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Home » takaya odashima A chef who loves the charm of vegetables is spreading the word about food innovation and the future envisioned through cooking throughout the world!

takaya odashima A chef who loves the charm of vegetables is spreading the word about food innovation and the future envisioned through cooking throughout the world!

takaya odashima
A chef who loves the charm of vegetables will share the world’s food innovations and the future envisioned through cooking!
My passion, a vegetable story that brings smiles and happiness to people through vegetables and cooking on this day.
This press release is about my love for cooking.
And this is the belief of “takaya odashima” that will never change. Cooking is more than just a profession in my life.
My dream since childhood was to create memorable dishes using ingredients from all over the world.
After studying abroad in France and working at a variety of
restaurants, I became fascinated by the endless possibilities of vegetables.
Now, my daily endeavor is to connect the richness of nature and people’s health through vegetables.
Bringing out the natural power contained in each vegetable and expressing it on the plate.
That is my passion and my dream to pursue.
Bringing out the true charm of vegetables,
To inspire people to live healthy lives through its deliciousness and beauty. These are my missions.
This press release introduces “My vision for vegetable cooking” and “My thoughts on food.”
I want to share it with you all! ! ! ! !
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[Table 8: ]
The vegetables I encountered while studying abroad in France in the fall of 18 years old tasted like the breath of the earth.
I was truly moved and thought, “These are the blessings of the earth.” It was unlike any other vegetable I had ever tasted, it had a strong, yet somehow benevolent flavor that absorbed plenty of the earth’s energy. At that moment, my journey as a chef began.
After graduating, I trained at restaurants around the world and became fascinated by the world of cuisine that featured vegetables. I began my career as a chef by sensing the life and expression of each vegetable and conveying its charm.
Now, as a freelance chef, I am engaged in activities that incorporate my love for vegetables, including on-site cooking, consulting for restaurants, recipe development, and running an e-commerce site.
[Table 9:] Vegetables decorate our dining tables.
Each item passes through the hands of producers before reaching us. However, the process of growing each vegetable made me realize the seriousness of the environmental problems facing the earth.
In 2015, the 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations presented the world with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Since then, the SDGs have become more recognized by many people, but progress towards improving the global environment has been slow. Even in the vegetables we enjoy every day, global issues are hidden. That’s why, as a traveling chef, I work to address the global issues hidden in each vegetable.
We believe it is important to practice sustainable food procurement. By sourcing directly from local farmers, you can keep your food fresh and reduce carbon emissions from long-distance transportation. You can also help protect soil health and promote biodiversity by choosing organic or pesticide-free vegetables.
Furthermore, seasonal ingredients are
We believe that this will encourage sustainable consumption that follows the rhythms of nature and will also lead to reducing food waste.
When thinking about menus for business trips, we try to make choices that are environmentally friendly. We believe that by communicating our philosophy to our customers, we can deepen their understanding of environmental issues and create an opportunity for them to take concrete action.
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[Table 10: ]
As I stood on the vast stage of the global environment and supported food for the future, I asked myself this question.
“What can I do?” The answer was always in my hands.
It’s cooking.
[Image 3:×1046.jpg] Each dish I make includes:
It embodies the vitality and beauty of vegetables. As a chef, I express the pure charm of vegetables on the plate.
My determination is not just to provide delicious food.
Our goal is to tell the story of each vegetable and raise awareness of the global environment through food.
It also connects to my vision.
Creating cuisine that serves as a bridge to a sustainable future, and sharing the joy of coexisting with the earth through cooking. To swear.
[Table 11:] That shocking discovery of taste that I felt at the age of 18, I think it’s my turn to tell you now.
Through my cooking, I want people to learn about the true appeal of vegetables, fish, and meat.
By incorporating not only vegetables but also other ingredients in a well-balanced manner in your daily life,
You can build a healthy diet.
I believe that you can awaken to the wonders of the earth and develop a heart of gratitude for the blessings of the earth.
Choosing each meal is the first step towards a healthy body and protecting the environment.
My cooking is more than just a meal, it is an expression of my desire to live in harmony with the earth.
With this passion, we deliver the power and beauty of vegetables to everyone.
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[Table 12:] Every day I am in the kitchen, painstakingly preparing vegetables and cooking with love.
This is because I hope that the dishes I create will bring new discoveries and joy to my customers.
I also hope that the meals we eat at each moment will be a small step toward a healthy body and an earth-friendly future.
We create a special dining experience tailored to each customer’s individual preferences.
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[Table 13:] Vegetable dishes are a blessing of nature, and you can enjoy different colors and flavors depending on the season.
It’s a gift from nature.
[Spring] Bright green leaves spread out beautifully like new buds, In [summer], it bears fruit that has been exposed to plenty of sunlight, [Autumn] has a rich golden taste,
[Winter] Cultivates a rich and deep flavor in the soil.
For me, vegetables are the key that opens endless doors to explore the world of cooking.
Captivated by its overflowing charm,
Providing people with joy and health through vegetables is the origin and mission of my aim to become a vegetable chef.
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Among them, the key points of working mainly on business trips are: I place great importance on providing highly satisfactory service to my customers and further honing my own cooking skills.
The appeal of on-site cooking is that you have the opportunity to go directly to the customer’s home or event venue and provide the food to them.
You can communicate closely with your customers and receive feedback in real time.
Not only can you customize your meal to suit your tastes, but we can also change the cooking method on the spot on the day, providing a more personalized service.
We pride ourselves on accommodating guests with allergies and specific dietary restrictions, providing a special culinary experience tailored to individual needs.
I continue to hone my cooking skills by pursuing new cooking ideas every day and offering dishes that suit various situations.
In the future, we would like to spread the joy and potential of vegetables through participatory events such as cooking classes, dinner parties, and vegetable growing experiences.
We plan to use social media to spread the word about vegetable dishes and the appeal of vegetables, so please look forward to it.
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[Table 14:] I also make dishes using meat and fish.
To live means to have a life.
[Image 8:×1046.jpg] Not only living things but also vegetables are life.
It is important to be grateful for life and enjoy it deliciously. In the coming era, it will be important to accept different values ​​regarding food without affirming or denying any ideas, such as non-vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, halal, gluten-free, etc.
Above all, I hope for a world where everyone can appreciate and enjoy food. One of the things I want to accomplish as a vegetable chef is to “convey the appeal of vegetables more.”
[Image 9:×1365.jpg] Now, it’s the season to feel the arrival of spring 2024.
In this long-awaited season,
I have prepared a special course using attractive vegetables from the Noto Peninsula.
In cooperation with producers in Ishikawa Prefecture, we collect wonderful ingredients.
It’s completed. Aiming to support reconstruction of areas affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake,
By offering special menus tailored to the seasons, we hope to ask everyone to help us with our recovery.
Enjoying seasonal vegetables is a luxurious experience.
In this course, you can fully enjoy that luxury.
Please enjoy this course that we hope you will enjoy with your loved ones on your special day! ! !
I will continue to make the people in front of me smile through my vegetable dishes.
We will communicate to the world new food values ​​that live together with the earth.
Takaya Odashima’s passion is to bring happiness to people around the world through vegetables and cooking.
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