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Home » Calbee Co., Ltd. Haruka Fukuhara appears in Calbee’s new TV commercial What is the delicious way to eat Furugr a(R), which is Fukuhara’s favorite? ? “Frugra (R) Aftergake” edition will start broadcasting nationwide from April 1 , 2024 (Monday)!

Calbee Co., Ltd. Haruka Fukuhara appears in Calbee’s new TV commercial What is the delicious way to eat Furugr a(R), which is Fukuhara’s favorite? ? “Frugra (R) Aftergake” edition will start broadcasting nationwide from April 1 , 2024 (Monday)!

Calbee Co., Ltd.
Haruka Fukuhara appears in Calbee’s new TV commercial What is the delicious way to eat Furugra(R), her favorite? ? “Frugra (R) Aftergake” edition will start broadcasting nationwide from April 1, 2024 (Monday)!
Haruka Fukuhara playfully tells us the correct answer to Frugra! Pay attention to the natural and cute appearance of Fukuhara-san, who is spending her morning just like any other day!
Calbee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shin Ehara, hereinafter referred to as Calbee) continues to appoint Haruka Fukuhara as the image character for “Frugra (R)”. The “Gake” edition will begin broadcasting nationwide from April 1, 2024 (Monday).
[Image 1:×678.jpg] The new commercial continues to feature Haruka Fukuhara, who has become established as the face of “Frugra (R)”, and this time also features the best of “Frugra (R)” newly derived from the “Frugra’s Great Correct Answer Discovery Project” launched by Calbee. We are proposing the “great answer to Frugra” by adding Frugra (R) to yogurt, which is a delicious way to eat it. Mr. Fukuhara, who will be appearing in his fourth commercial, cutely tells us about such “Frugra’s great answer”, saying, “I’m going to say something nice from now on.” Please pay attention to the expression on his face as he eats deliciously, as if you were watching Mr. Fukuhara’s usual breakfast scene.
■Reason for appointing Mr. Fukuhara
This is Haruka Fukuhara’s fourth CM for “Frugra(R)”. This work focuses once again on the “tastiness” of “Frugra (R)”, but it is precisely because Mr. Fukuhara, who is the face of “Frugra (R)” and is making his 4th work, that he has introduced “Frugra (R)” that he did not know until now. I chose this because I thought it would be able to convey the most delicious way to eat “R)”. Mr. Fukuhara is very active in dramas and as a voice actor, and I have heard that he enjoys Frugra (R) even in his busy days. This time, Mr. Fukuhara will once again put into practice the “great answer to Frugra” and express once again the appeal of this product, allowing customers to enjoy “Frugra(R)” even more deliciously than before. I hope so.
■CM production intention
The theme of this new commercial is “This is Frugra’s great answer.” The members of the “Frugra Great Answer Discovery Project”, which was launched in August 2022, have started to “redefine the
deliciousness” of “Frugra (R),” which has now become a breakfast staple. This time, we will examine how to eat “Frugra (R)” and yogurt, and we will introduce the new discovery that you can enjoy the crunchy texture even more by adding “Frugra (R)” to yogurt. ”, along with Fukuhara-san’s cute reaction. Mr. Fukuhara, who serves as the image character for “Frugra (R)” and is in his fourth work, expresses a pleasant morning spent with “Frugra (R)” that tastes even better than usual.
■Highlights of the commercial
Mr. Fukuhara, who has always been a fan of Frugra, described the most delicious way to eat Frugra (R) that anyone can easily make as “the best way to eat Frugra (R)”. “I’ll do it,” he playfully tells me. “Of course I put it in first…yogurt (instead of Frugra(R))! ” Fukuhara himself demonstrates in the commercial. It is a highlight to see the happy and surprised expressions on their faces as they enjoy the crunchy texture of Frugra(R). Please pay attention to Fukuhara-san’s natural and cute acting that makes you feel like you are watching a normal morning.
■Episodes from filming the commercial
On a crisp, sunny day, the photo was taken in a bright house studio with plenty of natural light to capture Mr. Fukuhara’s typical morning. This is Fukuhara’s fourth commercial appearance. Even though Mr. Fukuhara had actually eaten “Frugra(R)” on the morning of the shooting day, it seemed like this was the first time he had eaten it this way, and he was really surprised and said, “It’s amazing how you can enjoy the crunchy texture even more!” I did. Also, for the opening line of the commercial, we initially had various options read, but all of them were filled with Mr. Fukuhara’s charm, and the staff pondered over their concerns before deciding on “I’ll say something nice from now on!” There are some phantom takes that were not used in the making, so be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes footage as well.
■Interview with Mr. Fukuhara (partial excerpt)
Q. Please tell us your impressions of appearing in this commercial. This time was also really fun. “Frugra(R)” commercials are always homey, family-like scenes, so this time I had a lot of fun filming in a relaxed manner. I really liked Frugra(R) even before I appeared in the commercial, and I was very happy to have so many cuts to eat today.
Q. I believe you tried out “Frugra’s great solution” again this time. What did you feel was different from usual?
As expected, the crunchiness was completely different. I always add “Frugra(R)” and then add milk or yogurt, so I didn’t have the opposite idea, and when I actually tried it, I was able to enjoy the crunch until the very end, so it was really good. I thought. Q.The commercial expresses the message of wanting people to eat food even more deliciously through small improvements, but has there been a recent episode in which Mr. Fukuhara himself thought, “This is the right thing to do”?
When I keep filming for dramas and other dramas, I find it difficult to do laundry and the laundry piles up, but I recently bought a washing machine that allows you to set a timer on your phone, and ever since I’ve used it, it’s been so much easier! If you set a time to come home, your laundry will be fluffy and fluffy when you get home, so I wish I had done this earlier!It was a great decision!
Q. Lastly, please give a message to everyone watching the commercial. In the new commercial for “Frugra (R)” that I appear in this time, I express “the great answer to Frugra” that anyone can easily make. Please take a look at the commercial and enjoy “Frugra(R)”, which has an even more crunchy texture than usual!
■CM overview
Title: “Frugra(R)” Afterword” edition
Cast: Haruka Fukuhara
Broadcast start date: April 1, 2024 (Monday)
Broadcast area: Broadcast sequentially throughout the country YouTube URL:
■Product information
[Image 2:×409.jpg] Product name: “Frugra(R)”
Genre: Serial
Contents: 750g
Price: Open (estimated price around 1000 yen including tax)
Product introduction: Granola made with carefully baked grains such as oats, rye, and brown rice.
Sweet and sour fruits (strawberries, apples, raisins, papaya, etc.) This cereal is perfect for waking up feeling good in the morning. ■Storyboard
[Image 3:×1274.jpg]

