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AirX Co., Ltd. Event Report Approximately 50 people participated in the helicopter sightseeing monitor tour!

AirX Co., Ltd.
[Event Report] Approximately 50 people participated in the helicopter sightseeing monitor tour!
Inviting people from the travel industry to hold a helicopter monitor tour at Tokyo Heliport
AirX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Satoru Tezuka, hereinafter referred to as “AirX”), which builds infrastructure that will become a source of next-generation air mobility such as helicopters and flying cars, announced on March 22, 2024. We are pleased to inform you that on Sunday (Friday), we invited people from the travel industry to Tokyo Heliport for a helicopter sightseeing monitor tour.
[Image 1:×1189.jpg] Overview of this monitor tour
With the aim of expanding the appeal and awareness of helicopter tours, a monitor tour was held at Tokyo Heliport on Friday, March 22, 2024, for those involved in the travel industry.
Approximately 100 interested parties applied for this tour, of which approximately 50 selected participants were able to experience the charm of helicopters for themselves.
■Monitor tour implementation details
[Table 2:]
[Image 2:×1350.jpg] Past press releases: Monitor tour report
-Before participating-
[Image 3:×1003.png ]
-After participating-
[Image 4:×307.png ]
■Participant comments (excerpts)
Before the experience, I thought helicopters were expensive and very difficult to get into. After experiencing it, it was such a wonderful experience that I would definitely want to ride it again. I think it’s a bit of a waste to think it’s expensive if you don’t know anything about it, so I would like to recommend it to everyone around me, both inside and outside the company.
I think helicopters are the best way to get a bird’s-eye view of Tokyo’s iconic buildings and cityscapes, as well as being right in front of your nose.
The location was great and I didn’t expect to be able to see so many major tourist attractions in 10 minutes. I was a little scared because of the wind, but as I was engrossed in taking photos, I gradually got used to it and was able to spend a comfortable time without getting sick.
■Future outlook
According to the survey results, although there were psychological hurdles before boarding, it was found that satisfaction was high after the actual experience. Based on these results, we will continue to work to further communicate the appeal of helicopter tours, and at the same time, strive to build a support system that will allow travel agencies to introduce our services to their customers with confidence. In addition to the departure and arrival from Tokyo Heliport, monitor tours are also planned to be held at other bases including Kansai. Please look forward to future developments.
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AirX Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: AirX Co., Ltd.
Address: 5F, Banmachi Kojimachi Building, 6-6-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 WeWork Kojimachi
Established: February 23, 2015
Representative Director: Tsutomu Tezuka
Business content: Travel arrangement business, air transportation agency business
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AirX is a technology company developing a digital air transportation platform with an eye on the “air mobility revolution.”
In addition to helicopters and private jets, we are building infrastructure that serves as a supply source for air mobility, including purchasing and selling next-generation aircraft (eVTOL), also known as flying cars, and installing and operating helipads. To date, we have built Japan’s only on-demand helicopter arrangement system based on our unique database of idle helicopters and landing locations, making it possible to make instant reservations for helicopters and reduce fares. Currently, we operate the helicopter charter services “AIROS” and “AIROS Skyview,” and are optimizing air transportation in anticipation of the rapid expansion of the air mobility market with the advent of next-generation aircraft. .
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