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Home » Flags Co., Ltd. Grand opening of “Akari Pharmacy Kasugai Store” on April 1st (Monday), which will light up the opportunity to improve your health for the local community!

Flags Co., Ltd. Grand opening of “Akari Pharmacy Kasugai Store” on April 1st (Monday), which will light up the opportunity to improve your health for the local community!

[Flags Co., Ltd.] Grand opening of “Akari Pharmacy Kasugai Store” on April 1st (Monday), which will light up the opportunity to improve your health for the local community!

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Press release: March 29, 2024
“Akari Pharmacy Kasugai store” will be a grand opening on April 1st (Monday), giving the local community a chance to improve their health! *Akari Pharmacy is operated by Flags Co., Ltd., which has been certified as a Bright 500 Health and Productivity Management Organization for four consecutive years. Health professionals become partners in supporting the health of nearby clinics and the local community, providing close support. *

What is Akari Pharmacy?
Akari Pharmacy is a pharmacy operated by Flags Co., Ltd. in Aichi Prefecture. We at Flags are health professionals who have been certified by the Bright 500 Health and Productivity Management Organization for four consecutive years.
Focusing on our dispensing business, we actively support health prevention and health promotion through health support and consulting for local residents. We support the health of everyone in the local community, aiming to live long, healthy lives and creating a future where everyone can smile and make health more accessible.
Inside the pharmacy
In order for everyone who comes to visit us to have a safe and comfortable time, we pay special attention to the space, color, and position of the light inside the pharmacy, creating a waiting room that is a place where everyone in the community can feel at ease. service
Akari Pharmacy not only functions as a dispensing pharmacy, but also serves as a base to support the health promotion of local residents, offering a full range of services and products that even customers without prescriptions can visit.
Enrichment of health-related products
One corner of the store also stocks health goods, snacks, supplements, and more to support a healthy lifestyle. Among these products, the healthy nuts and decaf coffee made by our group companies are very popular.
Even if you’re concerned about blood sugar levels or calories, we have a wide variety of snacks and drinks that you can eat with confidence. Aiming for a new type of pharmacy in the future
We, Akari Pharmacy, provide necessary medicines to patients, disclose health information,
We are a pharmacy that addresses customers’ concerns about their health and provides comprehensive health support.
What we value is providing local residents with opportunities to learn a lifestyle that allows them to live a healthy life.
We will continue to gently shine a light on the health of everyone who has come to know about Akari Pharmacy, help them feel closer to health, and allow everyone to visit with peace of mind and feel free to visit us, aiming for a future where everyone can smile. We will do our best to become a pharmacy that can.

Information on previews
In preparation for the grand opening on April 1st (Monday), we will hold previews for three days on March 29th, 30th, and 31st.
At the preview, participants were able to check their vegetable intake by simply placing their hands on it, check their reflexes, which we don’t usually pay attention to but are essential for good health, and try out fitness equipment such as a Pilates reformer that will help you get your body in shape. Masu. You can create an opportunity to learn about your health through individual experience.

●About Flags Group Co., Ltd.
・avivo Co., Ltd.
We promote the improvement of health literacy through one-stop ordering, from identifying issues related to the health of companies and local residents to providing content and hosting events. We also support the promotion of health management for companies, municipalities, and health insurance unions that aim to obtain certification as an excellent health management organization. Professionals in each health field utilize their know-how and evidence to provide total support for the health of the mind and body through kickake(R).
*This company has been certified as a “Bright 500 Health and Productivity Management Organization” for four consecutive years. See details

Health is a means, not an end! No matter where you are, there are tools that won’t get in your way and will lead you to “Let’s do it”. “BODYBASE” was born as an opportunity to create such exercise habits.
I want to help everyone live a healthy life so they can get closer to their ideals. BODYBASE
It is a home fitness tool that is used by many people regardless of generation, gender, or environment as a tool that helps you achieve “health promotion” and “ideal body.”
See details

・Aichi Walking Association
Start your journey to health and discovery by walking! !
Aichi Walking Association (General Incorporated Association) aims to popularize walking and health promotion.
In collaboration with companies and the private sector, we hold various competitions and events, train instructors, and certify and register records.
View details
●Flags Co., Ltd.
Akari Pharmacy, operated by Flags Co., Ltd., works closely with the local community, providing everything from dispensing services to health promotion support, lighting up everyone’s health and smiles. “Toward a future where everyone can smile through health support.” As professionals who support the improvement of our customers’ lives, we will work with you to promote management that also values ​​our health. We will also contribute to society by providing opportunities to our customers through proactive health promotion support for our employees.
*Company name* Flags Co., Ltd. Representative Director Daisuke Furuto *Location*
* Head Office * 2-24-3 Tokugawa, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture (TEL: 052-325-8205)
* Akari Pharmacy Kasugai Store * 3-12-7 Minamishimohara-cho, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture
* Business hours * Monday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-19:00 Saturday and Sunday 9:00-17:00
* Closed * Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and holidays

* Business content *
Pharmacy management
Sales of medical equipment and health equipment
Health support services for companies and organizations and associated consulting services
Planning and management of seminars and events
Management and operation of rental space

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