■Performing talent profile
[Image 4:×394.jpg] Haruka Fukuhara
Born August 28, 1998, from Saitama Prefecture. Actor, singer, voice actor. In recent years, she has appeared in the dramas “Kyojo II” (2021/CX), “Honest Real Estate” (2022/NHK), and the TV drama series “Maiagare!” (as the heroine Mai Iwakura). Last year, he appeared in TBS’s “18/40 ~Dreams and Love for Two” (starring W) and the movie “If I could meet you again on the hill where flowers bloom.” (starring W). . Released new song “Okay”. In 2024, he will appear on NHK’s “Honest Real Estate 2”.
■“Frugra’s great answer excavation project”
“Frugra(R)” is a long-selling product that has been on the market for over 30 years. We sell a variety of products, including the regular Frugra(R) in the red package, as well as low-carbohydrate and limited-time flavors.
Now that “Frugra (R)” has become a product loved by many people, Calbee once again asked, “What is the deliciousness of “Frugra (R)”? ”. We will bring together in-house staff and outside professionals to return to the most important “tastiness” and verify the most delicious way to eat “Frugra(R)”.We will launch the “Frugra’s Great True Answer” in August 2022. We have launched an excavation project.
As the first step of the project, we will examine a simple way to enjoy Frugra(R) with milk. As a result of examining each action when eating “Frugra (R)”, such as “Should the contents be uniform?”, “How much milk is really delicious?”, and “What are the appropriate utensils?”, we found that it is easy for anyone to use. We have come up with the “Great Frugra Solution” that you can try, and have decided to produce this TV commercial.
In the future, “Frugra’s Great Correct Answer Discovery Project” will continue to dig deeper into the delicious possibilities of “Frugra (R)”,
We will continue to study hard to become a 100-year brand.
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