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“Wilderness Action” x “NF Audio” gaming earphones “RG05” now on sale!

Itoya International Co., Ltd.
“Wilderness Action” x “NF Audio” gaming earphones “RG05” now on sale! ……
Itoya Kokusai Co., Ltd. announced on March 29th the gaming earphones “RG05”, which were created through a collaboration between the popular battle royale game “Wilderness Action” developed and operated by NetEase Games, and NF Audio. On sale from (Friday).
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] About gaming earphones “RG05” RG05 has a design with contrasting colors of yellow and black, which are the standard colors of “wilderness action”, and was developed by utilizing the development and manufacturing know-how of stage ear monitors cultivated by NF Audio over many years. Did. Equipped with a microphone that boasts high call quality and DSP, this product pursues the performance of gaming gear that emphasizes win rate.
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] There is no enemy wherever you go with accurate sound! Equipped with an in-house developed driver The RG05 is equipped with an in-house developed 6mm caliber micro dynamic driver “MCL-6C”. Unlike the generally popular high-rigidity diaphragm, it is equipped with a medium-rigid, lightweight, and high-strength 6u polymer diaphragm and neodymium magnetic circuit that emphasizes sound quality. It produces surprisingly clear and powerful sound over a wide frequency band, and achieves transient performance that can be used in FPS games where response is important.
[Image 3:×1200.jpg] Plug & Play with Type-C terminal! Software-optimized sound The RG05’s Type-C plug has a built-in DSP (digital signal processor), which optimizes the sound balance of both earphone and microphone sound quality through software tuning, raising performance to a higher level. I’ll pull it up.
[Image 4:×1200.jpg] Faster and more accurate. Microphone sound quality is extremely important for gaming headsets equipped with high-quality MEMS microphones. RG05 is equipped with an omnidirectional MEMS microphone with wider bandwidth & less distortion and higher signal-to-noise ratio. An inline cavity with superior acoustic structure and careful tuning by NF Audio’s development team, which is well-versed in recording technology, allows your voice to be heard more accurately by your teammates. Earphone shape based on original research and ultra-compact ear tips provide comfortable fit and high sound isolation NF Audio leverages years of experience in developing and manufacturing customized ear monitors to study three angles, including the ear canal, from an ergonomic perspective. . We have created a shape that reduces the pressure to the maximum when wearing it. Furthermore, an ultra-small silicone ear tip MS42 with a minimum diameter of 9.3 mm (*XS size) is included. In addition to being comfortable to use even for people with small ears, it also provides passive noise cancellation of up to 24dB. We support an environment where you can concentrate on the game without worrying about surrounding sounds. Wilderness action certified! Designed for wilderness fans The earphones feature a contrasting design of yellow and black, the standard colors of wilderness activities, and are laser engraved with a five-pointed star logo, which symbolizes victory. The outside of the package has a supply box familiar to wilderness players, and the inside has a Wild Oasis map design, and silicone ear tips that improve the fit are enclosed in a weapon magazine type case. In addition, a durable original earphone case made of ballistic nylon material and a wilderness character sticker are included to create an immersive product experience.
[Image 5:×1200.jpg]
[Video 2:] ■What is NF Audio? NF Audio is an audio brand established in 2014. Our engineers, who are always close to the music production scene, have supported the production of thousands of songs and tens of thousands of stage performances through the manufacture of ear monitors. We pursue aesthetics with unique earphones/ear monitors that utilize a variety of acoustic technologies.
NF Audio is a pioneer in audio products, and at the same time is a bridge that connects you with music, and years of research exists to express the passion of music. ■”Wilderness Action” is a battle royale game developed and operated by NetEase Games, a major Chinese game company. 100 players land on a deserted island and fight until there is only one person left (one team).
When you land on a deserted island, you don’t have any weapons, but there are weapons (mainly firearms) scattered all over the island, so you pick them up and defeat the enemies.
The game is based on online play, and you can not only fight with randomly matched people, but also with friends. “Wilderness Action” Official Website: “Wilderness Action” Official Twitter: “Wilderness Action” Official Line Account: ■Main
[Table 3:] ■Price etc.
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-Company Profile-Company Name: Itohya International Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Suchin Chowget Address: 80-1 Honno Kobayashi, Inzai City, Chiba 270-2308 URL:*Ito Co., Ltd. Ya Kokusai is an official Japanese distributor of NF Audio. (C)NetEase, Inc.All Rights Reserved More details about this release: