occult Club” 1st and 2nd Winner ・Yamikin Ushijima-kun as Kuroda
・Let’s hear the ghost story of Shihana Entertainment Tele
・It really happened! Cursed video fan meeting
・Matsubara Tanishi’s Hora ~ Journey ・caicatari TV Asahi
Many other appearances
Ghost Story Live Bar Thriller Night
Ghost Story Live Bar Thriller Night Kabukicho Branch
3F, Planned Building 2246 Building, 2-24-6 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Business hours 19:00-5:00
Closed: Sunday (Open from 19:00-23:00 from June to the end of September)
Thriller Night is a new type of ghost story live bar that delivers live ghost stories by professional ghost storytellers.
In the ghost story live show, you will listen to one 15-minute ghost story per hour.
A ghost storyteller’s experience with the event, and what’s special about Kabukicho.
There are over 100 stories of mysterious incidents that occur. When you’re not performing, enjoy a drink in the restaurant that resembles an abandoned ruin.
You can have it. The pricing system is based on an all-you-can-drink plan. This is a set plan that includes one live ghost story and 60 minutes of all-you-can-drink. The set plan is 4,480 yen/person.
It is possible to extend the plan. In case of extension,
1 live ghost story + 60 minutes of all-you-can-drink for an additional 2,980 yen/person.
We can guide you at an affordable price.
Will you be able to withstand the horror of this spine-chilling horror story brought to you by a professional ghost storyteller?
Asakusa nine plays
Official website:
Official X:
A theater opened by entertainment production company Lepro
Entertainment in March 2017 in Asakusa, a sacred place for the entertainment industry. We are celebrating our 8th year in business. Aiming to be a theater that nurtures people, we have provided a variety of entertainment. In June 2020, it was renewed as an online theater, and we are now streaming performances, live performances, and other events.
In theater, Bed & Making, Company de la Cinella, Come Come Minikina, good morning N°5, Monthly “Nemoto Muneko”, atlas, GROUP
From talented companies such as THEATER and Pink Liberty,
SPOTTEDLIGHT’s “Alps Stand no Hashi no Kata”, “Edaniku” written by Takuya Yokoyama and directed by Yoshinobu Chung, and theater company AUN.
age’s “Othello,” and Sapporoza/Dosanko Men’s Toko Club’s “In May, a Flower Blooms in a Forgotten Corner of the Garden.” In addition, it is used by a wide variety of creators for dance performances, rakugo performances, live music, art exhibitions, events, and more. COFFEE BAR Sajiki
Address: 2-16-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
Business hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-23:00 / Sun 9:00-21:00
Phone number: 03-6802-7950
Other: Wi-Fi available in store, takeout possible, pets allowed on terrace Instagram:
[Asakusa Nine Club] A project created by the entertainment agency Lepro Entertainment. We will create a [theater + hotel] in Asakusa, the birthplace of Japan’s popular entertainment, and aim to promote world peace through the inspirational contents of Lepro Entertainment. It is one of our important bases where we communicate our commitment to contributing. He will be the face of Asakusa Nine Club and act as a liaison between the hotel and the theater.
It is a one-of-a-kind space with a calm interior, serving carefully selected coffee and mainly Japanese alcohol.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Official website:
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