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Home » KDDI Corporation Alexandros will hold a new type of music live that combines digital live and real live at “au Digital Twin Live #0Alexandros @TOKYO NODE HALL”!

KDDI Corporation Alexandros will hold a new type of music live that combines digital live and real live at “au Digital Twin Live #0Alexandros @TOKYO NODE HALL”!

KDDI Corporation
[Alexandros] will hold a new type of music live that combines digital live and real live at “au Digital Twin Live #0[Alexandros] @TOKYO NODE HALL”!
“TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL” unveiled for the first time! Fans were impressed by the new spatial experience that combines digital and real!
KDDI Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Makoto Takahashi) announced on Thursday, March 28, 2024, that it will be working with Mori Building Co., Ltd. on “TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL -RESPECT YOU, au.” We announced the joint development and start of provision, and held a special live “au Digital Twin Live #0 [Alexandros] @TOKYO NODE HALL” with [Alexandros] as a guest to commemorate the release.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] real venue
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] Digital twin venue
Under the slogan “Toward a more interesting future with music,” KDDI is promoting a music project that aims to expand the possibilities of music to everyone through the “connecting power” of communications. Masu.
“TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL -RESPECT YOU, au” was jointly developed by Mori Building and KDDI as a co-creation project of “TOKYO NODE LAB”, which creates new urban experiences and content. It will begin operation as a permanent digital twin hall in the main hall “TOKYO NODE HALL” located on the 46th floor of “TOKYO NODE”, the information dissemination base of Toranomon Hills Station Tower operated by Mori Building.
In this “au Digital Twin Live #0 [Alexandros] @TOKYO NODE HALL”, the digital twin venue “TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL -RESPECT YOU, au” and the real venue “TOKYO NODE HALL” will be connected and linked in real time. By doing so, the real world and the digital world became one, creating an experience where you can enjoy the same sense of presence and atmosphere as if you were at the real venue. In addition, at the digital twin venue, the space will change to match the music, showing off effects unique to the digital twin space that cannot be
experienced at a real venue. Additionally, cameras were installed to show each member individually, allowing you to get a closer look at each member’s facial expressions during the concert, making it a live show where you could experience a new form of music that fuses the real and digital. On the day of the event, approximately 200 fans (real and digital twins total) gathered at the venue, and when [Alexandros] appeared, the two venues were filled with loud cheers from the fans. At this live performance, they performed three songs: “Stimulator”, “Girl A”, and “todayyyyy”. At the real venue, loud cheers and enthusiasm spread as expectations for the live performance at a close distance increased. Similarly, at the digital twin venue, the excitement was the same as at the real venue, with fans expressing their emotions using four types of emote functions (clap, headbang, side-to-side shaking, and [ ] * avatar jumping high in [ ]). The appearance too. In particular, [Alexandros]’s unique [ ] emote function expresses his excitement and appeals to [Alexandros] with his own icon. The first song, “Stimulator,” depicts a world surrounded by steel towers. The performance of climbing up the steel tower with great force also raised the expectations of fans. The second song “Girl A” expresses the strength of the song with red and orange rays. The cool and cool performance got the fans excited to the max! The third song, “todayyyyy,” featured bursting balls of light scattered throughout the open space, filling the venue with emotion as it was a fitting ending.
In the talk session after the live performance, I asked [Alexandros] what he thought about live shows being streamed in real time in the digital space, and he answered, “I think we were the first to start streaming live shows during the coronavirus pandemic. , the only thing we wanted to do was let the fans watch the streamed video.Digital Twin Live allows you to feel like you’re actually going to the venue and enjoying the live performance digitally,” said Kawakami, the vocalist. While looking back at the footage from the live performance, Riad said, “I felt that the gap was interesting because we try to do live shows that are analog and humanized,” and about the emote function, “[Alexandros]’s parentheses… “I’m flying inside [ ]! That’s amazing!”, he was amazed at the special space that can only be created digitally. In addition, when asked about the possibilities of music that can be realized in the future with productions that can only be achieved digitally, such as the expression of an open space that goes beyond the limitations of walls, Shirai answered, “In the “todayyyyy” that we performed this time, we used a shooting star production. The digital production that matched the atmosphere of the song brought out the worldview of the song even more.I think it will become even more interesting if there are more emote functions such as mosh and dive in the future.”Looking forward to future live performances. It was inflated. On the other hand, Mr. Isobe said, “I’m really looking forward to this kind of production that utilizes digital twins, because I hope that it will be a good opportunity for music to spread across countries and cultures! We hope that people who learn about our techniques will enjoy our techniques and come to see us live,” he said, raising his expectations for participation from overseas.
