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Home » Sami Co., Ltd. The second batch of movable leather shoes AVOCCO business shoes made by an Italian travel shoe manufacturer started pre-sale at Makuake, and the target amount was achieved on the same day.

Sami Co., Ltd. The second batch of movable leather shoes AVOCCO business shoes made by an Italian travel shoe manufacturer started pre-sale at Makuake, and the target amount was achieved on the same day.

Sanbi Co., Ltd.
The second batch of mobile leather shoes [AVOCCO] business shoes made by an Italian travel shoe manufacturer started pre-sale at Makuake, and the target amount was achieved on the same day.
Luxury design and super lightweight! The second edition of the 2024 version of leather shoes that can be moved is now available! ……
Sanmi Best Co., Ltd., which sells new overseas products in Japan mainly through crowdfunding, will pre-sell “2nd edition of movable leather shoes [AVOCCO] business shoes made by an Italian travel shoe manufacturer” on Makuake. It has started.
You can purchase it at up to 33% off during pre-sale.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] This is the second edition of high-performance shoes that received many support purchases from the previous work, “Moving leather shoes [AVOCCO] business shoes seriously made by an Italian travel shoe manufacturer”! We have made further improvements based on feedback from users.
[Image 2:×1267.jpg]
[Image 3:×1838.png ]
Product concept
1. High-performance shoes that look like genuine leather business shoes, but feel like light and soft sports shoes when you put them on. 2. “It’s light!” Surprisingly ultra-lightweight and less tiring! Introducing an elegant new design from Italy
3. Even if you don’t like leather shoes, your feet are super comfortable! You can concentrate on your work without worrying about your feet while commuting or going outside.
[Image 4:×901.jpg] I would like to recommend these shoes to these people with absolute confidence. These are the “Avocco Business Shoes, a pair of leather shoes that you can move in, made by an Italian travel shoe manufacturer.” The first edition was well received, and we have decided to pre-release the new design at Makuake.
[Image 5:×761.jpg]
[Image 14:×323.jpg] These ultra-lightweight leather shoes are the perfect pair of AVOCCO shoes that combine the comfort of sports shoes with a design perfect for formal and business casual wear! This pair is perfect for Japanese business people who often walk to work.
The first thing you’ll notice when you pick it up is how light it is! When you put them on, you’ll feel the softness and comfort of the sole, and even those who don’t like leather shoes will find their feet comfortable, allowing them to comfortably carry out their daily commutes and work.
This time, as the second installment, we will deliver the new design “Plain toe model”!
A simple and versatile style with no decorations on the toe, it can be used in a wide range of situations, from business to casual. ▼Versatile plain toe model (brown/black)
[Image 7:×496.jpg] ▼Brown now available as the most popular cap toe from last time
[Image 16:×323.jpg] A pair of shoes with the ultimate in design and wearability
・High-quality design from Italy
Upper material: Full-grain top cow leather
[Image 9:×427.jpg] ・ Functionality like sports shoes
Sole: Uses phylon foam + latex
Lightweight, soft, and non-slip design that conforms to the movement of your feet.
[Image 10:×480.jpg] ・Insole: pig laser + sponge
Insole that is soft to the touch, breathable and does not get stuffy
[Image 20:×360.gif] Quality design from Italy
– Elegant texture created by the material
We used only full-grain calfskin top leather for the shoe’s upper. Although it is thin, the fibers are fine and strong, and it is said to be the best material for cowhide.
[Image 12:×351.jpg] Created by the careful work of shoe craftsmen, the original texture of the leather is beautifully reproduced.The leather has excellent breathability, prevents your feet from getting stuffy, and is soft and comfortable.
– Feels like athletic shoes
It eliminates the unique hardness and discomfort of leather shoes and creates an amazingly soft upper. It’s so soft that you wouldn’t expect it to be a leather shoe, and it flexibly wraps around your foot as it moves.
Combined with their surprising lightness, they offer a light and comfortable feel that feels just like athletic shoes.
Available in 3 styles and 2 colors each to match the occasion. 1. Plain toe model
[Image 13:×489.jpg] The plain toe model is a style suitable for formal and business occasions. The versatile style can be used in a wide range of situations, from formal and business to casual.
Black goes well with formal and business occasions. Brown goes well with business casual, neat casual occasions, and any pants style, making it perfect for going out on holidays or traveling.
“Plain toe/black” goes well with business style
[Image 14:×323.jpg] “Plain toe/brown” perfect for business casual and holidays
[Image 15:×323.jpg] 2, cap toe/brown
[Image 16:×323.jpg] Previous designs can also be sold as a set.
Previously popular designs can also be purchased as a set with new designs. This is recommended not only for those who are seeing this for the first time, but also for those who are looking for a second pair of shoes that they missed out on last time.
・Cap toe/black
・Brogue model/Brown
・Brogue model/black
Functionality like sports shoes
Surprised by how light it is! Made from sports shoes
Wearing leather shoes on a long commute can make your feet tired. The weight of the leather sole of these shoes is lighter and more comfortable than our traditional leather sole! The lighter phylon foam material reduces foot fatigue even when worn for long periods of time.
[Image 17:×360.gif ]
Phylon is a lightweight material that is used as a material for the soles of sports shoes, and is made by secondary foaming EVA, a material that has recently become a hot topic. Light and elastic.
[Image 18:×508.jpg] Many people cite “weight” as the reason why they don’t like leather shoes, but the AVOCCO Business Shoes 2024 model will shock you with its lightness. The shoes weigh only 380g per foot (for 26cm), making them as light and comfortable as sports shoes.
These business shoes will keep your feet from getting tired even if you wear them all day.
Grip power is different! Non-slip rubber sole
The sole has a unique textured surface that provides a strong grip on the ground and prevents slipping, making these leather shoes perfect for running. The uneven bottom surface effectively drains rainwater and is designed to prevent water from seeping into the shoes.
[Image 19:×631.jpg] My feet feel great! comfortable insole
The insole is made from a combination of pig leather and sponge. The pig’s top leather effectively absorbs sweat and other moisture, and the insole has numerous ventilation holes that keep the inside of the shoe comfortable as if it were breathing.
[Image 20:×360.gif] The sponge is soft and has excellent resilience, effectively distributing the weight on the shoe. It relieves the strain on your feet from daily commuting and standing work, providing comfortable support all day long.
Product details
[Image 21:×1321.jpg]
[Image 22:×1200.jpg] About sales
■Makuake implementation page
General sales price: 20,800 yen
Get up to 33% OFF on single items/up to 38% OFF on sets of 2 with super early bird purchases.
■Product page:
■Feature page:
■First sales page: Company Profile
Company name: Sanbi Co., Ltd.
Address: 122-13 Miyukigaharacho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture Established: February 20, 1997
Sanbi Co., Ltd. plans, develops, and sells its own products with the aspiration of making people happy through products.We also import products from overseas if there are products with new ideas that have not been introduced to the Japanese market. We also sell them. Through our network and our network of global partners, we introduce new ideas from around the world to Japanese consumers. We have achieved one-stop management from product development, contract conclusion, product management, inspection, and international logistics at our overseas bases, allowing us to quickly introduce new ideas to Japanese consumers.
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