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Home » 04 Limited Sazabys releases live video of “Finder” from 2 days of Nippon Budokan performance commemorating 15th anniversary

04 Limited Sazabys releases live video of “Finder” from 2 days of Nippon Budokan performance commemorating 15th anniversary

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04 Limited Sazabys releases live video of “Finder” from 2 days of Nippon Budokan performance commemorating 15th anniversary
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“Finder” from 04 Limited Sazabys’ 2-day Nippon Budokan performance held on Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 12th, 2023. A live video was released. 04 Limited Sazabys “Finder” LIVE (THE BAND OF LIFE @2023.11.11-12 NIPPON BUDOKAN) The video work “THE BAND OF LIFE” from this Budokan performance will be released on April 17th.
This performance was a premium night with a full house in
commemoration of the 15th anniversary, and the set list was almost the same on both days.
A total of 58 songs, new and old, will be performed. The footage from these two days will be recorded completely uncut. Representative songs “swim”, “monolith”, “Squall”, etc.
In addition to songs that have colored the band’s 15 years, such as their early songs “Grasshopper” and “Buster call,” this album includes “Re-swim,” which is a reconstruction of their famous song and performed with a gorgeous string corps as a guest. special for one day only
The acoustic stage will also be a highlight. It is a must-see not only for the lively performance, but also for the visuals and special effects that can only be found at Budokan. Also includes rehearsal footage leading up to Budokan and behind-the-scenes off-shots from the day. In addition, as a bonus video, a congratulatory message from a celebrity played by the members that was played during the
intermission of the performance.
Also includes interesting content. A special 84-page photo book and sleeve case containing newly taken shots and interviews with the creators are also included. While their main arena is live houses, Forimi is also in demand at large festivals across the country. For the past 15 years, he has always been a hot topic as an instigator who has entertained fans through various independent events and the release of new albums. The video at Budokan, which shows the culmination of the band’s current state, is a must-see, as the four members who have always shined at the forefront and are living the “life of a band” as the title suggests are burned into the eyes of an overcrowded audience. Prior to the general release date, advance sales will be held at the 04 Limited Sazabys “YON TOWN tour 2024 ~New Life Support GIG~” venue for the FC tour starting April 2nd. Let’s get it first. Please see the special site for details of the work and various benefits.
Let’s check it out. _________
[Image 2: &s3=19470-3667-DF645C2C2C2C949533DF061808D9585 CC6-1000×1411.jpg] 04 Limited Sazabys2024.4.17 Release “THE BAND OF LIFE”
[Blu-ray (2Disc)]/ ¥7,700 (¥7,000+tax)
[DVD (3Disc)] / ¥6,600 (¥6,000+tax)
*Sleeve case specifications
-CONTENTS-・THE BAND OF LIFE @2023.11.11-12 Nippon Budokan・DOCUMENT OF “THE BAND OF LIFE”・Congratulatory messages from celebrities・SPECIAL PHOTO BOOK (84P)-Recorded songs–Day1-01.monolith02.knife03 out08.Chicken
race09.Milestone10.Grasshopper11.kiki12.Alien13.Re-fiction14.Re-Squall15.Re-swim16.Standing here17.Now here, No where18.Warp19.midnight cruising20.Lost my
way21.Night on22.imaginary23.milk24.soup25.eureka26.Horizon27.Justen1.Terminalen2.swim-Day2-01.Keep going02.message03.fiction04.fade05.Every06.My HERO07.Brain
II12.nem…13.Re-monolith14.Re-midnight cruising15.Re-swim16.Buster
call17.discord18.Yunagi19.mahoroba20.labyrinth21.Cycle22.medley23.Honey24.hello25.eureka26.Harvest27.Squallen1.Feelen2.Give me
*Pre-sale information
Prior to the general release date on April 17th, pre-sales will be held at each venue of the FC Tour 04 Limited Sazabys “YON TOWN tour 2024 ~New Life Support GIG~” which will be held from April 2nd. “THE BAND OF LIFE” special site:
【one man live】
■FC Tour 04 Limited Sazabys “YON TOWN tour 2024 ~New Life Support GIG~”・April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) Zepp Osaka Bayside・April 4, 2024 (Thursday) Zepp Haneda・April 10, 2024 (Wed) Zepp Nagoya・April 13, 2024 (Sat) Sakurazaka Central
Ticket details:
04 Limited Sazabys A 4-piece rock band formed in Nagoya in 2008. GEN (B, Vo), HIROKAZ (G), RYU-TA (G, Cho), KOUHEI (Dr, Cho) Vo. The live performance captures the hearts of the viewers. In 2015, he released his 1st full album “CAVU” and entered the major leagues. Since 2016, I have been holding an event every spring in my hometown of Aichi Prefecture.
We are holding an outdoor rock festival called “YON FES” sponsored by the band. In 2018, they celebrated their 10th anniversary and held a Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka arena tour. In 2019, he held his first solo performance “YON EXPO” at Saitama Super Arena. They will release their 4th full album “Harvest” in October 2022 and will hold a nationwide tour with a total of 36 performances. “YON FES 2023” will be held on April 8th (Sat) and 9th (Sun), 2023, with approximately 20,000 people (sold out). To commemorate the band’s 15th anniversary, they will hold one-man live performances at Nippon Budokan on Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 12th. From January 2024, we will be conducting a tour called “MYSTERY TOUR 2024” in which guests will not be revealed until the day of the performance.
We will be hosting “YON FES 2024” on June 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun).
[Image 3:×1334.jpg] HP: /user/04LimitedSazabys official LINE account: official FC “YON TOWN”:
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