Finally, when asked about how the Digital Twin Hall will affect the music industry in the future, he answered, “After going through this Digital Twin Live, I realized once again how important live shows like this are, not just in real life. I think there are needs from our fans, so I would like to deliver live music at real venues and at the same time try new things like this.” Mr. Kawakami commented on future possibilities. I had high hopes for it. KDDI will continue to provide new music experiences at “TOKYO NODE HALL” and “TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL -RESPECT YOU, au” under the slogan “Toward a more
interesting future with music.” Today’s live video will be archived on [Alexandros] official YouTube
( at a later date. [TOKYO NODE HALL (real venue)]
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] TOKYO NODE HALL (real venue) 1.
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] TOKYO NODE HALL (real venue) 2.
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] TOKYO NODE HALL (real venue) 3.
[TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL – RESPECT YOU, au (digital twin venue)]
[Image 6:×360.png ]
[Image 7:×1080.jpg] TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL – RESPECT YOU, au (Digital Twin Venue) 3.
[Image 8:×1080.jpg] TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL – RESPECT YOU, au (Digital Twin Venue) 2.
[Image 9:×1080.jpg] TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL – RESPECT YOU, au (Digital Twin Venue) 4. [Event overview]
Event name: au Digital Twin Live #0 [Alexandros] @TOKYO NODE HALL Date and time: March 28, 2024 (Thursday) 18:00-19:00 Location: TOKYO NODE HALL (real venue), TOKYO NODE DIGITAL TWIN HALL – RESPECT YOU, au (Digital Twin venue) Performer: [Alexandros]
Digital twin is a technology that creates a twin-like space in digital space that is paired with the real world, making it possible to perform monitoring, simulation, etc. This digital twin hall, which precisely reproduces real spaces and things in digital space, expands the capacity of the real venue, allows you to participate in events from remote locations, and allows for productions that cannot be done physically at a real venue. . By operating this digital twin hall, TOKYO NODE HALL will synchronize the spatial effects such as video/sound/lighting of the two venues, digital and real, and project each other’s images on the screens of each venue. We create a virtual 360-degree audience seating space. As a result, in the digital space, you can feel as if you are in the real venue, and in the real venue, you can experience the production unique to the digital space. Furthermore, it is possible to convey the excitement of each venue at the same time. We will expand on this enthusiasm and create
unprecedented new experiences for live music, fan meetings, and business conferences.
[Artist information [Alexandros]]
Areki in eastern Japan, dross in western Japan. The nickname is divided among fans, just like the McDo and Mac controversy. Debuted in 2010 with the 1st album “Where’s My Potato?” from the independent label RX-RECORDS.
After its release, it had a huge impact on the rock scene and the media, quickly making a name for itself and starting the band’s meteoric rise. After signing a global contract and partnership with Universal Music, they made their major debut with the single “Wataridori/Dracula La” in March 2015 and the album “ALXD” in June. August 2018: One-man live “VIP PARTY 2018” was held at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba, attracting 35,000 people. From around this time, they have made a remarkable leap forward with large-scale arena tours and world tours, and you can’t take your eyes off their movements as they travel around the world. In recent years, we have been flooded with numerous collaboration requests. An album that includes many notable songs such as “Baby’s Alright”, the theme song for the TV Asahi Thursday drama “Roppongi Class”, “Crash”, the theme song for the movie “Violence Action”, and “Senkou”, the theme song for the movie “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway”. “But wait. Cats?” will be released in July 2022. At the end of last year (December 2023), the collaboration song “todayyyyy” for the smartphone game “Monster Strike” was released.
[Image 10:×683.jpg] From left in the image: Riad Hitake (Drs) / Hiroyuki Isobe (Ba&Cho) / Yohei Kawakami (Vo & Gt) / Maki Shirai (Gt)

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